17 Inch Screen Laptops

When we opt for buying a laptop, the first thing we check is its look. When it comes to looks, apart from its sleek and stylish look, we also check the screen size.

Undoubtedly a huge screen size is a matter of concern for all of us as this is something that eases the working of different professionals from different genres. 

From the large screen size, 17 inches screen is one of the most chosen ones, as this really huge. However, only checking the screen size is definitely not a good choice, as you need to check the range of other features that tells the efficiency of a laptop.

Generally, you will not find the size offered by all except a few brands like LG, ASUS offering some of the high-end laptops of this screen size. 

Many brands like  Dell, HP etc. offer laptops in this screen size. Buying a laptop is a valuable investment and thus you need to ensure you have purchased the right one! Read through the essential points that will help you make the right purchase decision.

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Features available on the laptops of 17-inch screen size

1.8 GHz Intel Core i7 processor

 When it is about power, nothing but the processor matters a lot. This is the reason when it comes to offering optimum power and helps you run the programs without lag and with ease, a powerful 1.8GHz Intel Core i7 becomes a great help. 


If you are a designer or a developer, you would definitely require installing different types of products and software. To help you able to run the many software with ease, a powerful 8GB of RAM can be a great choice.

Hence with a huge screen size, you will also get great RAM that can help you to run the software with ease. 

Intel UHD Graphics 620

When the laptop has been integrated with powerful high-end graphics, it helps gamers to enjoy their gaming experience. Moreover, it again helps the designers to design quality images.

Keeping in mind the variable needs of people, the brands have integrated top-notch graphics cards in the laptops. 


When it is about carrying the laptop on your shoulder, you need to have a lightweight laptop. Keeping the need for having laptop, the brands have provided with laptops that are only 1.34 kgs. Hence whether you carry it in your bag or in hand, you can easily carry it without feeling the burden on your shoulders. 

Latest OS

No more you need to install a new OS as the laptops have been installed with the latest Windows OS which means you can easily install the software.

Hence all the software can be installed without the need to think about whether it will be compatible or not. 

19.5hours of battery life

Not everywhere you will find a charging point to charge your laptop along with if in a crucial time if you require running for a charging point, it might become a disappointment.

This is the reason why the laptops have been integrated with a powerful battery life which can easily run up to 19.5 hours without any hassle. 


So these are some of the features that you will find on the laptops with a 17-inch screen size. Not many brands can offer one such feature. But you can easily find these in the top brands like LG, ASUS, and much more available in our assortment. 

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