Best Pull Up Bars

Pull-ups are a great way to build strong upper body muscles without having to lift hefty weights. In fact, by doing a pull-up, you target to strengthen almost every upper body muscle such as the forearms, biceps, and shoulder muscles.

Despite pull-ups being a very intense exercise, they are very convenient as you only need your body weight. If you are someone who just started working out at home, then you can start with an exercise ball that way, you can build up your stamina for pull-up bars.

To perform gainful pull-ups without too much fatigue or hurting your body, you will need a good pull up bar. There are many brands in the market right now like Sports Gear, Cockatoo, Fitkit, etc. that even the most experienced buyer can end with a mediocre Pull-up bar that does not meet the minimum standards. Later if you like to do an intense workout, then you can go for ab bench as well.

Therefore, this article aims to guide you as you prepare to buy the best pull up bar that suits your needs. You will find crucial information on the benefits of pull-ups, how to use a pull-up barthe various types of pull up bars, and the factors to consider when shopping for pull up bars.

To help you make a better choice, we included a list of the best selling pull up bars in 2019. You will also find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about pull up bars.

Top 11 Best Pull Up Bars in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Easy to Install
Best Wall Mounted
Best Chin Up Bar
Best Doorway Pull Up Bar
Best Budget Pull Up Bar
Best for Multiple Exercises
Best Bar for Dips
Multiple Grip Positions
Best for Novice Buyers
Most Durable Pull Up Bar

Benefits of doing Pull-ups

Pull-ups are done by lifting your body to a bar and lowering yourself back down.  

Such an exercise may be severe and tiring if you are a beginner, but as you get used to them, they become relatively more comfortable to do and eventually helps you to build a strong shoulder, arms, and back muscles.

Here are the main benefits of this exercise.

Enhanced Grip Strength: Doing Pull-ups help you develop stronger forearms and grip strength, which helps in improving your performance in sports that require a stronger grip such as martial arts and wrestling. Builds a fabulous physique and stronger Back Muscles.

Weight Loss: Do you feel like you need to lose more weight? Do more pull-ups frequently.  The more pull-ups you execute, the higher the rate of weight loss. Pull-ups are intense, and your body needs more energy as you do more and more reps. So, where does it get this “extra energy.” It results from burning the excess fats stored in your body reserves, and consequently, you lose weight.

Functional Strength: Regular execution of pull-ups contribute to healthy muscles throughout the body. This increases the overall ability of your body to do other daily activities such as walking and running without getting fatigued easily.

Quick variations: Other than the standard pull up, you can vary the type of exercise by adjusting the position of your hands and the body movement. Such variations include the y-grip, alternating, and semi grips, which are all different grip positions that you can use.

Convenience: Most body and strength-building exercises need added resistance, which is achieved using dumbbells, barbells, or even weight machines.  Pull-Ups can be done with nothing more other than the bar itself because much of the resistance comes from the weight of your body.

These bars also happen to be cheap and, therefore, affordable to most people.

How to Use a Pull Up Bar

You can do many different exercises using a pull-up bar.

Here is a breakdown.


Pull-ups target to build your upper body strength.

How to Perform a Good Pull Up.

One of the best home exercises that you can do is the pull-up. It is functional and benefits the bicep, shoulder, and forearm muscles.

To get the best out of this exercise, take note of the following points.

  • Ensure that you grip the pull up bar with your palms facing outwards.
  • With the arms shoulder-width apart and straight, hang on the pull-up bar.
  • To pull yourself up, slowly and carefully pull your elbow down towards the direction of the floor.
  • Ensure that you lift yourself to the point where your chin goes beyond the level of the bar.
  • Slowly lower yourself to the bottom until your arms are straight again.
  • Repeat the process above as many times as you can.

Chin Ups

A chin-up is different from a pull up in that the palm faces you or inwards, unlike in a pull where the palm faces outwards.

While doing a chin-up grip, you are normally closed to the bar, unlike when doing pull-ups where you maintain a little more distance from the bar.

