Play Bring Fun PP-002 Projector Review

The Play Bring Fun PP-002 is a Home Theater projector that brings entertainment and fun to your life and home. It’s among the newest projectors from the Play brand, a famous and reputable Company, across the globe. The brand is well known for its high quality, durable, and efficient projectors.

This brand new projector delivers deeper color saturation, and wide color ranges as compared to traditional lamps. The projector features an LED light source that projects crisp, razor-sharp images for all media types. It’s also ideal for backyard movie nights and video games!

Great for backyard movie night, ideal for home theater movies and video game, Can provide crystal clear image



This projector comes with a lamp life span of 50,000 hours, making it durable; it can run for 15 years without getting damaged, even when it is used for a few hours every day. Users have the guarantee that they won’t need to replace it for several years after purchase, lowering their overall ownership cost.


The projector comes with a wide array of connectivity options, including:

HDMI; it can connect to X-box ONE, PS3, WII, AND PS4

Video port/3-in-1 Audio/Headphone jack; external speakers can be connected to either

USB port;  it connects to hard disk devices or U-Disk, but it’s also used for charging pads and phones

SD card/USB/HDMI/VGA; these ports allow users to connect their DVDs, laptops, or PCs and enjoy movies or videos

Projection Distance

The projection distance in this projector is 1.5m-4.5m; it displays clear, detailed, and bright images at short distances, making it ideal for small living spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, or dens.


This projector comes with one year manufacturers’ warranty; users can contact the brands’ authorized representatives in India for replacement or repair if it becomes faulty within one year after purchase.

Image Quality

This projector features a brightness of 4000 lumens, 6000:1 contrast ratios, 1920 x 1080dpi resolutions, 16:9 aspect ratios; these features ensure the projection of crisp, razor-sharp and bright visuals, enhancing the movie-watching experience.

In-built Speakers

The projector comes with two in-built speakers that produce a crisp, clear sound that fills up small to mid-sized rooms comfortably, making the entertainment experience more rewarding.

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What Do We like

Customer Care Services

The Play brand offers customer care services in the Indian language; the lines are always open, and the customer care representatives are still willing to assist users with installation and usage directions.

What We Don’t Like

Fan Noise

The fan noise level in this projector is 32db, which is a bit loud; it can is audible, especially in quiet scenes while watching movies, which can be irritating.

Screen Size

The screen size in this home entertainment projector is 100 inches, bringing the true cinema experience right to your home.

Remote Control

This projector comes with a remote control that makes it easier and convenient for the users to operate; they can control it while lazing on the couch or bed without having to wake up every time they need to change settings or a movie.


This is the must-have projector for people who love watching movies in the comfort of their homes but still want to achieve the big-screen feel. What’s more rewarding than turning the white walls in your house into richly colored massive screens?

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