Sony VPL-EW435 WXGA Projector Review

The Sony VPL-EW435 WXGA Projector presents bright and clear images, and it’s suitable for mid-sized meeting rooms and classrooms. It’s an ideal projector for the present days’ cohesive IT/AV environments making the users’ lives simpler and more enjoyable.

The projector is powerful, quiet, and compact, delivering detailed-packed images via the 3,100 lumens with the many unique features assuring even more vibrant and richer colors. It’s from the Sony brand, one of the most reputable and trusted projector dealers in India.


Wireless and Networked Presentations

The projector allows users to project their presentations from Mac or PC via wireless and network connections. Four users can project their Mac/PC images at the same time, while eight users can connect to a single projector. A Projector Station that facilitates Network Presentation applications for Mac/Windows is included.

Management and Control from Networked PC

The projector status and functions can be monitored and managed from networked PCs remotely, using Projector stations that are included in the projector for Network Control applications.

Two HDMI Input

The projector comes with 2 HDMI inputs that enable users to connect easily to devices equipped with HDMI, such as media streaming units and PCs.

USB Media Viewers

Users can slip in USB drives enabling them to display graphics, images ,and photos without the need for PCs. Users don’t need to install any software drivers for the USB since it comes already installed.

IP Control Synchronization

The projector comes with IP control synchronization features that help in controlling signals from the projector and distributing them over IP networks to other sub-projectors.

Easy Maintenance

This projector comes with convenient access to the lamp, placed at the back of the projector body making lamp replacement simple even if it’s mounted in the ceiling.

Customized Naming Labels

The projector comes with customized naming labels such as ‘Document Camera’, ‘PC’ and ‘BD Player’, making it easy to see whatever devices that are being used on screen.

WXGA Resolutions

This projector comes with 1280 x 800 WXGA display resolutions that yield crisp details; it’s perfect for projecting directly from a DVD player, mobile device, or laptop.

16W audio

The projector comes with pa owerful 16W built-in speaker that allows the users to listen to video soundtracks without having to add any amplification.

Energy Efficiency and Durability

This projector comes with a lamp-life of 10,000 hours meaning that it’s durable; users don’t have to incur extra maintenance costs. It comes with lamp technologies that greatly cut down on ownership costs.

Image Quality

The projector comes with 3,100 light lumen features when in high mode delivering high contrast and crisp presentations that can be viewed clearly on larger screens or bright rooms. Users can choose from 3 brightness modes to make it suitable in all environments.

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What Do We like

Quiet operation

This projector comes with quiet operation features that make it ideal for use in meeting rooms and class rooms since it is discreet and unobtrusive.

Radical Power Saving Features

The projector comes with radical lamp technologies that allow a wide range of features for saving energy. Automatic Light Dimming Modes saves energy in case the projector isn’t switched off and not in use. Auto Picture Modes adjusts the light automatically to make it suitable for the projected scenes.

What We Don’t Like


As much as this projector comes with built-in speakers, the sound coming from it can be inadequate in larger rooms. Users may be required to use external speakers that don’t come with the projector.


This is a durable projector from Sony that comes with many unique features making it to have an edge against the other projectors.

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