Hanging Leg Raises

Train you Abs and hip reflexes by hanging on a pull-up bar with your back in a vertical position without it bending at all during the movement.

The elbows should be straight and the legs slightly ahead of your hips to minimize the swing.


You don’t want to end up having an unbalanced body because you are working on the upper muscle group and leaving out the others.

Using a doorway pull up bar, you can work on chest and tricep muscles.

You just need to place the pull up a uniform horizontal surface as shown above and use it as an anchor as you do your push-ups.


Work on your triceps by doing a pull-up bar dips.

In this exercise, you dip your body between your hands with the elbow bending at an angle of 90 degrees. The hands are supported by the pull-up bar.


Crunches might be a little tough, but when executed perfectly, they end up benefiting the abs and helping you burn abdominal fats. You will need to lift the pull-up bar a little bit higher so that you hang on it with the arms straight.

Lift your lower body by tightening your abs. You can tighten your knees if you find the exercise to be too hard. The more reps you do, the more beneficial the exercise.


Sit-ups are difficult to do on your own, and if you don’t have a partner to help you, you can always use your pull up bar or tower.

If it is a doorway bar, just take it off the top and fix it on the lower side of the door frame.

Next, set your feet right under the bar. Make sure to set just the top of your toes. Lay back and do the sit-ups with the bar serving as an anchor, as shown below.

The above exercises are just a tip of the iceberg; a pull-up bar can be used for many more exercises, making it the ideal home gym equipment.

Types of Pull-Up Bars

Here is a list of the main types of pull up bars available out there in the market.

Free Standing Pull-up Bars

Freestanding pull-up bars are also known as pull-up towers or power racks about those models that feature weight stacks.

You can do a variety of exercises on this type of bar, including but not limited to pull-ups, chin-ups, knee or leg raises, and very powerful dips.

Most free standings pull up bars are easy to mantle and dismantle, making them very portable just in case you want to train outdoors.

Despite occupying a little more space, this type of pull-up bar gives you the freedom to exercise the whole of your body freely without any limitations.

Ceiling Mounted Pull-up Bar

Unlike the free-standing pull-up bar mentioned above, the ceiling-mounted version is ideal for guys with limited space in their homes.

The ceiling should be strong enough to support your weight, and the floor to ceiling distance should be adequate to allow free movement of your body as you train.

Most ceilings mounted pull-up bars feature multiple grips, which helps intensify the training session.

Tip: You can also use the ceiling-mounted bar to hang a punching bag.

Wall Mounted Pull-up Bar

These pull-up bars are normally securely mounted on walls using screws and bolts.

Note that you will need a very strong wall, such as a brick wall that can support your weight without cracking.

The main advantage of wall-mounted pull-up bars is that you can adjust the height from the floor to the bar support to suit fit your height. However, unlike the pull-up stand, which is portable, the wall-mounted model needs some space as it is fixed and can’t be moved around.

Doorway Pull-up Bar.

They are normally installed on the door frame, and are available in two types; the telescopic brand and the type that is normally hanged on the door frame.

Telescopic pull-up bars are fixed in between the door frames, as shown below. As you rotate the bar, it gets longer and eventually firmly screws at both ends and on the door frames. It is kept in place by friction, and the rubbers at each contribute significantly in enhancing the traction.

The bar features nuts at both ends to keep it from rotating when in use.

The durability of a doorway pull-up bar depends on the door frame. You will need a very strong door frame and a wall that can endure a lot of pressure without buckling or cracking.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Pull-up Bar

While the price of a pull-up bar is the main factor that most consumers consider, cheap can turn out to be more expensive. When dealing with a fitness-related product, it is always a good idea to look beyond the cost.

Here are some of the main factors that you should consider before you make your choice.

The Grip:

Safety first before anything else. Most unsafe pull-up bars have poor grip options such as un-coated bars that, more often than not, lead to accidents as you train.

