Unic UC40 Projector Review

Projectors are the perfect way of getting massive screens. The UNIC UC40 projector is affordable yet durable and efficient. This LED projector allows users to turn their walls into total cinema entertainments. It offers complete readability, brilliant video performances, and consistency with colors.

It’s an ideal projector for watching movies, presentations, and video games and comes from the reputable brand UNIC, assuring users of quality and efficiency. It’s easy to use a projector with many unique features. Coming with various ports such as USB, VGA, AV, and HDMI, the experience is truly breathtaking.

Built-in Media Player

This projector comes with an in-built media player that allows users to play their contents from different sources such as SD cards and USB, allowing them to watch movies, listen to music and make their presentations without connecting to PCs or laptops.

Dimensions and Design

The projector comes with image projections of 130 inches and brightness levels of 800 lumens. It also has high resolutions of 800×480 and 16.7 million display color pallets; these features offer details and depth to all visuals being projected.  This projector has 201x153x67.5 mm dimensions, contrast ratios of 800:1, and it weighs approximately 1kg.

Navigation and Play Back Control Features

The ports in this projector are all installed on its left. Some device controls can be found at the top of the projector; these include navigation and playback controls, which are useful when users don’t have the remote controls with them.


This projector is compact and light, weighing approximately 1kg; this makes it portable since users can move it room one room to another effortlessly.


The projector comes with 1-year manufacturers’ warranty; coming from the reliable brand UNIC, users’ can be assured of accessible and reliable after-sales-services in case the projector gets faulty within a period of 1 year after purchase. It can either be replaced or repaired depending on the outlined warranty specifications.


This LED projector comes with the following accessories that make connectivity and use easier:

Remote Control

One Composite Video Adapter

One Power Cable

One Instruction Manual with easy to follow steps

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What Do We like

Life Span

The projector comes with a lamp-life of 20,000 hours, meaning that it’s durable, and users don’t need to keep incurring maintenance costs for lamp replacement.

Quiet Operation

The projector produces considerably low noise levels, allowing users to enjoy their movies or presentations with minimal disturbance.

Display Features

This is a unique projector that comes with native resolutions of 800×480 and 130-inch screen displays. Users get to enjoy their movies on big screens making the entertainment experience unforgettable. The projector supports many formats, such as PNG, BMP, and JPEG.

What We Don’t Like

In-built Speakers

This projector comes with 8*2W speakers; however, these speakers aren’t loud enough. Users may have to use external speakers to get their desired sound level. The external speakers don’t come with the projector, meaning that users have to purchase them separately, leading to extra costs.


Unic is a well-known brand for producing quality projectors, and this particular one is no exception. What makes it more outstanding is its’ multi-functionality since it can both be used at home as well as in offices. Users who enjoy playing video games and presentations will find this projector very useful.

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