Durafit Heavy Hike Multifunction Treadmill Review

In this article, we provide a detailed review of the Durafit Heavy Hike Multi-functional Motorized Treadmill that is suitable for beginners as well as serious runners.

Have you recently gone through surgery and gained weight? Well, it’s a familiar story in everyone’s lives. As these days, staying in shape is a need, regular exercise has become a necessity. Running is undoubtedly the universal way to lose weight and which means you have to go out.

Since most of the people lack the time and feel awkward to go out or face climatic issues, having a good alternative is the only choice. And what can be a great alternative than buying a treadmill?

There has been nothing as great and apt as a treadmill, and the new Durafit Heavy Hike Multifunction Treadmill tends to perform excellently when it comes to exercising.

With some of the amazing features, this treadmill has now become an excellent choice for the people. The treadmill has been designed to suffice the needs of the serious runners as well as beginners.

With a 2.5 CHP high-end motor integrated into this treadmill and which can go up to an enormous of 5.0 HP at its peak, the treadmill can serve the needs and requirements of everyone. The powerful motor is the heart of this machine and is what makes sure that all the other crucial features are performing at its best.

There is no doubt that buyers look for the features, and this treadmill has possibly all the features that can be integrated into a treadmill. Having said about its many features that make it one of the best choices, you need to know what this treadmill has to offer. So let us find out the many features available on this treadmill.

Product Specification:

A treadmill is known for its features. The more valuable features you find in a treadmill, the more its price tends to go higher. However, the Durafit Heavy Hike Multifunction Treadmill is an exception as it is tagged with a medium price range yet offers all the valuable features that runners or trainees generally seek for. Let us have a look at them.

2.5 CHP Motor:

This treadmill comes with a powerful 2.5 CHP motor that can go to 5.0HP during peak times, which denotes that the runners can easily keep running at the top speed. The treadmill has the massive power to absorb it even at the top speed.

Only a very few treadmills can have such a high-end motor integrated into them.  

16 Level of Auto Incline:

The inclination is a requirement for the runners as well as the fitness trainees. By running on the top speed continuously, our body gets accustomed to it and which is where comes the need for incline degrees.

The more your treadmill can incline, the more body is faced with a new challenge, and therefore it becomes a vital inclusion.

For the runners, this can have a huge advantage as they tend to run faster along with the fitness trainees as uphill running helps to tone both body and thigh muscles.

50 x 20 inches running area:

Running area needs to be both lengthy and wide so that people can exercise conveniently without the fear of falling. Moreover, since different people have different strides, there is always a need for a comfortable running surface.

With 50 x 20 inches of the running surface, this treadmill can shut the mouth and clear all your concerns immediately. This is one of the most prominent running surfaces available in the treadmills.

1 – 16kmph speed range:

The treadmill has an excellent 1 to 16kmph of speed. At such a reasonable price range, having such a huge speed range is rare. Such a wide speed range is provided to help the runners practice running for their competition. Unless someone is a pro, running at the top speed is almost impossible.

120kgs of max weight capacity:

The manufacturer’s made it quite clear with the features that the treadmill is apt for all with the max user capacity. With 120kgs of max user weight, this becomes one machine for your entire family. Just make sure that you keep 25kgs as a buffer while you are practicing to run at the high speeds.

1.8mm of Belt Thickness:

Keeping in mind about its longevity, the running belt thickness has been given to 1.8mm. With such thickness of the belt, runners can stay assured at no matter how much run or give pressure on the belt, the running surface will not tear or lose its functionality.

Large LCD Display:

Apart from the core feature, some other advanced features like an LCD display is also being integrated into the machine. With such a display, you can easily check your performance to date.

This becomes valuable to keep an eye on your internal activities as calories burnt, and heart rate can also be seen.

48 Preset Programs:

The treadmill has 48 preset programs in it. From this 24 is with the incline and 24 without it. Therefore you can select your program and keep exercising. This helps in giving new challenges every day and thereby accomplishing your dreams at a faster pace.

You can also set the target modes in distance, speed, time, and calories. So keep practicing until you achieve your daily goals.

Hand Rail Controls:

Making sure of users’ safety, not only the running surface but also the treadmill has been designed with handrail controls. You can directly control the speed and incline from the handrails. This is made for comfort and safety.

Gel cushioning for shock absorption:

While running even when we mostly ignore, the pressure falls on our ankles and knees. This can become worse if proper care is not taken. Keeping this issue in mind, the running surface has been made with the new DuraSpring Shock Absorption technology that ensures knee protection.

This means no matter even if you run for hours, and this machine can still keep your joints in proper condition.

Multifunctional contents:

This machine comes with various other additional contents with it to make sure that you enjoy a full fitness session within budget and at your home. You will get a twister, sit-up stand, and a massager with this treadmill.

MP3 Player and speakers:

Continuous exercising can be tedious and may require music that becomes inspiring. With this treadmill, you can connect your phone and enjoy your favorite music during exercising.

AUX cable comes with the package, and hence you can connect it immediately or whenever you want to listen to music.

Let’s have a look at the features in brief:

Motor2.5 HP and 5.0 Hp (Peak)
Incline16 levels of auto incline
Running Area50 x 19 inches
Belt Thickness1.8mm
Max User Weight120kgs
LCDWide display showing time, distance, speed, calories, time and heart rate
Preset Programs48 (24 without Incline and 2 with Incline)
Speed1.0 – 16kmph
Folding systemYes
Emergency top KeyYes
Shock AbsorptionYes, with Gel cushion and Dura Spring technology
Multifunctional elementsTwister, sit-up stand and a massager

What We Like

  • Easy Installation: It would not be any harm to call it a high-end machine even when its price is not that high. The best part is that this high-end machine does not take much to install. With the video link available for installation, the machine was ready within half an hour. We would say that almost 95% of the machine comes assembled, and the rest does not require an expert.
  • Great Built Quality: The treadmill is undoubtedly a great quality. The moment you step onto it, you can feel its strength. It does not move as you speed up or increase the incline degrees. The superb frame quality makes sure of no wear and tear.
  • Sufficient walking and jogging space: We would love to say that we were certainly impressed by the running space. It’s is both lengthy and wide, and we have never seen such a wide machine before. Whether you are a jogger or a runner, this treadmill ensures comfort and make sure of your safety.
  • Runs Smooth: Most of the machines tend to wobble as the speed goes higher; fortunately, it’s not the same with this machine. Our pro runners tested on this machine, and this high-end equipment never showed up any issues and kept performing without showing up any issues.
  • Does not stop abruptly: Once you feel that you are done exercising, and you want to stop, you can always press the stop button. And the most amazing thing about this treadmill is that the treadmill stops gradually. It does not stop all of a sudden and which becomes great for the users.
  • Easy folding system: Being a heavy machine, its folding does not take much energy. The only reason is due to the presence of a hydraulic folding system, which eases the folding. Hence you do not need any extra help due to its easy folding.

What we don’t like

  • Speakers are not great quality: Well even when it’s not the vital one but still it would have been great if the speaker quality as similarly great. It does not sound well.


Undoubtedly there is no denying that this treadmill can be a great inclusion for the families. With so many amazing features and such a powerful motor available within INR 40000, it is worth the price.

Whether you are a runner, walker, or a jogger, the treadmill has this amazing durability to ensure the intense workout session, both with speed and incline degrees.

So just purchase Durafit Heavy Hike Multifunction Treadmill and enjoy a great workout session.


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