13 Inch Screen Laptops

When it comes to buying laptops, several features need to be considered. You might have already done complete research work and have taken into consideration the prime features that you need in your laptop, similarly, for people who consider screen size as a major parameter, they need to know the features that come with those screen sized laptops. 

From the different sizes available on the laptops, 13 inches and above are one of those standard sizes looked by most of the people. This is one of those standard screen sizes that ensure ease of work for designers, developers, writers, and more.

So if you are one of them who are looking for one such screen size, make sure you check the range of other features that come with these laptops. 

Many brands like Apple, Acer, DellLenovo, etc. offer laptops in this screen size. Buying a laptop is a valuable investment and thus you need to ensure you have purchased the right one! Read through the essential points that will help you make the right purchase decision.

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Features you find on these laptops

Core i3 8th generation processor

The processor is the brain of the laptop, and hence this is one of the first things that you should check when you are buying a laptop. With the Core i3 8th generation processor, you can stay assured of getting extended battery life and able to offer top-notch performance to the users. 

4GB of RAM                                              

When it is about speed, you should definitely check the speed of the RAM. This is the reason why most of the laptops available at this screen size are integrated with a high-end 4GB RAM that ensures speedy performance.

Hence no matter how big the application is, the laptop is not going to show any lag. 

Full HD Display

When you have a great size of the screen, definitely you would never like to compromise on the display quality of the screen. With a full HD screen display, the laptops ensure watching movies or designing pictures in high quality. 

1TB of Hard Disc

Storage matters a lot when it is about a laptop. Not every time you would want to but a hard disc just to keep the additional things from the laptops.

Keeping this in mind, the laptops are being designed with a huge 1TB hard disc that ensures keeping the apps or software or pictures or movies on the laptops still having much space to keep other things. 

Sleek design

You would never want to buy a huge laptop that looks okay, but you will always look for laptops that are sleek and look stylish. This will ensure carrying easily. 


1.59kg is definitely extremely lightweight for laptops that carry so many features in it. With such a lightweight, the laptops ensure carrying easily on your bag without feeling heavy on your shoulders. 

Pre-installed latest Windows OS

These laptops are pre-installed with the latest OS, and hence, these laptops have the efficiency to run multiple applications. With one such updated OS, you can stay assured that the laptop will be able to install and operate the software with ease.

No more you will get the notice that your OS is not compatible as the software or applications are compatible with the latest OS. 

7 hours of battery life

If you are a student or a business person, you definitely need to take your laptop and cannot expect to have a charging port everywhere. Keeping in mind the need for a good battery, the laptops have been integrated with a great battery that can run up to 7 hours without charging. 


So, now you are aware of the many features offered by the laptops available at 13 inches. Some of the popular brands, namely HP, Dell, Apple, and Lenovo, offer laptops at this screen size. 

So without any further delay, check the assortment and place your order today.

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