Go for a pull-up bar that features a foam or rubber grip, which tends to be more comfortable on your hands as you hang on the bar. However, foam and rubber grip is not as durable as coarse-textured grips.

The downside of a coarse-textured grip is the high likelihood of inflicting calluses on your palms, but this can be mitigated by wearing good gym gloves.

The working space available:

Do you plan to do your pull-ups on a door frame? Is the door wide enough? Is there enough space to accommodate a pull-up tower? Is the ceiling strong enough to support the mounted ceiling bar?

The workout space available is key as it greatly influences the type of pull-up bar you can purchase. For instance, you can’t install a wall-mounted pull-up bar on a plywood wall partition as it is not strong enough to provide adequate support.

The diameter of the Bar:

Thicker diameters are often better as they can support more weight. The ideal diameter of the bars ranges from 0.75 to 1.5 inches. Bars over 1 inch thick can support most weights.

Weight Support Capacity:

The lighter you are, the better. Most pull-up bars have a weight limit of 300 pounds, although you can always find one with a higher limit of up to 650 pounds if you weigh more.

Hanging on bars with lower weight-bearing capacity can cause them to bend, which is also a safety risk.

Length of the Bar.

The longer bars normally tend to bend when under pressure from a very heavyweight as compared to the narrower versions. Most bars fall in the length range of 60 to 120 cm.

The ideal length is 80 cm since it is not too long to bend and not too short to hold with both hands.


Is the bar permanently fixed, or is it portable? Portable pull-up bars that are easy to mantle and dismantle are the best as you can use them both indoors and outdoors. Some pull-up bars can be reassembled to help you do some sit-ups or any other suitable exercise.


As earlier stated, the cost of the pull-up is a major factor. That said, the doorway pull-up bars are some of the most affordable, whereas the pull-up tower is a bit expensive. Make sure your choice satisfies both your needs and budget.

1. Sportz Gear Adjustable Door Pull up Bar – Easy to Install

Sportz Gear- Premium Multi-Purpose Adjustable Door Pull up Bar
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The Sportz Gear premium is a good choice for anyone on a tight budget and does not need a lot of fancy features. This bar allows you to do pull-ups at the comfort of your home by easily assembling the bar on any strong door frame. The steel tubing is strong and can withstand a lot of pressure without bending.

The bar is best suited for chin-ups and push-ups. You can also use the bar to perform leg lifts by installing the bar at the lower end of the door frame.

Main Features
  • Made of steel tubing that can withstand a weight of up to a 100 Kgs.
  • The bar is telescopic, which means that the length can be adjusted to fit the door width.
  • Features non-slip foam grips that provide maximum comfort, and protects your palms from injuries such as calluses.
  • Comes with eight screws to help you fix the bar firmly on the door frame.
  • The steel chrome bar can be adjusted to a length of 63 to 100 cm, a length which can bear the weight of a heavy person without bending.
  • Black rubber stops at both ends to enhance the support on the door frame.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The bar is very sturdy and thus secure to use as it does not easily deform.
  • Comfortable and safeguards the palms from calluses.
  • Fits easily on most door frames.
  • You can perform an assortment of exercises using the bar.
  • Comes with a return policy and a one year warranty in case the bar does not live up to your expectations.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The wall may crack or the frame buckle if the bar is put under too much pressure.
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2. Kore K-WM Wall Mounting Pull Up Bar – Best Wall Mounted

Kore K-WM Wall Mounting Pull Up Bar
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The Kore K-WM bar is incredibly stable once mounted and can withstand multiple daily workouts without bending or breaking.

It features a sleek black powder-coated finish that gives it an elegant look. This all-steel bar system comes with mounting instructions manual, and durable, comfortable ab straps that are perfect for suspended ab exercises.

