Ambrane Power bank

Ambrane Power bank is one of the most sought after brands in the Indian market. The brand is one of the leading power bank manufacturing companies in Indian founded in 2012. Since the increase in the use of the smartphone, the power banks have become a necessary accessory because of the low life span of the battery life of the smartphone. 

Aside from the low life span, the frequent use of the smartphone makes it run down faster. Smartphone users now have supplemented the use of their smartphone with power banks when they are on the go. Ambrane power bank has now been known to be one of the top-selling brands in India.  

Before you purchase a powerbank and end up regretting, it is vital to check out the important points that will ensure you make an informed decision.

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How has Ambrane Brand Fare as a Power bank?

As a Power bank, the brand, Ambrane, has some great features that make it popular amongst Indians. As a brand, Ambrane has fared well, being amongst the top-selling power banks in India. 

The brand was able to attain this feat because of the features it portrays over other brands. And these great features include:

  1. They are made with smart technology to ensure proper charging of your devices.
  2. The brand always had the satisfaction of the customers in mind in the making of their products. 
  3. You will enjoy one year guarantee with this product, and they are made of top-grade plastic materials. 
  4. Attentive customer services and are available 24/7.
  5. They have affordable products for all classes in the price range.

The Unique Selling Points of the Ambrane Brand

With the Ambrane power bank, they made use of intelligent technology for the protection of users’ devices. 

It comes with a high-quality chipset with 9 layer protection and a dual input and dual outputs. This input/output devices helps to protect the devices from overheating and other effects.

The device battery is protected from overcharging, undercharging, and high current. It changes faster than most power banks you will find in the market. The Type C USB charging port makes it suitable for lots of devices.

They are made of upgraded ABS plastic, which makes it light in weight and portable. The power bank is durable, made up of solid materials, and comes with a year warranty. 

The battery is made up of Li-ion, which is very sturdy and durable.  

You can enjoy the fast charging of your device with the Ambrane brand, and it has LED indicators to show you the state of the power of the battery. 

It is portable as it fits perfectly in your pocket or a small bag. You can as well carry it on your hands just like your phones. 

You can find a wide range of Ambrane power bank in the market. At various price range, you will find the one that suits your budget and keep your devices powered all day. 

They are compatible with different devices, including smartphones, cameras, and other devices with USB connectivity. 


When looking for a reputable brand of power bank, you carry out research on its features and reviews about the brand. The Ambrane has excellent features, as you can see, and many Indians use it with positive reviews. 

And with quality and prompt services with the brand, you are sure of getting the necessary support from the brand. You are keeping your devices charged up all day and at the same time, ensuring they are safe from damages with its smart technology.