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Zebronics Zeb-Masterpiece BT Portable Speaker Review

The Zeb-Masterpiece BT Portable Speaker comes from the renowned brand Zebronics. The brand was founded in 1997, and it prides itself on providing quality, affordable, and durable sound systems, gaming peripherals, and mobile accessories. The brands’ mission is to offer products that have great designs and excellent performance. This particular model comes with all these […]

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Zebronics Zeb-Rover Wireless Speaker Review

Meet Rover, a Bluetooth wireless speaker that is perfect for quenching your musical thirst, literally. This is a speaker from the reputable Zebronics brand. The brand is known for its quality, affordable, and unique speakers that offer an unforgettable musical experience. This is a 2-in-1 speaker that comes with a wireless speaker on one side […]

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Blaupunkt BT01 Speaker Review

The BT01 Voice Activated 3W BT is a powerful speaker from the renowned Blaupunkt brand in India. This is a German brand that has made advanced development in audio technology since its inception in 1924. Presently, it’s widely accepted in India, offering a wide array of superior audio products. The BT01 Voice Activated 3W BT […]

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Sony XS-FB693E Car Speakers Reviews

Sony XS-FB693E is a 3-way coaxial car speaker. This cone woofer produces powerful, deep bass, and it allows you to pump up your volume without the distortion of sound quality. Sony believes in the production of exceptional quality and affordable entertainment gadgets, and this woofer is not an exception. Features Cone Woofer This speaker has […]

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F&D W12 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to fantastic sound quality from this portable and compact speaker from the renowned F&D brand. The brand is known for producing affordable, durable, and quality speakers. This waterproof speaker is no exception. The speaker has an imprinted design that comes with a matt rubber coating. It supports all Bluetooth enabled devices, enabling you to […]

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Zoook Rocker Bluetooth Plush Speaker Review

Zoook Rocker plush is an elegant designer speaker that is controlled via Bluetooth with tap and play features. It boasts of a massive 24w sound output power coupled with a stylish artistic fabric feature. The Zoook brand believes in producing plush, affordable speakers that come with super quality sound that enhance the listening experience; this […]

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Zoook ZB-BS100 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Zoook ZB-BS100 Bluetooth Speaker ZB-BS100 is an ultra-portable and compact speaker. It is from the renowned Zoook brand, a brand that has a considerable market presence across India. The brand prides itself in manufacturing high-quality, durable, and affordable sound systems. The speaker projects a tight bass, which is deep and ensures an immersive musical […]

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Blaupunkt SP212 Home Audio Bluetooth Speaker 

SP212 Home Audio Bluetooth Speaker is from the Blaupunkt. Blaupunkt brand is a renowned German brand that has made cutting edge development in audio technology since its inception in 1924. This German brand has a wide presence in India. It offers a superior range of quality Audio products. The SP212 Home Audio is a Bluetooth […]

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Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker Review

Mivi develops products like headphones, speakers, cables, and chargers for optimal user experience. One of such product by Mivi we are reviewing is the Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable Speaker. This speaker comes a powerful bass and a 5W driver that delivers optimum sound. It comes with touch adaptive controls and stable wireless connectivity. It stays for […]

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