Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector Review

The Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector is from the famous brand Epson, founded in 2000 in India. The projector allows users to access and view the functions they use most frequently immediately on their home screens, allowing them to view all sources of information at one glance.

This affordable EB-S41 SVGA projector is ideal for huddle and meeting rooms and comes packed with many unique features; it’s the perfect option for presenting true-to-life images. It allows users to hive captivating presentations with white brightness of 3,300 Lumens and stunning color, ensuring crystal clear and detailed images.



The projector comes with 2 years of manufacturers’ warranty; users can access after-sales-services in the many retail centers across India to have the projector rectified or replaced in case it becomes faulty after purchase.

Auto Power On Functions

The projector comes with auto power on functions; it starts automatically when the projection signals are detected through USB or VGA cables, providing users with hassle-free and easy presentations.

Lamp Life

This projector has an entertainment life that never ends; the lamp runs for a whopping 10000 hours while running on eco mode. That’s equivalent to watching movies daily, for more than 10 years.

Digital Zoom

This projector comes with Digital Zoom features that enable users to bridge the gap between DLP and LCD projectors; users can Zoom out or in via their remote controls to fit their images perfectly on their screen frames.

Image Quality

The projector works with LCD technologies and it boasts of HD resolutions that come with 15000:1 contrast and over 16K colors, giving images that are absolutely clear and sharp. The projector also comes with pre-designed modes for pictures and movies; they enable users to choose the modes that suit them best.

Users can manually customize the color, contrast and brightness modes, allowing them to modify the screen sizes from getting them bigger or smaller as desired.

Fluctuation, dust and Heat Proofing

The projector comes with fluctuation, dust and heat proofing features; these features prevent dust from getting accumulated inside of the projectors, which ensures that the users get quality, detailed and clear images for many many years.

The projector comes with heat sinks that enable them to withstand high temperatures of up to 49 degrees without getting damaged. It also has power management units that can withstand power fluctuations and power cuts, whenever vulnerable.

Extra Features

VGA Cable
Quick Smart Guide
Carrying Case
User Manual
Warranty Card
Remote Control

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What Do We like


This projector is designed with quick set up and portability in mind. Users only need to position the images with keystone correction and get access to contents simply via the HDMI inputs. The optional ELPAP10 adapter provides Wi-Fi connectivity that allows users to share content from smart devices via the iProjection app.

Throw Ratios

The projector comes with throw ratios that give users many years of detail and clarity; it has 5 glass lenses that ensure the focal length of the images displayed from shorter distances translate to brighter images.

Keystone Features

This projector comes with Horizontal and Vertical Keystone Correction features that have been digitalized; they yield sharp, detailed and clear corners to the users. There is no need for the projector to be installed in front of the screens since it can be placed at any convenient place in the room and still achieve clear and detailed images.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Levels

The projector can be a bit loud and noisy, meaning that users may have to use them from a distance for them to hear the contents they intend to. This is the only drawback of this projector.


Using the Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector can be the solution to users who enjoy watching movies as they relax at home. Getting this projector from the trusted brand is a plus; you can always be sure of excellent customer care services when purchasing the product and afterwards.


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