Powermax Fitness TDA330 Review

Here we have provided the detailed review of the Powermax Fitness TDA-330 Treadmill which is foldable, easy to operate and suitable for pro fitness freaks.

If you are lazy to go to the gymnasium and tend to skip exercising almost half of the month, you definitely need to look for another alternative. When you want a great result within less time, skipping exercise is never a great choice.

If you think you will opt for the intense exercises, buying a treadmill with great motor power and robust built quality needs to be your prime concern. Only then the machine will be able to suffice your requirements and ensure longevity after a long, intense session.

With the Powermax Fitness TDA330 available in the Powermax family is the latest addition and has been buzzing in the market all because of its fantastic features integrated into this treadmill.

The new Powermax Fitness TDA330 is a machine for the fitness fanatics and people who are at the pro level. Its an extreme built quality, easy operation and foldable features bring gymnasium right at your home. Great for daily workout routine without taking more space when it comes to storage.

Not only the built quality but also the foldable design ensures easy storage without sacrificing your space. One such machine when included in your home forces you to keep working and keep burning those extra calories for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Experience the intensity of your body and muscles toning with this fitness beast in your house.

Undoubtedly features are the first and foremost things that we observe and this Powermax Fitness TDA330 is equipped with a bunch of effective features. Let us find out some of the most amazing features that have made this new addition in the Powermax family a great addition.

Product Features

With a wide range of features present inside the treadmill, this machine has become a common choice for most of the people who opt for intense workouts. Definitely, its features decide its performance and here are some of its amazing features.

Let us have a look at some of them:

5.5 Inches of LED Display:

The treadmill has been designed with a great 5.5 inches of LED display. This unique display shows everything about the user. Being such a huge one, it becomes easy for users to read the calories, distance, time, pulse, incline and time.

Scientific Soft Shock:

With the running belt being designed with different layers, it becomes skidproof, better and acquires the rebound resilience functionality. You can run comfortable while stay assured about its durability.

15 levels of Auto Incline

With its auto incline feature, this treadmill has actually opened a huge opportunity in front of the trainees. With the running board having the flexibility to move from 0 to 15% of auto incline, this machine definitely has given you a scope to run and acquire top-notch results within no time.

0.8 – 18.8 km/h of Top Speed:

While most of the treadmill comes with a top speed of 10 to 12, this treadmill has an unbelievable speed range of 0.8 to 18.8 km/h.  It is definitely very hard to run at such a high speed but impressive to see that a treadmill can handle this speed level. Buying this treadmill means you always have the chance to improve your speed at your home convenience.

3.0 HP Motor:

Such top speed, so many degrees of auto incline altogether requires a robust motor to continue working. This is the reason why this new Powermax Fitness TDA330 comes with a 3.0 HP motor with green efficient. Such a robust motor can easily decide the efficiency of this machine.

130kgs of Max User Weight:

The max user capacity of this treadmill is 130kgs, which is pretty impressive. Such a high weight capacity cannot be observed in many treadmills, and even then this machine can easily carry such variation. Undoubtedly, while walking 130kg is the max, but while running, it is great to keep extra 25kgs as a buffer. This ensures the durability and performance of the treadmill. Since we give more pressure on the floor while we are running, it is mostly recommended to keep an extra 25kgs as a buffer to stay safe and keep its longevity.


Other than the basic work of a treadmill, this machine also has other advanced features. It can easily be connected with the external devices with an AUX or USB input. Other than this, this treadmill also has an SD card slot for the trainees who want to listen to their favorite music while exercising.


Some high-end speakers are also integrated into this treadmill. Hence no longer you need to move your treadmill from one place to another just because music gives you motivation. With different connectivity options, now you can connect with any device and listen to your favorite music while you exercise.

Preset Programs:

This machine offers you with 12 programs that have been designed in the treadmill itself. No matter you will be having a lot of opportunities to give new challenges to your body, but with these preset programs, you no longer have to design your routine as challenges are already designed for you.

