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Portronics Muffs M Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo On-Ear Headphone Review

Music plays a vital role in today’s modern life. Sometimes it’s the only luxury that makes them exist in the crowd of highly stressful and busy people. It not only soothes one’s mood, but also helps in keeping one contended with a company that will never leave them. Portronics is here with “Muffs M, A […]

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Portronics Harmonics 216 Wireless Sports Headset Review

Portronics has been a leading gadget brand of India for the last ten years. Portronics make your digital experiences richer and more satisfying. This little package comes with 10mm powerful audio drivers. The sleek design is very eye-catching, and the build is sturdy. Bluetooth 5.0 technology is faster than ever. The Protronics Harmonics 216 is […]

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Portronics POR-894 Muffs L Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

Portronics has been one of the top leading electronics brands of India. It has a vast range of electronic gadgets who provides quality products. They are built with premium technology. It has a trustworthy collection of wireless earphones. The Portronics POR-894 Muffs is one of them. Made with the best of Protonics’ technology, it has […]

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Portronics Harmonic POR-927 Wireless Headset Review

Portronics Harmonics 200 Wireless Stereo headset is foldable, so it will save your space in storing and carrying. The headphone has controls buttons within it. The buttons will allow you to control music and calls effortlessly and accurately. You will be able to control it with one-touch that is located intuitively on the neckband of […]

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