11.5 Inch Laptop Screen

 Different people have different considerations when it comes to buying a laptop, and one of the considerations is made on the basis of screen size.

The reason can be different as these can be carried very easily and fit in different bags while these are compact and can be used easily. Whatever might be the reason, 11.5 inches is a standard screen size that enables seamless working. 

You can easily find this particular screen size offered by the top brands, and hence if you have a brand preference, you can choose in accordance.

But then again you require checking the features when it comes to the performance. So today we will check the features that come with these screen size laptops.

Many brands like Apple, Acer, DellLenovo, etc. offer laptops in this screen size. Buying a laptop is a valuable investment and thus you need to ensure you have purchased the right one! Read through the essential points that will help you make the right purchase decision.

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Features available with 11.5 inches screen

1.2GHz Dual-Core Intel Processor: Great Graphics:

When it comes to performance, the processor is one of the prime features. Making sure of offering top-notch performance, these laptops have been integrated with 7th generation Intel core processor that ensures offering to make the laptop, energy-efficient, and able to perform different types of tasks with ease. 


When it comes to speed, RAM quality matters a lot. This is the reason why the laptops have 8 GB RAM, which ensures top-notch performance. Even when not all the brands offer 8GB of RAM but most of the high-end brands do. 

Exceptional battery life

When it comes to taking the laptop, apart from the weight of the laptop, the battery life matters a lot.

Keeping the need for students and business people in mind where they need to roam every time with their system, this battery life can be a great choice. 

1.27kgs weight

1.27 kgs of weight are truly nothing and hence can be easily carried off. Even when these laptops offer exceptional performance, they are only 1.27kgs weight, and hence you will not feel heavy on your shoulders. 


The laptops are extremely stylish and sleek, making it look amazing. When you are paying a good amount, you will definitely want to purchase that looks great and stylish. So stay assured that you will find the best-looking laptops.

HD quality display

When it comes to watching movies and playing with your creativity in designing the first thing to look is to have a great quality display.

Keeping this in mind, the brands have integrated with a great display. The high-resolution display of the laptop ensures watching movies seamlessly and designing exceptional quality things. 

Silent operation

Unlike other laptops that make a huge noise when it comes to performance or running applications and software, these laptops do not. They are silent in operation and hence become a great choice if you don’t want to bothers others while working. 


So, without any further thought, consider buying laptops of this screen size but make sure to check the features prior to purchasing. You can find some of the top brands, namely Apple, Acer, and Lenovo offering laptops of this screen size integrated with some of the best in class features.

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