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Kids love to measure their height as they grow. It is always exciting to see how your little one has all grown up with each passing day. Having a height chart makes it even convenient to document any change in the child’s height and ensure healthy growth. We have gathered a list of top height charts used in the living room, kids’ room, and nursery. At the end of the list, there is a buying guide that you may find helpful in choosing the right type of growth chart for your family.

1. Decals Design Vinyl Height Chart

The height chart is made of PVC vinyl, non-toxic, and waterproof material. It sticks easily to non-dusty, greasy, and dry walls. To attach the chart to the wall, peel pre-cut pieces from the backing paper and apply them to the desired surface. If the walls are freshly painted, wait for 30 days to stick the height chart. When sticking the chart, firmly press along the border and remove any air bubbles. The decals design vinyl height chart weighs 0.15 kg and has a 25 x 2 x 70 cm dimension.

2. Solimo Wall Sticker

The height charts for the kids’ room come in attractive and beautiful animal prints. It can be pasted to walls, tiles, and smooth surfaces. The chart is self-adhesive and made from PVC material.

The height chart is 27x172cm long. It is rectangular and is easy to apply. To paste, clean the surface of dust and dirt; the surface should be free of moisture.

The chart comes in pre-cut pieces that need to be peeled out to paste on the wall. When pasting the sticker, firmly press it against the surface to remove any bubble.

3. Height Chart 4 Poster

The height chart makes it easy to measure the height of the children. It has nice prints and can be used for decorating a kid’s room. The chart weighs 210 grams and has a dimension of 127 x 41 x 1 cm.

4. Solimo Wall Sticker

The height chart is made from self-adhesive PVC material. It has beautiful designs and can be used in the living room, bedroom, kid’s room, and playing room. The chart sticks well on the smooth surface of walls and tiles. Before applying the sticker, ensure the wall surface is smooth, free of moisture, dust, and dirt.

The stickers come pre-cut pieces that need to be stuck to the wall by gently peeling out the pieces. Each pre-cut piece has a number mentioned and needs to stick as per the sequence. When applying the sticker, firmly press each pre-cut piece from the border and remove the air bubble, if any. The stickers weigh 50 grams and measures 126 cm X 183 cm after applying on the wall.

5. ShopAIS Grow Up Scratch Off Height Chart

The height chart sticks to the wall. It can also be hanged. Its measuring tape begins at 50 cm and ends at 150 cm. When scratched, the ruler shows up bright colored centimeters for documenting or tracking the child’s height. The color changes after every 10 cm, making it convenient to record any change in the growing children’s height. One measuring tape can be used for documenting the size of two children. One can even write personal notes such as the date of the last measurement on the tape with a pen. The chart weighs 300 grams.

Buying Guide


When it comes to buying posters and height charts that can be stuck to the wall, it is crucial to consider the material used in the making. Growth charts made of fabric and PVC are convenient for documenting kids’ growth as you can mark on the centimeters without damaging the chart.



The child’s height continues to grow with each passing day, but significant change in the centimeters would reflect only after a few months and even a year. Therefore, you should go for a height chart that stays for the next few years.


Self Adhesive

Self-adhesive height charts are convenient to stick while others may require a stand or you may even have to hang them on the wall. They take up unnecessary space.



A wide variety of growth charts are available to buy. Buy the one that matches with the interiors of the room and is pleasing to the eyes. The growth charts also make an excellent decorative piece. It is worth considering the design, style, and color pattern of the height chart when making a purchase.



Ensure the dimension of the height chart is as per your requirement. It should be long enough to measure the family members’ height and wide enough to mark centimeters for your record.

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