Best Stackable Ice Trays

Enjoying a cold icy drink in summer or on a hot afternoon is one of the best ways to relax. Ice cubes are essential, and they keep your drinks cold and refreshing. Ice trays stock up enough ice cubes for your daily use, events, and parties. With the wide variety of the products available in the market, choosing the right stackable ice tray can be cumbersome. We have reviewed some of the best stackable ice trays for your ease.

1. Glacio Ice Cube Trays

The set of 2 ice cube trays measures 5″ x1.3 “x10.3” each. There are seven rows of 3 cubes in each ice tray, hence combined, there are a total of 42 ice cubes ago. The ice cube trays have versatile hoisting and serving choices. The trays bring you tons of delicious options for iced cocktails, beverages, and frozen fruit juice.

It is a flexible ice tray made from high-grade non-stick silicone that flexes simply. You can comfortably push and remove ice cubes without bending or cracking. You can easily stack and store each covered ice cube tray wherever it fits best. The insulating silicone surface lets cubes freeze faster, so you can refill and stay stocked.

2. YD YD XINHUA Ice Cube Trays

YD YD Xinhua’s stackable ice trays are shaped in honeycomb and are made from food grade silicone. The tray is BPA free for health safety. It comes in a set with three trays and three lids.

The silicone tray offers great flexibility, making it easy to pop out nicely shaped ice cubes. It can withstand -40 to 230 degree celsius.Instead of water you can also pour, milkshakes, juices, cold drink, coffee and make ice cubes out of them to enjoy during summers.

3. N2 Ice Trays

This is a pack of two ice trays, with each tray having the capacity to make 160 ice cubes at a time. It is made from premium food-grade material free from BPA and is 100% safe to use.

The tray is made from a soft silicone material that is easily foldable, resulting in a quick release of the ice cubes. They are simple to clean by hand and safe to wash even in a dishwasher.

4. Yellow Leaf Product Ice Cube Trays

It is a set of three ice cube trays that makes ten-mini oval shape ice cubes. It is made of 100% high-quality food-grade plastic that is BPA free hence environment friendly. The ice tray is stackable, durable, and dishwasher safe. You can easily remove the ice by twisting the ice tray to release the ice cubes. You can add liquids like juice to get colorful cubes. It is great for making ice cubes, chocolate, gelatins, cocktails, milkshakes, and other beverages.

5. Aashu Pack of 2 Premium Ice Cube Tray

The Aashu silicone ice cube tray comes in a silicone base that makes it easy to pop-up. It has 100% high-quality food-grade plastic. The ice tray is BPA free and hence, environmental friendly and dishwasher friendly. A transparent cover lid is also present that ensures that the ice does not absorb freezer odors and smells. It is also ideal for parties, buffets, and BB Q’S. With these ice trays, you can easily remove the ice by simply pushing the bottom to release the ice.

The flexible silicone material shapes the bottom, making it easy to remove the ice cubes. You can add any liquid you want. It is great for making chocolate, gelatins, icing cocktail drinks, milkshakes, and other beverages. Each stackable ice tray makes 21 mini round ice cubes of about one-centimeter diameter.

6. Abtrix With AB Ice Cube Trays

The ice cube tray has a non-stick silicone base making it easy to remove from the freezer. It is easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. The product also comes with four pieces of ice cube trays included. The ice tray can make up to 37 mini creative ice cubes and is suitable for small diameter bottles. With just a little push, the ice cubes pop up effortlessly. It measures approximately 8.1″x4.7″x0.98″ and each cavity’s size is approximately 0.59″x0.59″x0.79″.

The molds are FDA approved and BPA free. Therefore, they are non-toxic, odorless, safe, and healthy. The stackable ice tray is microwave and oven safe and thus suitable for making cakes, pizza, bread, mousse, jelly, and pudding. You can add yogurt, juice, cocktails, whiskey, coffee, and water to DIY fancy ice cubes for drinks. You can also preserve desserts and baby foods.

7. Cartshopper Silicone Ice Cube Trays

The trays are made with lightweight, flexible, and food-grade silicone material. The thin and sleek trays reduce ice cube sticking, allowing you to pop them out easily. The trays are easy to use. You only need to fill water, soda, or fruit juice and put the ice tray into the freezer.

With the trays, you will have 48 cubes that are about 1 inch. The size of the cubes fits every type of glass. The trays have convenient storage and are dishwasher safe. They are also great for ice chocolate, candy, baby food, juice, and sauces. You can get creative with your trays and have fun.

8. SYGA Ice Ball Tray

The ice tray is made from quality food-grade plastic material and measures 24.5 “x9″ x3.5”. The ice tray comes with a lid preventing the freezer odors and smells from getting in the ice balls. It is perfect for whiskey, highball, cocktail, and other drinks. The easy release of ice is excellent for parties, summers, restaurants, and holiday entertainments. It is also dishwasher safe.

Buying Guide


The material of the ice cube trays is one of the most important considerations when purchasing an ice cube tray. The material determines how easily you can remove the ice.

Removing ice from some ice trays can be very difficult. It is therefore advisable to go for silicone ice trays that can easily eject ice balls.



When purchasing ice cube trays, it’s essential to consider those that have lids. Most silicone trays come with covers as compared to the plastic ones that have no lid. Ice cube trays with lids prevent ice from absorbing freezer odors that can alter the taste of your drink. The trays also keep unwanted debris out of the cube pockets and prevent water from accidentally spilling, which can freeze the whole tray.


Cube Size

It is important to consider the size of the cubes when purchasing an ice tray. Larger ice cubes cool a drink faster compared to the smaller ice cubes. Smaller ice cubes also melt very fast, hence diluting the beverages. It would be best to choose trays according to your requirement.


Holding Capacity

The intended purpose of the ice tray determines the ideal tray for you. If you intend to use the ice cube trays for events, you need one that can hold a good number of ice cubes. Some ice cube trays can hold up to 48 ice cubes. Therefore they are ideal for parties. However, if you need one for a small family, you can go for the smaller ice trays.

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