Main Features
  • Made of steel tubing that is coated with black powder which helps in fending off rust and corrosion.
  • The fixed parallel pillars are 20 inches long, and the top horizontal bar is 38 inches long.
  • Features anti-slip padded foam grips that ensure comfort and safeguard your hands from calluses even when doing the most intense pull-ups.
  • Features three different grip positions, namely wide, narrow, and neutral that help you vary your work out and target various body muscles.
  • The bar can support a weight of up to 120 Kgs.
  • Comes with an installation manual, screws, and bolts to help you firmly mount the bar on your wall.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to mount on any type of wall.
  • The bar is very sturdy and stable.
  • Six-point foam grips
  • You get an elegant pull-up bar at an affordable price.
  • The bar grips feel comfortable on your hands.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Comes with short bolts. You might need to buy replacement screws and bolts.
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3. Joyfit Home Exercise Workout Bar

Get a full-body workout done at your home with this workout bar from JoyFit. It has an adjustable length and can be used against door frames within 60 to 100cm.

It is suitable for both professionals and beginners. You can turn your room into a personal gym to perform exercises of varying intensities with this workout bar.

Main Features
  • The high-density foam covering this workout bar is non-slip.
  • The smooth design offers a firm grip on the palms while training the upper body.
  • The safety caps should be fixed on the door frame and then the bar should be locked into them.
  • This workout bar can hold up to 100kgs.
  • The high-grade steel build does not bend or distort.
  • The brackets have small screws to ensure safe mounting.
  • It can be used for pull-ups, leg stretches, push-ups, chin-ups, crunches, and chest press.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The safety cap can be inserted into the door frame easily.
  • This workout bar does not rotate or loosen while working out.
  • The bar is covered with foam so you can perform exercises with varying grip distances.
  • The premium graded foam absorbs sweat and has a tear-resistant lining.
  • It is non-toxic and odorless.
  • This workout bar can be used to strengthen the major muscle groups in the arms.
  • It is ideal for upper and lower body exercises.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The foam is not durable and wears out quickly.

4. SpotsFitt Pull up Bar – Best Chin Up Bar

SpotsFitt Steel Solid Construction Bar
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Strengthen your upper body muscles by doing a variety of exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, leg raises, etc. on the SpotsFitt solid bar.

The secret behind the effectiveness of this bar is its compact, strongly built design that allows you to perform a wide range of exercises on it without bending or spinning.

The only requirement on the checklist before you buy this bar is that the width of your door should fall in the range of 60 to 105 cm.

Main Features
  • The bar is telescopic meaning that it be adjusted to fit in most doorways that are anything between 60 to 105 cm wide.
  • Features non-slip high-quality foam grips that allow you to exercise for longer periods without getting fatigued comfortably.
  • Steel roll that is black powder-coated to not only give the bar a high-end look but also to prevent rusting.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Portable and be easily assembled and dismantled on any door frame in various locations.
  • You get a decent pull-up bar with good construction at a pocket-friendly price.
  • Fits perfectly in most doorways.
  • It can be used for a wide range of exercises including sit-ups, push-ups, and dips.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The weight limit is low as compared to other types of pull up bars.
  • The bar has the potential of damaging a door frame or can slip off if not properly installed.
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5. Cockatoo Door Pull Up Bar – Best Doorway Pull Up Bar

Cockatoo Door Pull Up Bar
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The cockatoo is a decent looking, and pocket-friendly door pull-up bar fits on almost every door frame with no fuss. This bar is designed to be held by your door frame without any need for drilling or screwing.

The unit comes unassembled and has nuts and screws to help you quickly put it together. The construction is sturdy and can withstand heavy weights with only slight bending. You can use it for multiple exercises ranging from pull-ups to chin-ups to leg raises.

