Power banks under INR 2000

Indians have one of the highest populations of smartphone users, and this can also be translated to phone accessories as well. Power banks are one of the common accessories you would find with most Indians with smartphones, and they come in different price ranges.

The power banks are needed because people use their smartphones for various activities, which include playing games, chatting, social media activities, and even doing business online. And these activities makes their phone ran out of battery power faster. 

With the power banks, it is easier to charge your phone on the go when there is no power supply with you. There are multiple types of power banks available under this range. Before you purchase a powerbank and end up regretting, it is vital to check out the important points that will ensure you make an informed decision.

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What to Expect with Power Banks Under INR 2000

The prices of power banks under INR 2000 is the medium range of power banks you can find in India. They are much better than those under INR 1000 with improved features and more battery power capacity to make it charge for a longer time.

  • Compatible 

These power banks are compatible with a wide range of devices. They can be used to charge devices such as all types of smartphones, Bluetooth devices, cameras, and other portable devices with type c charging ports. The two ways fast charging ensures that your devices, as well as the power banks, charges fast.

  • Power Capacity 

It is normal to expect the power capacity of a power bank to be higher with regards to the price. The power capacity of the power banks under INR 2000 are in the range of 10,000 to 20,000 mAH. 

The power capacity is higher than those of power banks under INR 1000. They can last longer to power your smartphone all day on the go or where they are power shortage. 

  • Fast Charging 

These power banks offer fast charging in two ways. Your phone gets juiced up within one hour of using these power banks. Get back to your activities online or play games on your phones with the fast-changing of your devices guaranteed. 

The power banks have a high power capacity they can last all day. But they also charge fast when completely down, which is the two ways fast charging. 

  • Design 

They are sleek and beautifully designed to give a trendy look. You can find them in various ranges of colors, and they are made with durable materials. 

Some of these power banks have more than one port for charging devices. These multiple ports do not affect the charging capacity of the power banks. 

  • Warranty 

With confidence in the product, the manufacturer usually offers a warranty on its power banks. These warranties are a guarantee that you are not wasting money on inferior products that will not last long. 

The warranty ranges from six months to one year. There are terms and conditions attached to each warranty, and it is vital, you are familiar with these terms. 

Comparison between Power bank under INR 2000 and Power banks under INR 1000

FeaturesPower banks under INR 1000Power bank under INR 2000
Battery capacity10000 mAH10000 – 20000 mAh
Item Weight200 – 350g40 – 300g
battery cell compositionLithium polymer battery Lithium polymer battery 
Compatible devicesAll phones with USB portMultiple devices with USB ports 
Power2.0 v2.0 – 3.0v
WarrantySix months to one yearSix months to one year warranty 


At this price range, you are going for a power bank with more features and capabilities. For Power banks under INR 2000, you are going above the limit of budget power banks. 

And you are willing to spend money on a device that provides more. With higher capacity, you can keep your phone on for a longer time without a source of electricity. 

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