Portronics Pure Sound POR-102 Portable Speaker Review

Portronics ensures it provides a practical device for its user every now and then. One such product we are reviewing by Portronics is the Portronics Portable Speaker System. This speaker comes with a pure sound and it is compact. The speaker is lightweight and extremely powerful in output. It fits comfortably in your hand and it comes with connectivity options like Micro SD card, USB Drive, and in-built FM.

Japanese drivers and 2W speakers

This speaker is capable of producing an effective and loud sound. It enhances audio clarity and its Japanese drivers deliver precise sound so you can enjoy every sound bit with detailing which ensures you never miss out on anything.

Connection options

The speaker comes with various connection options. The device can be connected to your laptop, mobile, or computer using a USB cord. The SD card allows you to connect memory cards up to 32 GB.

FM radio

This speaker is equipped with a wireless FM feature that allows you to listen to your favorite station. The in-built antenna provides better signal quality and offers a better and clearer sound.

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What Do We like

Stylish design

It comes with high versatility and compatibility. The speaker has a stylish and elegant design. The looks are impressive when it is kept in your room or desk. The design is versatile and unique; it plays music from external sources conveniently.


The speaker comes with a rechargeable 1080 mAh lithium-ion battery that provides 8 battery life whenever it is used. With this, you can enjoy music for an extended time.

What We Don’t Like


The device doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature, hence you can not connect wirelessly.


The speaker comes with an enhanced sound quality which allows you to listen to your favorite soundtracks conveniently. The connectivity is effective and it is made of high-quality material. The device is portable and has a dimension of 24.1 x 11.2 x 5.6 cm which is convenient to store.

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