Acer Laptops

In today’s world, when the world has completely moved their eyes into the digital screen, there is always a need for buying a laptop not only for personal use but also for professional purposes.

Acer is one of those very few brands that offer some of the amazing laptops integrated with some of the exclusive features required by people. 

This is a Taiwan brand that has taken the global market with its amazing laptops. They have taken innovation to a new level just to make sure to exceed the user’s expectations. Founded in the year 1976, until now Acer is offered some of the best in class laptops. You will surely fall in love with the innovation, design, and service offered by Acer. 

Besides, innovative thinking and great features, Acer understands the budget constraints among people. This is why they have some of the great range of products in their assortment. You will surely find a laptop within your budget from Acer. 

Acer offers various types of laptops like business laptops, 11-inch laptops, laptops for students, touch screen laptops, etc. Buying a laptop is a valuable investment and thus you need to ensure you have purchased the right one! Read through the essential points that will help you make the right purchase decision.

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Features offered by Acer Laptops

Latest Processor

A processor is the brain of any laptop, and hence it is a necessity for any user to check the processor speed to make sure that all the activities can be done seamlessly. This is the reason why Acer has integrated the Intel Core processor, which is known for its functionality. 

Full HD display

Coming to the looks, while buying a laptop, the first thing we check is the screen size. Yes, it matters a lot for people not only because it has a huge impact on the looks but also it ensures seamless working. This is why most of the Acer laptops offers standard screen size as well as other sizes.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics

If you want to experience a great gaming session, consider integrating the NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics. When the system is integrated with one such graphics card, not only the gamers but designers and animators can take huge advantage from it.

This is one of those very few features that are meant both for the purpose of entertainment and work. 


When it is about speed, having great RAM is a necessity. With good RAM, the laptop can ensure taking the loads of installing some of the high-end software without experiencing any lag in the system. 

7 hours of battery life

Well, when you are accustomed to taking the laptop with you every time maybe for personal or professional purposes, you definitely need great battery life.

The reason is not everywhere you will find a charging port. As battery life is a necessity, Acer has included a powerful battery along with the great processor to offer up to 7 hours of battery life. 

1TB Hard Disk

When it comes to storing the files and videos or any other documents or software, you definitely require good inbuilt storage space. Since this is a necessity, the Acer laptops have included 1TB of Hard disc so that you can store everything. 

Dolby Audio

If you are buying for the purpose of entertainment, then also Acer laptops will be one of the best choices because of the Dolby audio system. They offer rich and powerful sounds to people which dynamically adjust the audio to offer quality surround sound to people. This enhances the sound and makes it even more entertaining for people. 

Cool Boost technology

When we make more use of the laptop, you will find the laptops getting heated up. Since overheating can result in failure of the internal hardware, Acer has integrated a CoolBoost technology to control the cooling procedure. 


So now that you have known about the features of an Acer laptop go ahead and buy it today. Whether you are looking for a laptop for personal use or professional purpose, these Acer laptops can certainly do justice.