How To Install Kitchen Chimney Hood

Chimneys are often overlooked by many house owners in the kitchen design process.

 Apart from making your kitchen clean and healthier by sucking up the gaseous wastes, it also enhances the room’s appearance.  

As such, it is important that you take note of where you are going to install the Kitchen chimney

Is this the first time you are installing a kitchen chimney? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled an easy-to-understand guide to help you through the process. 

But first, what are the factors to consider before commencing the task?

Pre-Installation Considerations

  • Make sure the chimney is mounted over the hob’s centre
  • Check the chimney’s brand recommended minimum distance between the hood and hob (500mm and 650mm for induction and gas hobs respectively)
  • Ensure the chimney is mounted where there isn’t direct sunlight, and should be a dry place as well 

Once you’ve got all these factors figured out, it’s now time to get your hands dirty. If you already have an old chimney installed, then your task will be somewhat easier. 

However, if this is your first time, then brace yourself for some work. The whole process is simple, though; so, don’t feel intimidated. 

The Installation Process

First, you’ll need to get rid of the old chimney. Locate where the appliance’s electrical connections are positioned. 

Usually, you’ll find this beneath the cover. This is necessary for safety purposes and an organized uninstallation process. 

Now unscrew the chimney as someone supports its weight to avoid any damages. 


If you didn’t have any kitchen chimney before, then you’ll need to take your measurements first. 

As earlier stated, it should be centralized with reference to the hob. The distance from the cooking range should also be considered – check the user’s manual in case of any doubts. 

Of course, all these measurements will already be in place if you are replacing the appliance. Also, as you do your calculations, don’t forget to include the ducts (there should be at least 30cm from the beginning of the tube to the first bend). 

But this is not necessary if you’re installing a recirculation, also known as a ductless model.

Electrical Connections

With the old chimney gone, you’ll need to set up the electrical connection of your new appliance. 

This is another crucial part of the installation process if you want your work to be smooth. The wires protruding from the chimney’s cover should be at least 15 inches to enhance its connection. 

Usually, you’ll find the location of this wiring by opening the rear cover. After accessing this area, you might need to wire the fan and light in the correct format for them to operate. 

However, this varies with the brand of your appliance. Therefore, always make it a habit to go through the manufacturer’s manual before embarking on the task at hand. 

Mounting the Chimney Hood

Having taken measurements, as earlier stated, mark the exact position of your new appliance. 

Drill a hole leading to the exteriors if you are installing a ducted kitchen chimney. Now align the chimney to your new vent. 

Remember, precision is a must in the mounting process if you want your kitchen chimney to perform effectively. 

Once you are satisfied with the current position of your kitchen chimney hood, mark every screw’s location along the wall. 

Now drive the screws into the wall following the marked spots. Use the ones that came with the chimney for enhanced stability. 

Also, consider placing wooden blocks on the wall to help your mounting process if you face a barrier like your cabinet.


Installing a new or replacement kitchen chimney hood is something you can do by yourself. 

All you need is to understand the crucial parts of the process, which included measurements, wiring, and the general positioning of your chimney hood. 

The installation process is similar for all hoods, but it is important to check the manufacturer’s manual before embarking on the task. 

Also, this a job that will require at least two people; so make sure you have someone to help you out.

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