Budget Mechanical Keyboards for Joyful Typing and Gaming

If you are hooked to typing or gaming for long hours every day, a mechanical keyboard works great for your requirements. A mechanical board is designed for providing superior durability, super-fast typing speed, and immense joy of typing.

This keyboard is excellent for gaming as it can easily handle the powerful keystrokes during intensive gaming sessions. It gives a great feel and pleasure of reliable typing for long periods without feeling tired.

Their unmatchable utility and affordability have garnered renewed interest in them. Let’s review the budget mechanical keyboards that provide exceptional typing and gaming experiences.

Best 6 Budget Mechanical Keyboards

1. Redragon K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Redragom K551 mechanical gaming keyboard features an ergonomically designed, steel series and durable metal construction. The base of the keyboard is prepared from metal alloy and ABS that improves its durability.

This keyboard has plate-mounted mechanical switches and keys designed for easily withstanding the rough and tough gaming and typing conditions for long marathon sessions.

It has a full numeric keyboard that provides faster calculations and convenient entering of numbers. It features ergonomically curved keycaps that are precisely engineered for providing enhanced durability and showcasing crystal clear uniform backlighting.

It has Outemu cherry red MX equivalent key linear switches that provide quiet click sounds with fast action. These key switches offer great response with minimal resistance. These keys have the perfect keystroke design for awesome gaming without a tactile bump feel.

This keyboard has ultra-durable keys tested to 50 million keystrokes with actuation force in the range 45gf +/- 10 gf and keystroke travel distance in the range 2.0mm +/- 0.6 gf.

It is a reliable mechanical gaming keyboard with 104 mechanical, dust-proof, and rainbow LED-backlit keys. It delivers pro-gaming features with 6-colors multiple brightness levels, 2-user defined modes, and 19 different lighting effects and game modes.

This keyboard comes with a non-slip and splash-proof design that extends its life. It has anti-ghosting functionality with 87 conflict-free keys that can be pressed simultaneously. It features an nKey roll-over, breathing speed effect, and 12 multimedia keyboard keys.

This keyboard comes with a plug-and-play design with a USB interface. It has a gold-plated and corrosion-free USB connector that provides a reliable and high-speed connection.

It is compatible with a wide range of OS, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and limited Mac OS.

2. AmazonBasics Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard

AmazonBasics mechanical feel gaming keyboards have keys built to last long with a switch life of 10 million life cycles. It has a Windows lock switch for Game/desktop mode and allows custom programming to execute complex commands.

It includes five dedicated and three-mode keys for different macros and offers anti-ghosting keys to apply complex moves with precision. One-touch media control keys allow access to play, pause, mute and skip media.

It has customised keyboard lighting from a spectrum of 16.8 million colours and allows switching across three colour profiles for increased visibility. This keyboard is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

3. Ant Esports MK1000 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Ant Esports MK 1000 mechanical backlit gaming keyboard comes loaded with robust features that give you an edge over your competitors during tough gaming matches. It weighs 820 gms and measures 360 x 160 x 30 mm.

It is a multi-color LED backlit mechanical keyboard that features 2 slots for assignable lighting effects, a 6-color backlight, and 9 preset lighting effects. You can have a different specific color in each row.

With this keyboard, you can customize your configuration or select a preset effect for matching your PC setup. It has individual Outemu blue switches that provide responsive and accurate key commands for efficient gaming and typing.

You can enjoy professional gaming with a quick response as every key of this keyboard is controlled by an independent switch.

MK1000 keyboard has keys with a 50-million-keystroke lifespan that ensures long-lasting usage. It features an 87 key roll-over that ensures your keyboard never misses a single key-press. It is a wired keyboard with a 1.5-meter cable length.

It features full anti-ghosting 87 keys that allow you to press multiple keys at once with high-speed. You can use this keyboard in a gaming mode for enhanced gaming. It provides quick access to commands and handy function keys.

It is a durable, abrasion-resistant, spill-proof, and water-resistant keyboard that features a brushed metal panel and double-shot-molded ABS keycaps for extreme durability. It has 4 mm actuator travel and actuation force in the range 50cN ±10cN.

