Power banks under INR 1000

Indians have become accustomed to the use of power banks to charge their smartphones. With the use of the power banks, you don’t have to worry about minimizing the use of your smartphone on the go.

The power bank is conveniently easy to carry on the go, and when fully powered, can keep your phone juiced up all day. With easy access to the internet, Indians make use of their phones more than most people in the world. And thus, the phones need to be powered regularly, and this is where the power bank becomes useful.

There are many types of power banks available under this range. Before you purchase a powerbank and end up regretting, it is vital to check out the important points that will ensure you make an informed decision.

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What to Expect for Power Banks Under INR 1000?

The Indian market has been flooded with various brands of power banks and at different price ranges. At a particular price range, you will find a suitable power bank with specific features in common. For those that are on a budget and want a good power bank with great features, you can go for a power bank under INR1000.

These power bank can do the job of keeping your smartphone up all day with the least power capacity expected. They are affordable and may not have the capacity like those of higher price range, can get you through the day before you recharge it.

Features of Power Banks below INR 1000

  1. Compatible

The power banks under INR 1000 are compatible, easy to carry with you. You can take them with you to the office and charge your phone as you move around. They are lightweight, weighing between 270 to 300g, and can be carried in the pocket without adding extra weight.

It is compatible with all devices such as cameras, smartphones, Bluetooth devices, and other devices with type C USB. This makes the power banks common among Indians in charging their devices.

The size of the power bank makes it easy to carry along with your phone. You can be charging it quickly both ways which are known as two-way fast charging. It can charge your devices faster and can be charged quickly.

  1. Power Capacity

When the power banks under INR1000 are fully charged, they have the capacity to keep your phone juiced up all day. The power capacity of the power banks under this price range is over 10,000 mAH, which is powerful enough to charge your phone up within 2 hours.

  1. Fast Charging

With an output power of 2.0A, it can charge your phone very fast with enough power left on the power bank. And also, the power bank, when plugged to a power source, get charged faster, so it is a two-way fast charge process. 

  1. Stylish Design

You will no longer find bulky power banks in the market because they are now stylishly designed to be compact. They are made up of lithium polymer and other durable materials that make them last longer.

  1. Warranty

The different brands of power banks that come under INR 1000 all have warranty ranging from 6 months to one year. The brands are confident of their products, and these warranties ensure that you are not wasting your money.


Power banks have become one of the essential phone accessories in India. They are compatible, easy to carry, and can keep your phone fully charged all day. 

For those on a budget, power banks under INR 1000 have great features that will make them suitable for the purpose. You can get power banks from different brands under INR 1000 and products with great features.