Epson EH-TW650 Home Projector Review

Epson EH-TW650 is an affordable home projector that offers immense gaming experiences and quality entertainment right in the users’ living rooms. The projector is from the Epson brand, which was established in India in 2000.

All products from Epson address commercial enterprises, businesses, and homes need. It’s among the most trusted brands in India today. The projector features many distinct features that it to be among the most sought after projectors in India.


High Contrast Ratios

The projector comes with Epson Auto Iris Technologies that adjust the aperture, which provides maximum brightness and contrast for all the scenes. Users are in a position to enjoy well-defined and clear images, wherever they are, irrespective of the ambient light.

Color Modes

The projector comes with a wide array of color modes that are calibrated to suit the viewing contents and environments of the users. You can enjoy the vivid quality of images in the daytime without having to dim your lights.


The projector comes with integrated support for many connection methods, including HDMI; this suits a wide array of entertainment devices, making entertainment at home more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.


This projector comes with two years of manufacturers’ warranty after the date of purchase. Users can access after-sales-services in the many retail outlets across India of the Epson brand to have their projectors replaced or rectified if they become faulty with two years after purchasing them.

Wireless Transmission

The projector comes with convenient solutions for smart and smooth projection. It has the iProjection app, where users can project their images directly from Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Users only need to install iProjection for PC use to enjoy wireless projection from laptops or PCs.

Horizontal Keystone Adjustments

The projection comes with horizontal keystone adjustments that eliminate distortion of images and correct any errors. Vertical distortion can be detected by this projector, and the correction takes place automatically.

The projector has a combination of features that correct the distortion of images, allowing users to enjoy broader ranges of placement options.

Greater Placement Flexibility

Since this projector comes with keystone adjustment and zoom lens features, users can have broader ranges of placement possibilities. If the placement limitations are fewer, it becomes easier for users to be relaxed as they enjoy their favorite entertainment on big screens.

PC-free Slideshows

The projector comes with PC-free slideshows that enable users to save movies and pictures on USB devices, insert them into the projector, and get projected automatically. Viewers can view the movies/pictures as they are for more dramatic impressions.

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What Do We like

Split Screens

The projector comes with split screens that permit inputs from 2 different sources to be shown side by side on one screen. In video conferences, for example, images of remote participants can be shown at the same time. This is quite a unique feature that isn’t in many projectors in the same price range.

Detail Enhancement

The projector comes with detail enhancement features that allow users to enjoy heightened gaming experiences by adding more clarity and detail to dark scenes and enjoy their games the way they were originally made using the enhancements. These features improve the response speeds for images that are projected at high speeds.

QR Code Wireless Projections

With the iProjection app, the QR code that is displayed by this projector can be read by smartphones to transmit all information on the devices, making the connection very easy.


What We Don’t Like

Audio Output

The projector lacks Audio Output; users have to purchase Amazon Fire TV Sticks to connect to the projectors directly through HDMI and connect their Home theatres to the Amazon Fire TV sticks using Bluetooth, which could translate to extra costs for users.


Getting yourself this projector is a sure way to make your home entertainment better and enjoyable. The features and everything about it is simply out of this world!


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