This keyboard ensures improved productivity by providing easy access to various controls such as backlight brightness control, instant media player control, game presets selection, backlight effects, Windows key and other keys lock/unlock, & other useful features.

4. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 mechanical keyboard features a sleek aluminum body, and rainbow LED backlighting for robust performance and stylish looks. This neon keyboard comes with a flat design with an adjustable tilt-mechanism that provides comfortable typing.

This neon keyboard features a high-performance chip that allows you to remain in sync with the latest advancements with online update support. It has scratch-resistant, ergonomic, double shots, and anti-fanding keycaps that boast of 50-million keystroke life.

It comes with rainbow LED backlighting that offers 4 brightness levels and 10 lighting effects with 3-level speed adjustment. You can enjoy a specified color for the keys in each row of the keyboard. It has a chrome bezel and compact aluminum body that adds to your style.

This keyboard features 104 mechanical keys with OUTEMU blue-switches that provide satisfying gaming and improved productivity by offering tactile and audible feedback during typing. You can adjust its LED backlighting to 4 brightness levels.

It has all-key anti-ghosting functionality so that you never miss out on even a single key-press while engaged in high-octane gaming sessions. It has a shortcut key (Fn + Win key) for locking Windows when you want to leave your PC unattended and secure your data.

This neon keyboard has multimedia hot keys for the mute, volume up/down, play/pause, prev, stop, and next function. It supports various OS, including Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/ME/2000 and above, Android, Mac, and Linux.

It comes with a 1.8 meter long standard braided cable along with a USB interface. It weighs 980 grams and measures 450 mm x 30 mm x135 mm in dimensions. It has a gaming mode that provides superior gaming support.

5. TVS Electronics Gold Keyboard

TVS Electronics Gold Keyboard is a powerful mechanical keyboard that provides high-speed and convenient typing for enhanced productivity. It comes fitted with durable and long-lasting mechanical switches that provide satisfying and immersive typing experiences.

This keyboard comes with laser-etched characters on keycaps that ensure their long-lasting appearance. It is also enabled with the Rupee symbol. It is a bilingual keyboard that provides the option of working in two languages.

It is a highly reliable keyboard that is rated to last more than 2 lakh hours of usage. It comes loaded with long Hua blue or cherry MX blue switches that provide superior tactile and audible feedback during typing.

It is a hugely popular mechanical keyboard in India that is used by millions of computer users and bank employees due to its immense affordability and exceptional typing benefits. It comes with sculpted keycaps that provide the click of touch feeling.

It is designed for those computer users who work on Indian vernacular content. It can be customized to 9 different vernacular languages. It comes with an array of 104 keys. It has a USB interface for fast connectivity.

It features a separate numeric keypad that provides faster calculations, budgeting work, and entering numbers tasks.

6. Gamdias Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Gamdias 7 color backlit gaming mechanical keyboard comes with a Hermes E2 keyboard configuration. It comprises Gamdias certified mechanical blue switches that provide an excellent tactile feel and satisfying typing experiences.

This keyboard has keys with a 50 million actuation lifecycle for long-lasting usage. It features a neon light spectrum with 7 colors backlight. This mechanical keyboard has an elegant metal plate for enhanced durability.

This keyboard has N-key roll-over functionality so that you never miss out on critical key-press or keystrokes during competitive gaming sessions. Its blue switches provide a faster gaming response and ensure long lasting durability of 60 million keystrokes.

It is a compact 87 keys keyboard that has small and 10 lesser keys for saving space. It measures 370 mm in length and 140 mm in width. This design ensures the close placement of the mouse and keyboard for maximum comfort and accuracy during gaming and typing.

It features various shortcut keys for keyboard lock, wasd-arrow key swap, windows key disable, and other useful functions. Its 7 color spectrum adds the style element to your gaming setup and enhances the aesthetics of your computer setup.

It has anti-ghosting functionality that allows you to press multiple keys simultaneously. It comes with multimedia control keys for volume up/down, mute, play/pause, forward, and backward functions.

You can adjust the backlight brightness levels using a combination of the function key and plus/minus keys. It comes with an Fn function key on the left side that allows you to perform your recorded macro using G1/G2 combination.

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