Optoma HD27 3D DLP Projector Review

The Optoma brand, manufacturer of the Optoma HD27 3D DLP Projector, designs home entertainment projectors that are appealing to more casual viewers who desire high convenience, high brightness, and high value for every day viewing environments such as living rooms or dens, as opposed to dedicated theater rooms. Optoma is among the most reputable brands across the globe, known for their quality product; users are guaranteed of quality and efficiency upon purchasing this projector.


Image Quality

This projector features a brightness of 3,200 lumens, 25,000:1 contrast ratios, and 1080P Full HD supports; these features ensure the projection of crisp, clear, bright and detailed images, enhancing the entertainment experience as users watch their favorite movies.

In-built Speaker

The projector comes with a 10W mono speaker that produces enough sound to fill small to medium-sized rooms comfortably, making it ideal for living spaces such as living rooms or dens, or bedrooms.


The projector comes with a lamp life span of 8,000 hours, making it durable; it can run for several years without needing replacement. Users don’t have to worry about the costs of purchasing a new lamp from time to time after purchase.

Remote Control

This projector comes with a remote control that enables users to control it from a distance, offering a lot of conveniences.


Coming from the trusted brand Optoma, the projector comes with a year manufacturers’ warranty; users can access after-sales-services in case the projector becomes faulty for repair or replacement within a year after purchase.

Screen Size

This projector has a screen size of 71-107 inches; users can adjust the screen size to fit their needs. The screen can be adjusted to be a massive screen with a cinema feel or reduced to the size of the regular TV.

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What Do We like


The projector supports dual HDMI inputs, whereby one supports MHL smartphone hook-ups. It also has one USB port that is used to charge devices but not for media playback. For users who choose to mount this projector on the ceiling, they can use the 12v trigger in controlling the electric screen. If cable runs are a hassle, users can make use of WHD200 wireless HDMI streamers.

3D Support

The projector displays true 3d contents from a majority of the 3D sources, including 3D broadcasting, Blu-ray players, and gaming consoles.

User Interface & Settings

This projector comes with color presets features that allow users to swap easily between Bright, Motion, Movie, and Game settings, all of which have their advantages in their categories and look okay for any medium you may be watching at that time.

What We Don’t Like


This projector weighs 2.36kg, making it a bit bulky; users who love carrying their projectors with them as they try may find this inconveniencing. Additionally, moving it from one room to another will be tedious.


If you want big-screen entertainment setups in your home but you have a limited budget, you might want to think about purchasing the Optoma HD27 3D DLP projector. For a reasonable price, you get a fairly bright, 3D projector that makes the whole entertainment experience complete.

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