Laptops under INR 30000

When it comes to buying a good laptop to be able to work on it, you need to spend a handsome amount of money. This is not always true as these days to help people able to own a laptop, the top brands like Acer, Dell, HP,  and many more are offering huge numbers of laptops with multiple features integrated into it. 

With the laptops available under INR 30000 you can now easily own a great laptop. If you are not willing to pay a huge amount, consider checking the laptops available under a reasonable price tag of 30000. You will find all of the required features to be able to seamlessly work on it.

Buying a laptop is a valuable investment and thus you need to ensure you have purchased the right one! Read through the essential points that will help you make the right purchase decision.

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Features that you can get in the laptops under INR 30000

7th generation Core i3 processor

When it comes to buying a laptop, consider buying a laptop that has a good inbuilt processor. When you choose to buy a laptop under INR 30000, you can stay assured about the processor speed and quality, as they have integrated the Core i3 processor of the 7th generation. 

Preloaded windows 10

These laptops have in inbuilt windows 10 or the latest in it and therefore you do not have to install a new operating system. This is the latest OS that is compatible to run any software or application without any problems. 

15.6 inch HD display

The laptops available under INR 30000 have a huge display of 15.6 inches. This means when you choose to work, you can stay assured, as the huge screen will ease the job.

If you are thinking that since you are not paying a huge of 50000, you might have to compromise of the screen size, then stay assured that you don’t have to. 


The 4GB RAM integrated into these systems ensures speeding your laptop. Hence whether it is about running a huge sized application or browsing multiple browsers at once, the 4GB RAM ensures offering the best performance. 

1Tb of hard disc

The 1Tb of the hard disk is again a great inclusion in the laptop. A powerful hard disc is a necessity to run the many applications on the laptop.

As in many scenarios, you will hear about the damaged hard disc, but these laptops with 1TB storage ensure offering great space and power for the seamless running of the applications. 

2.2 kgs weight

With only 2.2 kgs of the weight of the laptops, these laptops ensure to be carried off easily without becoming a burden on your shoulders. Hence whether you use this for your business purpose or for your projects, you can carry it easily. 

Integrated Graphics

To enjoy gaming and enhance your designing experience, the Integrated graphics card in the laptops becomes very useful. Better graphics is always better for enjoy gaming. 

Stylish design

As we all know the stylish design of a laptop is what we consider for the very first time. So make sure that you will never have to compromise on it as these laptops offer sleek and stylish designed laptops. 


So without any further delay, if you have a budget, consider checking the awesome laptops available under INR 30000. You can check the laptops offered by some of the renowned brands namely Acer, Dell, and HP, for your purpose.