Best Printed Cushion Covers

Printed cushion covers are unique novelty gifts for all types of occasions. These cushions covers make excellent stocking fillers during Christmas or are fun for something a little different on father’s or mother’s day. These printed cushion covers might work perfectly if you plan to surprise your loved ones with a gift. You can print the best message you want to make your loved ones feel cared for.

1. Indigifts Pyari Mumma Beautiful Cushion Cover 

This printed cushion might be a warming gift for any mother on a mother’s day, birthday, or another special day. The cushion is well designed and nicely printed. You can make a small effort to say thank you to your mother with the help of this printed cushion.

It features a 12 by 12 printed cover and a vacuum-packed conjugated fiber filler that is approximately 180 grams. It is fabricated with soft poly satin and dried cotton that overlap the cover backing.

Washing the cushion is very easy and can be hand washed using cold water. It comes flat and compressed; hence to fill it, you cut the cover and then re-fluff lightly using your hands.

2. Divine Casa Cushion Cover

Divine Casa cushion cover is made from 100TC polyester. The cover is reversible and can be used both ways. These are soft cushion covers with attractive designs. You can place them on the sofa, bed, couch and armchairs.

The cushion cover comes with a nylon zipper for an elegant look. The microfiber fabric used in it makes it look brand new even after use. They can be machine washed.

3. RD Trend Digital Printed Jute Cushion Covers

The set comprises five cushion covers with unique digital prints. They are bright and vibrant. These covers are made of jute. The covers have a zipper-lock to ensure that your cushions do not show. Each pillow cover is 16×16 inch in dimensions.

Its colourful print can lift any couch or bed easily. They can also be used as throw pillows for decor purposes.

4. Tied Ribbons Birthday Gift for Daughter Printed Cushion

This printed cushion is another gift you can give to your daughter. The cushion has filler making it soft, and it is 12 inches by 12 inches in size. It looks excellent with an appealing design that shows love and care to your daughter.

It is an excellent gift on her special day and reminds her of how great she means to you. This surprise gift can be printed with lovely messages that tell her how she will always be the best girl, friend, and daughter.

The cushion is versatile; hence it can be kept anywhere on a sofa or the bed. The cushion cover is easier to remove and wash without impacting the prints.

The cushion filler typically is vacuum packed; hence it is flat and compressed. You will only cut the cover to re-fluff using your hand. It is an excellent gift for your daughter on her special day.

5. Oddclick Satin Mere Pyare Papa Printed Cushion Cover With Filler; Multicolour; 12x12-Inch

This is another printed cushion made of satin material with a size of 12 by 12 inches. The cushion cover can be used as a special gift to your dad.

It features unique and rich decorations and gifts for Christmas, birthday, New Year, or any special occasion. It offers a nicely designed shape with well-printed messages and images that will make your loved ones feel cared for.

Washing this printed cushion cover is not difficult; it only requires a cold machine wash.

6. Indigifts Satin Friends Make Good Times Better Printed Cushion Cover with Filler for BFF Birthday (12X12 Inch; Blue)

Indigifts Satin features a cushion cover in a vacuum-packed conjugated fiber filler that is approximately 180 grams. It is a perfect gift for friends on a special occasion like birthdays and other momentous occasions.

This super cute cushion can be used to celebrate a bond that fills your life with crazy things and memorable moments. It is a beautiful gift you can offer to friends, family, or those who make life extraordinary.

It is made of high-quality fibers that offer ultimate comfort, bounce, and softness. The overlap backing makes it easier to change the Filler. The high-quality material makes it a long-lasting printed cushion.

7. Mekanshi Personalized White Satin Cushion with Filler

The makanshi is a well designed and styled printed cushion that you can give to your loved ones. This luxurious cushion cover is digitally printed with very high definition quality.

It is made with fine satin fabric material and features expert artistry that makes it look nice. It is a nice gift for your friends, near –dears, family on their special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and friendship days.

It is equipped with one filler and a set of 1 cushion covers and can be ideal in your living room, drawing and bedroom.

8. Gift Wrap Valentines Day Be Mine Micro Satin Digital Printed Cushion Cover for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Fiance - 12X12 inches, Multicolor

The Gift Wrap is another great gift you can give to express love to your wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend on a special day like Valentine’s Day, birthday, or anniversary. It measures 30 cm by 30 cm.

It is made using soft poly satin and is vacuum packed. To re-fluff the cushion cover cut the cover, and do it lightly using your hand. You are also advised to wash it using normal cold water with your hands.

Buyers Guide

Fabric Choice

The type of fabric required in the making of a printed cushion cover plays an important role. High-quality fabric will add a great texture to your love and make your loved ones happy. Choose the fabric that is appropriate for its use. Get the one that is sturdy and can last for long.


Size and Shape

Consider the size and shape of the printed cushion cover before making a final decision on which one to buy. Bigger printed cushions look great as well as small cushions. Therefore, it is vital to consider a standard size cushion to balance everything for the best value. Also, get the cushion with the best shape and texture that shows great love.



The budget is another thing to look at before deciding which cushion cover to buy. It is essential to consider your pocket and decide how much you want to spend on the cushion cover. Ensure you select the cushion cover that meets all your needs and goes for a fair price tag.



Knowing the exact event will help you select the cushion cover that will deliver the right message. Consider if it will be a birthday gift, Christmas, or for your daughter, son, wife, or husband.

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