Intex Power banks

India is ranked among the countries with the highest number of smartphone users. And this invariably makes them one of the top users of the internet in the world. Since the advent of smartphones, accessories such as power banks have popped up. 

The power bank is essential to keep your smartphone on, and they are usually used on the go to keep your smartphone from running low on battery. It is one accessory you will find commonly with smartphone users in India. 

The brand, Intex, has become a top brand in India with its phone accessories. Their power bank has become one of the commonly used brands in the country. 

There are many types of power banks available in the market. Before you purchase a powerbank and end up regretting, it is vital to check out the important points that will ensure you make an informed decision.

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How has Intex as a Brand Fare in the Market?

Getting confused about the number of power bank brands in the market, try Intex. It is a brand that you will enjoy using for a long time. And this is why they are a top-selling brand in India. 

This brand stands out because of its unique properties and features. Users find them effective in powering their devices when the batteries have gone flat. 

The reason why Intex has remained among the top brands include: 

  1. They have continued to improve their product in time with the use of advanced technology. Intex has been able to meet with the demands of its customers by embracing the right technology. 
  2. The essence of using a power bank is to charge your phone when its battery runs down. And with Intex, it comes with a battery capacity that can last all day. 
  3. They are made with light materials; thus, they are portable and lightweight. 
  4. With affordable prices set by the brand, anyone can afford to buy this power bank. 
  5. You are sure that you are not buying an inferior product for they have a warranty. Most of the power banks come with a range of six months to two years warranty. 
  6. Intex has always delivered high-quality products, and that is one reason they have remained one of the best brands in India. 
  7. Excellent and responsive customer services to attend to various needs of the customers. 

Intex Unique Selling Points as a Powerbank

The Intex power bank is one of the top-selling brands in India. And this can be attributed to the unique selling points associated with the brand and its power bank product. We are going to discuss these selling points in this session. 

Intex has employed the use of advanced technology in its power bank. They are designed to be portable and lightweight. This portability does not affect their ability to last longer nor displays inferior quality. 

With display light that displays the strength of the power bank strategically placed, you can know the strength of the battery. These display light stays on when using it to charge other devices and when charging the power bank. It enables you to remove the power source or your devices when it is fully charged or completely drained. 

You will enjoy fast charging on both ways with this power bank. Charge the phone to the fullest on the go very fast and start using your devices. The power bank can also be powered up to the fullest when plugged into a power source.

Charge more than one device at a time because the power banks of this brand come with multiple ports. Keep your phones, tablet charged, and you can also share it with a friend. 

The prices are affordable, and they come with at least a year’s warranty. Although you can find various price ranges, the brand offers some of the affordable products in the market. 


If you are on a budget, the Intex brand is one of the best choices from the brands available in the Indian market. They offer the best features you can find with other top brands and more. They are standard phone accessories amongst Indians because of their high quality and trust in the brand.