Epson EB-U05 V11H841040 HD Projector Review

Epson is an Indian brand that was established in 2000. The brand prides itself on addressing the needs of commercial enterprises, businesses, and homes, as well as the customers with special needs. The brand is committed to providing services and products that exceed people’s expectations; it has an unbeatable reputation for value and quality.

The Epson EB-U05 V11H841040 projector is designed to enable users to install it without any hassle. It’s perfect for movie lovers and people who love enjoying movies on big screens.

Vertical and Horizontal Keystone Correction

This projector comes with Vertical and Horizontal Keystone Corrections, giving crystal clear and sharp corners to people using it. The projector needs to be installed/ placed in front of a screen; it can be installed/ placed at any place in the rooms that is convenient and still display clear images.


The projector comes with Lumen 3400, meaning that it’s very bright; it can be used during the daytime easily without needing to make any light adjustments. The projector can always be run on the eco mode since the normal mode proves to be extremely bright.

The lamp in this projector is an Ultra High-Efficiency type, with a life span rated at 6000 hours while using normal mode and 10000 hours using eco mode


This projector comes with two years manufacturers’ warranty upon the date of purchase. Users are free to go to any of the several retail outlets available cross India and seek for after-sales-services if their projector becomes faulty within two years after purchasing it.

Bright and High-quality Images

This is a powerful Full HD projector that offers remarkably colorful and vivid images with vibrant details, even in very bright rooms. It has 3LCD technology, which yields equally high Color and White 3400 Lumens Light Output.


Simple Installation

The projector is very simple to install; it’s quick and hassle-free to set it up since it comes with features such as keystone correction that help users to position the images quickly. Users don’t have to incur extra installation costs since they get to do it by themselves, effortlessly.

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What Do We like

Projection App

The projector comes with an intriguing projection app that projects a wide range of content, such as documents and videos, directly from the smart devices using the iProjection app.


This projector offers long-lasting solutions to users; they can watch a film daily for approximately 15 years.

What We Don’t Like

Cooling System

The only small hitch in this projector is that it gets extremely hot in the normal mode, making it advisable to use the eco mode.

Super Connectivity

The projector allows users to access their entertainment easily using dual HDMI inputs for connecting Gaming Consoles and DVD players and so much more.


Purchasing any product from Epson is an advantage since it’s among the most trusted dealers in India. All the projectors from Epson undergo rigorous checks to ensure that they are in top=working conditions before being dispatched to the clients. Purchase The Epson EB-U05 V11H841040 projector today and enjoy all entertainment at the comfort of your house.

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