Laptops under INR 20000

These days when it comes to working, the first thing we need is a good laptop. As these tiny machines are packed full of small elements, it ensures offering great in return.

But since these laptops come with a huge price tag, some people take their step back from buying a new one.

Fortunately, these days’ laptops are available with variable price tags and hence you can easily buy a laptop without any hesitation.

Therefore, today we will have a look at the laptops under INR 20000 which can be easily purchased by anyone. Keeping it affordable, these brands have offered users the opportunity to buy laptops for their work purpose.

Many brands like Acer, Asus, etc. offer laptops under this range. Buying a laptop is a valuable investment and thus you need to ensure you have purchased the right one! Read through the essential points that will help you make the right purchase decision.

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Features that you can get from the Laptops under INR 20000

4GB of RAM

When it comes to the speed of the laptop, definitely you need to check the RAM. The more its power, the better will be its performance. This will enable installing a range of software without facing any lag in the laptop.

As the brands understand the need for speed, they have integrated a good 4GB of RAM to help users operate the software with ease. 

7th Generation AMB processor

You can get a good 7th generation processor of 2.6 GHz making the laptop great for your work. When the processor and RAM are powerful, the laptop will always work in its full power without making your experience any lag. 

Preloaded Windows 10

No more you need to run for installing an operating system in your laptop as these laptops come with preloaded Windows 10 in it. This is so far the latest OS that offers convenience in working with its great user interface.

Moreover, it is compatible to run any software that you might need or work. 

Giant 15.6 inch of HD screen

The laptops have a huge 15.6 inch of screen in it which is definitely great. This is so far the first thing that we watch while buying and having a huge screen is definitely a huge advantage.

So stay assured as you will be getting a good 15.6 inch of GP screen in the laptop. 


Keeping in mind that the laptops are required for both students and businessmen, these laptops are built in a way that it can be easily carried.

You will definitely find a lightweight laptop that weighs only 2.1Kg and is great for carrying without being a burden on your shoulder. 

1TB of Hard disc

With a huge hard disc, you can ensure your laptop’s longevity. As most of the problems can be witnessed with the hardware and any issues are irreplaceable having a good and powerful hard disc is a necessity.

With 1TBof hard disc, you get ample of storage and enjoy storing your important files.

Integrated GFX Graphics

If you are a designer or a gamer, good integrated graphics always offer a great thing in return. With the integrated GFX graphics, you can enjoy designing great staff along with play amazing games without compromising on its graphics. 


So if you are willing to buy an affordable laptop then consider checking the laptops under INR 20000 as they have some of the amazing features integrated that helps you type work easily.

Consider checking the laptops offered by some of the known brands like Lenovo, Asus. HP and Acer and place your order today.