How does evaporative air cooler works?

When summertime comes, temperature becomes a serious issue in our homes, especially if you live in a place with hot weather conditions.

Resort to conditioners, and air coolers sound like what most people would do. However, if you are considering a more eco-friendly, economical, and affordable option, air cooler would be the best option.

Before choosing air coolers, you’ll first need to understand how it works to be able to assess whether it really is the right choice for you.

This is a very important thing to do, especially if you will be using it for the first time.

This article will be tackling the things you’ll need to know about how evaporative air cooler works and the benefits you’ll get from it. 

It uses a natural way of cooling. 

Unlike the air conditioners which use CFCs as refrigerants, air coolers use water instead. It comes with cooling pads that are soaked with water to cool the air.

This is made possible through a fan that makes the hot air circulate in the air cooler, passes to the water-soaked cooling pads to evaporate the liquid, thus coming out of the machine cooler than compared to when it first entered the cooler. 

It adds humidity to the air. 

Air coolers cool the air through the humidity it produces to the air. This creates a breeze effect, thus, making you feel cooler. 

It evaporates the water into the air.

From the name itself, the evaporative air cooler uses the evaporation of the water to cool the air. It is also known as a swamp cooler.

As soon as the water is evaporated, it becomes gas with water molecules. This is a chemical change that will need heat.

Thus, the heat present from the air molecules will be taken, causing the temperature of the air to drop substantially. It now provides you with cooler air. 

It is also used as a dehumidifier.

Air coolers could also be used as a good dehumidifier, especially on cool weather months. For the humidified air to accumulate, simply close all windows and doors. 

It works well in dry climates with low relative humidity.

For an air cooler to do its job well, you need to consider the climate.

For the reason that air coolers mainly depend on the water that is being evaporated, dry air in the environment would be of so much help for it to be more effective and efficient.

Water molecules can float in the dry air with low humidity compared to those in high humidity.

If you are living in a place with a dry weather climate, air cooler could be a great source of moisture and hydration.

If you are living in a place with higher humidity, do not expect that your air cooler will cool down the air; instead, it will just make the surrounding more humid.

You wouldn’t want to feel sticky. If you want your air cooler to work efficiently and effectively, consider first the environment you are in and make sure it is reliably dry. 

It provides a fixed stream of fresh air source in the house.

In operating an air cooler, it is best if place in front of a window where the air is expected to flow in and out freely.

Through this, the air cooler absorbs the warm air from the outside and then produces a cooler air as soon as it passes the cooling pads of the machine.

You can also install them in an optimal spot in the house to evenly distribute the cooled air. 

Air coolers are available in a variety of sizes and types, such as personal, tower, and desert. Each serves a specific function.

You can choose which best suits your preference – may it be for a single room or for the entire house. Whatever your liking is, it does not defeat the air coolers’ purpose – that is, to provide you with utmost comfort.

The cooling of air is not dependent on the water temperature.

Air coolers have water tanks that serve as the reservoir for the water that is used as the refrigerant. Some think that if you put warm water in the air cooler, it would affect the quality of air it produces.

This is not true. There is no real effect in the cooling through the evaporation process. 

Therefore, adding warm water or ice-cold water to the machine does not make a significant difference in the cooling performance of your evaporative cooler.

It is best used in areas with good ventilation. 

Unlike air conditioners that circulate the same air over and over again, air coolers circulate flowing air, thus, giving you fresh and new air.

This is the reason why it should be installed or placed in an area where air could flow freely. It should be placed in an open area.

It will not be a good idea if you put it where there is no air that could enter. 

It could have some useful built-in features.

Because of the variety of air coolers manufactured, some have additional built-in features that could also be very useful.

This includes built-in parts that could possibly minimize allergens in the air or mildew-growth, thus improving the quality of air, especially for those with allergies or sensitive respiratory systems.  


Air coolers are a great investment in terms of cooling systems without spending too much. It is reliable, efficient, and proven to be very effective.

You can either use it for indoor or outdoor purposes. However, the decision still depends on you whether to purchase your own or not.

There are many factors to consider, and you’ll need to think carefully in order to avoid a waste of effort, time, and money.

If you are mainly looking for a product’s efficiency and sustainability, purchasing your air cooler would be very advantageous.

It requires less energy consumption, easy to install and operate, cheaper to maintain, and environmental-friendly.

If you are just starting and you want to experiment on the best cooling system, air coolers are the best way to keep you on track. 


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