Main Features
  • Designed with comfortable, non-slip foam that lasts for long without any sign of wearing out.
  • All steel construction is coated with a black powder that not only gives it a classy look but also prevents the bar from rusting.
  • It comes with detailed manual instruction and mounting hardware.
  • It is designed for a stud space of 16 to 24 inches.
  • It has multiple grip positions such as neutral, wide, and narrow positions.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to mount and use.
  • Fits properly on the door frame.
  • You can perform an assortment of exercises.
  • Good return policy with no fuss at all if the pull-up bar does not amuse you.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Leaves black marks on the door frame.
  • The bar slightly bends when used by a very heavy person.
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6. Aurion Pull-Up Bar – Best Budget Pull Up Bar

Aurion Pull-101 Sport Multi Door Gym Bar
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Build your upper body strength with the Aurion Sports pull-up bar that comes in at a very budget friendly price. The simplicity of this pull-up bar is its best asset as it allows you to have full control of your workout.

It is the ultimate home workout tool as you can perform an assortment of exercises such as pull ups, chin-ups, and leg lifts. You can also use it as a foot anchor for sit ups and crunches.

You will have no trouble with the bar fitting on your door as it can be adjusted to either increase or reduce in length. The package comes with screws and brackets that are useful in fixing the bar into a firm position.

Main Features
  • Made with strong steel material that can withstand a weight of upto 100 Kgs.
  • The length of the bar can be adjusted to a length of 62 to 100 cm.
  • Comfortable and secure rubber grips to ensure maximum stability as you work out.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy installation that doesn’t take much time.
  • Fits on most doors.
  • Can be used for multiple exercises, including pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, etc.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Screwing the bar too tightly can lead to cracking or buckling of the door frame.
  • Rubber ends are not durable
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7. Protoner Chin up Bar – Best for Multiple Exercises

Protoner Dynamic Wall Mounting Chin up
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Convert your room into a home gym by purchasing the Protoner Dynamic chin up bar which lets you build strength in both your upper and middle body muscles.

What is unique about this wall mounting bar is the sheer number of accessories that comes with the package which includes a lat pulley, a v-bar, a tri cep bar, an extension chain, and a tricep bar. These accessories assist in performing a variety of exercises targeting various muscles in the body.

This incredibly stable bar that comes with multiple grip positions has a sleek design that will have a high-end look on your wall.

Main Features
  • All steel construction is designed with 9.5 inches spaces to help you affix plates for weight lifting exercises.
  • Comfortable padded foam grips that safeguard your hands from sliding off in case you sweat excessively during workouts.
  • The package includes a lat pulley to help you do lats pulldowns to help you strengthen your back muscles.
  • Ab straps provide extra support as you work on your abs.
PROS (What we liked)
  • You can perform a variety of exercises ranging from chin-ups, pull-ups, pull-downs, etc.
  • Good value for money spent as you get a durable bar with multiple accessories.
  • Easy to mount the bar on a wall without taking too much time.
  • It is compatible with all weight lifting plates
  • All the accessories work perfectly well.
  • The bar is strong and durable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Low-quality bolts. You might need to replace the bolts with stronger ones.
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8. Dolphy Pull Up Bar – Best Bar for Dips

Dolphy Dips Bar, Pull Up Bar and Push Up Bar Wall Removable Model
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You might be forced to spend more on the Dolphy multipurpose model, but in return, you get a sturdy, wall mounting bar that can be used for multiple exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, high leg raises, crunches, etc.

With a weight limit of up to 200 kgs, a heavy person can comfortably exercise on this combo model without having to worry about any accidents. It is sold with all accessories, and unlike other wall-mounted bars, this one can be easily mounted on a wall and removed when not in use.

However, some buyers have complained of the noise made by the spring after a few days of usage, which is not amusing.

Main Features
  • Four different grip positions allow you to hold the bar firmly as you work out.
  • Anti-skid grips that ensure you train comfortably. There are even some pads for your forearms to rest on as you do the leg raises.
  • All fixing nuts included, which makes the assembly easier.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Good construction making the model durable.
  • Easy to mount and remove when you are done with your workouts.
  • You can perform an assortment of exercises.
  • A removable design.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Concerns about defects by the manufacturer.
  • A bit pricey.
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9. Magic Home Pull Up Bar – Multiple Grip Positions

Magic Home Gym Multi Grip Pull Up Bar
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Designed with six grips, the Magic multi-grip pull up bar is meant to help you find your power position without having to go to the gym. The bar gives you the freedom to do pull-ups in different variations, and therefore you can easily target various upper body muscles.