Making use of the FAT function, you can easily calculate the body mass and keep an eye on your body condition. Moreover, this also comes with various target based modes which allow setting the calories, distance, time for attaining the goals within less time.

Wheels Present For Transportation:

The treadmill is completely designed for home use and which is why it has been provided with wheels underneath. This becomes helpful especially for people who do not have any dedicated room for exercising and need to keep space. With the wheels, you can always move the treadmill from one place to another and no need to compromise on your space.

54.3 x 20.4 Inches of Running Surface:

Having a wider and lengthy running area is a need for trainees. Among all the other great built machines with perfect running surface, this is one of them that have a huge running area. With 54.3 x 20.4 inches of deck surface, this treadmill provides you with ample space for practicing your daily workout. Even if you are tall or fat, its perfect running surface ensures running and walking at top speed without the fear of falling down.

Great Rollers:

With the steel crowned rollers present inside the machine, users can stay assured about staying in balance. Rollers are the tiny yet important thing that keeps the belt centered along with makes sure of smooth movement. Such great rollers make sure about the quality of this machine.

Let us have a look at the features in brief:

Motor3.0 HP
Running Surface54.3 X 20.4 Inches
Max User Weight130kgs
Incline0 – 15 levels of auto incline
Speed0.8 – 18.8 km/h
Running Belt1.8mm of belt for great durability
RollersSteel crowned precision machine rollers for smooth performance
Display 5.5 Inches
Display consoleDistance, Incline, Calories, Heart rate and speed
Connectivity AUX and USB connectivity
Preset programs12 preset programs and 3 target programs
Heart Rate Sensors on joystick
FoldableYes, with HSS
Other featuresMobile and iPad holder
Warranty1 year labor, 3 year motor and lifetime frame warranty
Shock AbsorptionComfortTech 6-Point Damping system

What Do We like

  • Easy to operate: This new Powermax Fitness TDA330 comes with endless features, but most of them are easy to operate. It shows each and everything so clearly that no matter even if you are an amateur, this treadmill will still stay very easy when it comes to operation.
  • Good built quality: When we read the features especially the max speed and max user capacity, you were expecting great built quality. We were literally surprised to see that this new treadmill has not only met but also surpassed the expectations. I must say that it has superb built quality.
  • Makes no noise: Well, to be very true 18km/h is a high speed and so we tried running at 12km/h, and genuinely this treadmill made almost no sound. Primarily after unboxing it was, but with practice, it completely vanished.
  • Cool display: This new treadmill comes with a great display. Its display is huge, and it clearly shows the heart rate, calories, distance, time and much more. We love its display.
  • Sturdy and durable: As we have already said that its built quality is extremely appreciable and so as its motor. While running the deck cushioning felt very comfortable and which assured us that this machine is durable enough to carry the intense exercises.
  • Foldable upright: This Powermax fitness TDA330 is perfectly designed for home use. It can be folded completely and kept in some corner very easily. You don’t have to provide a dedicated room for storage.
  • Impressive performance: We have already talked about its features, and therefore we can clearly understand the performance of this treadmill. We tried on different speed level and inclined degrees, and we can say that buying this machine is the best decision you are taking.

What We Don’t Like

  • Requires expert installation: We understand this is a high-end machine and which is why it has some of the advanced high-end features, but this machine takes huge time to assemble on your own. Moreover, when you are buying such a high-end machine, you will not want to take any chances. We thought it would not require any expert for installation, but it does. Without an expert, it can become a tough job.
  • Do not have self-lubrication: With such great features and everything so good, the manufacturers should have to take a look at its maintenance. Lubrication is a tedious job and which one has to do as this machine do not have any self-lubrication feature.
  • Heavy: Since the machine has a lot of parts inside, so it’s obvious to become heavy. But this treadmill is too heavy for a normal person to move.


We simply like the treadmill because of its unique features like top speed and max weight capacity. This high-end machine available at above INR 50000 has an extreme capability to accomplish your fitness goals within very less time.

So now perform the intense exercises at the convenience of your home and accomplish your body goals with these new Powermax fitness TDA330.


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