Sony VPL EW575 Projector Review

The Sony VPLEW575 projector comes with network support and high resolutions featuring 4,300 lumens brightness. It comes from the trusted brand Sony, guaranteeing quality, effectiveness, and durability.

This projector projects bright and clear images using flexible connectivity and low maintenance costs. It’s a compact yet powerful projector, and it’s perfect for mid-sized meeting rooms and classroom presentations. It comes with white/color balance settings that offer crisp reproductions with more vibrant and richer colors.


Blank Mode

The projector comes with Blank Mode features that disable video signals temporarily with the touch of the Blank button on the remote control.

Lamp Dimming Functions

The projector comes with lamp dimming functions; these features dim the projectors’ lamp by about 15% after approximately ten seconds of static signal feeds. If the projector is left running while not being used, the lamp gets dimmed to 30% of the total brightness, which reduces energy consumption greatly.

4,300 light Lumens

This projector comes with 4,300 lumens of brightness when putting in the high-brightness Mode; it’s designed to project clear images, even in high ambient environments.

3LCD Bright Era Processors for Color

The projector comes with 3LCD BrightEra processors that are designed for the enhancement of panel light resistances, brightness, and panel reliability for better color reproductions.

Eco Mode Keys

The projector comes with Eco Mode Keys that allow users to select the modes of their choice by pressing the Eco Mode button

2 HDMI Terminals

This projector comes with 2 HDMI terminals that allow users to use both wireless adapters and traditional sources without having to switch the plugs.

Quiet Designs

The projector comes with quiet designs since it comes with air discharge systems; this fan produces below 35 dB when operating in the high-brightness modes.

Network Presentations Using LAN

Presentations can be projected from any Mac or Windows computers when it’s installed in LAN. 4 users can project their images at the same time. At the same time, eight people can connect to the projector simultaneously.

Simplified Maintenance

The lamp is placed at the back of this projector, facilitating easy access to it if the lamp requires replacement when mounted on the ceiling.

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What Do We like

Different Picture Modes

The projector comes with various picture modes and brightness modes, allowing users to select different combinations that work best for them. These modes include:

Blackboard/Whiteboard Mode

The Mode is designed to produce clear and detailed images on a blackboard or whiteboard in classrooms in the absence of projection screens.

Dynamic Mode

It emphasizes contrast for better colors, specifically on the white surfaces.

Presentation mode

It’s ideal for use in environments that have fluorescent lighting, i.e., in classrooms and offices.

Vivid Mode

It emphasizes brightness and colors for the production of eye-catching images.

Ceiling Mounting

This projector has a slim design featuring a flat-top covering that blends easily with the ceiling when mounted.

What We Don’t Like

External Speakers

If users intend to use this projector in larger rooms, external speakers will be needed to amplify the sound to make it more audible. These speakers don’t come with the projector meaning that users will need to purchase them separately.


The Sony VPLEW575 projector is ideal for users who make their presentations frequently. It comes with several distinct features that ensure efficiency as well as clear and bright images, making it very suitable for presentations.

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