This bar is built with a minimalist design and will occupy very little space on your wall. When mounted, it offers adequate wall clearance to allow for a wide range of workouts.

You don’t have to worry about the bar bending as the steel material is strong and you will also not slide off as the bar fits well on when correctly mounted.

Main Features
  • Designed with six different grips which include three main grips – the neutral, wide, and narrow grips.
  • Designed with heavy-duty construction and can withstand very heavyweights.
  • Anti-slip black foam to enhance comfort as you work out and protect your hands from injury due to friction.
  • The tubings are powder coated to prevent rusting and give the bar an appealing look on your wall.
  • Comes with bolts, and screws to help you mount the bar.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Quick to assemble and mount.
  • It does not consume a lot of space.
  • You get to buy a sturdy bar at an excellent price tag.
  • Return policy in case you are not happy with what is delivered.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Overall it is a good product but is a bit flimsy
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10. Fitkit FKDB06B Gym Bar – Best for Novice Buyers

Fitkit FKDB06B Premium Door Gym Bar
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If a doorway is the only space that you got but don’t fancy telescopic fixed pull-up bars, the Fitkit premium door gym is a perfect choice for you.

Portable door gym bars, like the one shown above, can be carried around to your favorite location since they are not permanently fixed but temporarily attached to door frames and removed after use. You can almost start your workouts immediately after delivery as you will need only a few minutes to assemble this bar.

The bar’s overall construction is strong, stable, and can withstand heavy weights without bending or breaking.

Main Features
  • Made of sturdy steel material that is built to last.
  • It allows you to perform a variety of pull-ups using five different grip positions.
  • Both ends are designed with padding made of strong Eva material, which helps protect your door frames from abrasions.
  • Comes with 12 comfortable, non-slip foam grips to help you perform a wide range of exercises that target the upper body mucles.
  • Good return policy and customer care services in case anything is missing from the package or you need a replacement.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Good construction with strong bars.
  • Can be carried around the house to be used on any doorway.
  • The black color gives a high-end appearance.
  • Small screws; you might need to replace the theme with bigger ones.
  • It is relatively easy to assemble the bar.
  • Exercise and assembly manuals included in the package.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Small screws; you might need to replace the theme with bigger ones.
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11. Dealcrox Pull up bar – Most Durable Pull Up Bar

DEALCROX Horizontal Adjustable Pull up bar
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The Dealcrox horizontal is a strong bar that is designed to fit in most doorways. It is made of high-quality steel, which is black powder-coated to give it a very good appearance as well as to prevent the bar from rusting.

This pocket-friendly bar that can be used to perform wide pull-ups and chin-ups at the comfort of your home. The foam grips ensure that your palms are safe, comfortable and that you don’t get fatigued quite easily.  Despite a straight forward installation process, you will need to be more careful so that you don’t end breaking your door frame as you tack the bar into position.

Main Features
  • Non-slip, sweat absorbing foam grips that safeguard your palms from any calluses and reduce fatigue.
  • The package comes with two heavy-duty, and one medium-duty mount to help you properly install the bar.
  • Minimalistic design that is easy to use.
  • It is made with heavy-duty chrome steel that is strong enough to withstand a weight of up to 136 kgs.
  • The length of the bar can be adjusted to fit most doorways that are 60 to 96 cm wide.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy intallation process and the bar fits perfectly well.
  • Comfortable grips.
  • Adjustable length.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The bar bends slightly when a very heavy person hangs on it.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is home pull up bars safe?

Home pull up bars are safe. However, a pull-up bar mounted on a door frameless than an inch thick will not be that safe as there is always the fear that the door frame might break.

