Laptops Under INR 40000

These days we all need laptops either for our personal requirements or for professional needs. People have several budgets for laptops as not everyone can buy high-end laptops while others can afford at least a minimum of 40000.

So today we will have a look at the laptops that are available under the INR 40000. 

This is one of the most suitable models that have been chosen by most of the people as people mostly purchase the laptops available under such a budget.

Not only because people can afford it but also the laptops have been integrated with some of the amazing features that ensure working seamless irrespective of the purpose. 

Many brands like Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. offer laptops under this range. Buying a laptop is a valuable investment and thus you need to ensure you have purchased the right one! Read through the essential points that will help you make the right purchase decision.

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Features available in the laptops under INR 40000

8th Generation Intel i3 processor

The laptops available in this range have been integrated with a powerful 8th generation Intel i3 processor. Such a processor with the latest 8th generation ensures easy working with any software and application.

When the processor has good speed, the laptop ensures unmatched performance. 

8GB of RAM

One of the most crucial aspects of a great laptop that talks about performance are the RAM. These laptops have a powerful 8GB RAM which ensures multitasking.

Hence you can easily work on any app without facing any lag in its performance. A powerful 8GB of RAM ensures a great performance. 

1TB of Hard Drive

When you are buying a laptop, definitely you will require keeping all your documents or movies or other apps in your laptops, which means there is a need for huge storage space.

Hence, the 1TB of Hard drive ensures storing all your apps and movies and other documents without the need for any external hard disk. 

15.6 inches of screen

When you are buying a laptop, the primary thing we check is the screen size. With a huge 15.6 inches of screen, the laptop ensures easy finding of the things.

So whether you are a developer or a designer or a writer or a movie bug, the huge display with HD quality display ensures managing everything with an ease.  

NVIDIA Graphics

If you are a designer or a gamer, the NVIDIA graphics inbuilt in the laptop becomes very helpful as you are able to check the image in its ultimate resolution.  Moreover, if you are a gamer, the inbuilt graphics can become a great choice for people. 

1.21kgs of weight

Whether you are using it for professional purposes or for your personal use, there is always a need for a lightweight laptop.

Keeping this in mind, the laptops these days are made in such a way that it can easily be carried. With a 1.21kg of weight, you can stay assured that the laptop can be carried very easily. 

Windows 10 integrated 

No more you need to install windows in a system as the new Windows 10 with the latest upgrade ensures compatibility with any new application or software that have newly launched in the market.  


So without any further delay, consider checking the products available in our assortment. The many features integrated in these machines will definitely suffice your requirements. You can check the laptops offered by the brands namely Dell, HP, Lenovo and ASUS available under INR 40000.