15 Inch Screen Laptops

When you opt for buying a laptop, the very first thing we check is its looks and the screen size. This is one of the two features that can be from outside, but if asked which feature is mostly checked, then it is definitely the screen size.

The size of the screen matters a lot as it is something that is required by everyone. 

From the different types of screen sizes available in the market, 15-inch screens are one of the most common sizes that are chosen by most of the designer and developers. The widescreen enables the easy finding of the things along with makes it the best choice for people.

Many brands like Apple, Acer, DellLenovo, etc. offer laptops in this screen size. Buying a laptop is a valuable investment and thus you need to ensure you have purchased the right one! Read through the essential points that will help you make the right purchase decision.

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Features available on 15 Inch Screen

Core i5 8th Generation Processor

This is undeniably the first thing to check when it comes to buying a laptop. With a Core i5 8th Generation processor, the laptop makes itself a great choice for running different types of high-end software.

Moreover, the battery life depends on the processor quality, and hence you can stay assured to get the best of everything. 

Full HD Screen:

Obviously, not only for entertainment purposes but also for the designers, there is a need for an FHD screen. Hence you can design top quality things along with enjoying movies of high quality. 


When it is about the speed of operating the high-end software and application by the developers and designers, there is always a need for a powerful RAM integration on the laptop.

With an 8GB of RAM is integrated into the laptop, you can stay assured that you will be able to operate the applications and software with ease and no lag. 

1TB Storage

Keeping the need for storing a huge number of things in the laptop and no need for buying an external hard disc, the laptops have been designed with a massive ITB of the hard drive.

This means now you can store a huge number of things without the need for thinking of saving space or buying another external hard drive. 

Preloaded latest Windows

No more you need to install your Windows, as the laptops available at this screen size are preloaded with the latest versions of Windows.

This enables running many applications and software with ease. Since this is the latest version, you can stay assured of this compatibility. 

1.7kgs of Weight

We purchase a laptop because of its convenience to carry. Unlike other laptops that have a good weight, these laptops are the types that weigh only 1.7kgs.

Therefore, you can stay assured that it will become easy to carry without feeling the weight on your shoulders. 

Thin Body

You obviously would not like to buy a laptop that is thick and is inconvenient to carry because of its thickness and weight. Hence laptops with a thin body can definitely become a great inclusion. 

Stereo speaker for great sound

Not every time you work on your computer as there are times when you choose just to sit idle and enjoy movies with popcorn.

For such times, you require great display quality and sound. When it comes to sound, the laptops have the stereo sound, which will let you listen to every small sound. 


So, now that you have known the many features of the laptops available at this screen size, you should go for buying. Some of the top brands, namely HP, Lenovo, and ASUS, offers 15 screen size laptop combined with unmatched features.

So just make your choice and buy a great 15-inch screen sized laptop.

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