2. Do pull up bars damage doors?

A pull-up bar mounted on a door frame that is not strong or thick enough can cause damage to it. You can choose a pull-up bar that doesn’t require any support so that your doors and frames will remain safe and well intact.

3.What kind of pull up bar is best for building back muscles?

All the types of pull up bars are great options for building back muscles, especially doorway pull up bars.

4. What are some of the exercises that I can perform using a pull-up bar?

As the name suggests, pull up bars are primarily designed to help you do your pull-ups. However, modern pull up bars have brought it some new features which allow you to perform a variety of exercises that target to strengthen your upper and middle body muscles.

These exercises include pull-downs, push-ups, dips, leg raises, and crunches. The scope of exercises depends on the type of bar and its specifications.

5. How do I ensure that a doorway bar can hold my weight without any risk of sliding off and causing injuries?

Different pull-up bars have a different maximum weight limit. That said, always check the weight limit of each bar before you decide to buy it.

Steel bars have a good reputation of being sturdy and durable, and therefore, most of these bars can withstand heavier weights without bending. Always ensure that the bar fits well and that the ends are well secured it away that they can’t slide off.

6. What do you mean by an adjustable pull-up bar?

An adjustable pull up doesn’t have a fixed length and can be extended or reduced in length within a given range.

The telescopic doorway pull up bar is the most popular adjustable type with most having a length range of 60 to 96 cm.

7. Is a Pull-Up bar sold together with accessories that will help me install it such as nuts and screws?

Yes. Most brands are sold with accessories to help you assemble and install the pull-up bar at your preferred location.

Some models come with other accessories such as a lat pulley, a v-bar, a tricep bar, an extension chain, and a tricep bar. These accessories are meant to help you do a variety of exercises.

8. Should I buy a bar from a store?

Yes you can, but online commercial stores such as Amazon offer better deals, have a wide variety of pull up bars, and you can always return the bar if it turns out to be defective.

9. How wide should my door for me to install a doorway pull up bar?

Most doorways pull up bars are designed to fit exactly into the door space, which in most cases is 80 cm. Telescopic models are adjustable and can fit in doorways that are 60 to 96 cm wide.

10. What kind of wall is suitable for a door mounted pull up bar?

A strong wall such as a brick wall that is easy to install the pull-up bar and can hold your weight and screws without any defects such as cracking. For example, you can’t install a pull-up bar on a plywood partition, or a mud wall.

Choose the strongest wall that has space to accommodate the pull-up bar. A wall of at least 200 mm thickness is recommended and use bolts or screws at least 100 mm long to install the bar.

11. How do I know the dimensions of a pull-up bar before I decide to buy it?

Details of each pull up bar normally vary. Individual pull up bars have specific dimensions in its products’ description.

Besides, every effort was made to include all the accurate details of the products reviewed in this guide.

12. Which body muscles will benefit from doing pull-ups?

Pull-ups are good for body strength building, especially on your upper body. A good pull up session ends up benefiting back, shoulder, and abdominal muscles.

You stand to have stronger biceps, and forearms especially if you do more chin-ups and narrow pull-ups.

13. Can I add weights as I do pull-ups?

Yes, you can. Adding weight build more resistance, which results in a more beneficial workout session.


A pull-up bar is a must-have home gym equipment. You can perform so many strength-building exercises without leaving the confines of your home.

Purchasing the right bar can be a daunting task, and that is why we reviewed some of the best, pocket-friendly pull up bars on currently on offer. Our picks are Sportz Gear- Premium Multi-Purpose Door Pull up Bar, Coroid Pull-up Bar, Cockatoo Door Pull Up Bar.

As you make your choice, consider that our top 10 list above which includes bars which will not only suit your budget but also your needs such as space, and durability.

Happy Shopping!!!!

Dolly Savla

Dolly is a part of the content creation team at Her strength lies in creating content about sports, fitness and lifestyle. Creating art, drinking coffee and reading books, makes her happy when not working with reviews.

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