Cockatoo CTM07 3 HP Motorised Auto Review

The Cockatoo CTM07 is a high-end 3 HP motorized treadmill that ensures an efficient daily workout session. Here we have provided a detailed review of this treadmill model that comes with a lifetime warranty.

In the new age when looking good is a mandatory thing for people, exercising has become a necessity for people. Not only staying fit is a need for healthy living, but in order to stay confident, you need to exercise daily to stay in proper shape. But do you think it is really that easy to take out time from your hectic daily schedule and go out for running daily? Probably, it will not be that easy.

Even when the first few days you will accumulate all your strength and courage, but after a few days you will be tired and will no more feel like going out for running. This, as a result, will affect your health and will not help you in acquiring great results. In order to make sure that you keep up your daily regime, treadmill becomes a great inclusion.

With the endless choices available with you, choosing might become a traumatizing job for you. However, we have a great option for you and which is the Cockatoo CTM07 3 HP available in the market that comes with a number of features. The amazing 3HP motor integrated into this treadmill ensures carrying out the daily workout much easier than ever.

The treadmill will never wobble or showing any issues when it has a motor of 3HP. Such a sturdy motor makes sure that it can easily take the expectations of both beginners and pro trainees. Moreover coming with a lifetime warranty, this treadmill tends to become the best bet for the people. With various other features equipped in this treadmill, this machine becomes a great inclusion for the people

The features of this treadmill are definitely known to the trainees and as a result, go through a lot of demand.  Only features decide the performance of any treadmill, and it is very clear why this treadmill is categorized under high-end treadmills.

Product Specifications

While buying a treadmill for home, we essentially look for the features integrated into the treadmill. Moreover, the price tag of the treadmills is being decided based on the features integrated into it. This new Cockatoo CTM07 treadmill has been provided with some of the exceptional features. Let us check the features of this treadmill.

51” x 19” of Running Surface:

When it is about running, there is always a need for staying safe and feeling comfortable while running. With a wide and broad running area, this treadmill ensures a safe running habit. 51 x 19 inches is probably one of the widest and broadest deck surfaces available in the market. No matter how tall you are or your strides are, this deck surface will never make you feel uncomfortable while running on top speeds.

3HP Motor:

When you are buying a treadmill, you are actually spending with the intention to run, walk and jog – exactly the things that you would have done if you were out for exercise. In order to become that much versatile and provide you with the freedom to take on any routine you want without any limitations. With the 3HP motor being integrated into the treadmill, this machine tends to become the ideal choice for the versatile users along with the pro runners.

130kgs of Max User Weight:

With a great user weight, this treadmill becomes a great choice for people. In order to make it a choice for family, the treadmill has been offered with 130kgs of user weight. With such a great user weight limit, you can stay assured that the treadmill has the capability to take weights. However, it is recommended by the manufacturers to keep a buffer of 25kgs in order to make sure that the treadmill does not go through any wear or tear.

0.8 – 18km/h Speed:

With a huge speed limit of 0.8 to 18km/h, this treadmill tends to become a valuable inclusion for the trainees. 18km/h is definitely a great speed limit for people and therefore if you are a pro, this treadmill has the efficacy to suffice your variable needs. This is the reason why the Cockatoo CTM07 treadmill has become an ideal choice for both beginners and pro trainees.

15% of Auto Incline:

When we go out, we get numerous options for running, jogging and exercising. Treadmills are definitely a great substitute for going out, but in order to become ideal, there need to be different options integrated into the machine. In order to make the treadmill apt for muscle toning and exercising, the treadmill comes with auto incline levels. With 15% of auto incline level, this treadmill becomes an ideal choice for people.

7” of LCD Display:

This treadmill has a great LCD screen that is wide enough to show you all the required information. With a great 7 inches of an LCD screen, this treadmill becomes an ideal inclusion for people. This screen will show the time, distance covered, speed, fat, heart rate and calories burnt.

12 Preset Programs:

The treadmill has been provided with some of the additional features that make it a great choice for the people. With 12 preset programs being added in the treadmill, this machine becomes a great choice for people. You can easily change the modes and switch into the way you want.


Keeping in mind regarding the needs of the people especially people living in small apartments, this treadmill has been designed in a way that it can be folded into half and take shorter space. Being easily foldable, this new treadmill tends to become an ideal inclusion for the people who want to acquire a great shape and lead a healthy life without going out for exercising.

1.6 mm of Belt Thickness:

The belt thickness of this treadmill is thick enough to take the different types of intense exercise. With a 1.6mm thick belt, this machine has become an ideal choice for both beginners and pro trainees. Even when you start opting for the intense work out session, with such a good thickness, this belt makes sure not to see any wear or tear within a long time.

Technical Features:

With the many features being integrated into this machine, this treadmill makes sure that you can observe every single information on the screen. You can easily find the calories burnt, time, speed, distance covered, fat measurement and the heart rate.  You can get each and every information

Let us have a look at the specifications in brief:

WarrantyLifetime for the frame, 3 years for motor and 1 years for the parts
Running Surface51” x 19” of the deck surface
Maximum User Weight130kg
Speed0.8 – 18km/h
Incline15% of Auto Incline
Belt Thickness1.6mm
Displayseven inches of LCD screen
Console FunctionsSpeed, Incline, Distance, Heart rate. Fat Measurement, Calories Burnt
Preset programs12
InstallationEasy installation and do not require an expert for assembling.

What Do We Like

  • Robust Motor: We are in love with the treadmill’s strong motor. Obviously, the 3HP motor is a great inclusion in the treadmill, and we could easily feel it’s strength while running on the top and high incline degrees. We totally loved its performance and think it can be a great choice for the pro level trainees.
  • Great Auto Incline: Auto incline is great for trainees as when the treadmill will understand that your body can easily take the incline degrees, it can easily and automatically change its degrees. With auto incline features, you can easily tone your muscles and accomplish your fitness goals.
  • Portable: The treadmill has been designed in a way that it can be easily carried from one place to another. This machine has been equipped with wheels and which is why once you are done exercising, you can fold easily and carry to store in some corner. Hence you can stay assured that this treadmill is not going to eat up your space from the living room or require a dedicated room for it.
  • Appreciable LCD: Of course most of the treadmills available in the market these days are being fitted with an LCD screen, but treadmill has been integrated with a giant one. We were surprised to find a treadmill with 7 inches of LCD screen equipped in it. You can now easily find each and every piece of information in this screen.
  • Broader running surface: After we bought this treadmill and used it for running on top speeds, we found it was very comfortable. Even we tried with one of our members who are tall enough, even the person found it extremely very comfortable to run on such a wide and broad surface.

What We Don’t like

  • To be very true, we couldn’t find a single bad thing about this treadmill that has actually made us disappointed. We loved each, and every features present in this treadmill and appreciate the way it has been designed and equipped.


The new Cockatoo CTM07 has all the features we normally look for. With amazing auto incline and exceptional speed range, this new treadmill has become a great choice for the pro trainees.

Even if you are a beginner, this treadmill provides you with infinite chances to train your body to go for more and enjoy a fit lifestyle. Hence, once you buy this treadmill, you can stay assured that this treadmill will help you in becoming a pro from a beginner.

So what are you waiting for? Just place an order for this product and enjoy a superb workout session right at the convenience of your home.


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