Best 10 Ab Benches

Are you skipping your workout routine? But why? You don’t have to be an athlete to work out. A workout is simply meant to keep you fit and healthy. That’s the aim. There are many exercises you can do at home like pull up bars, exercise ball or ab bench.

That’s why today our entire focus is on Ab bench, which is very important gym equipment. The use of Ab benches in the gym can never be underestimated. They are designed to trigger working on the abs.

In its design, the ab bench resembles a small, decline weight bench. Designed specifically to work on your abs, this bench features pads at the top end of the bench to hold your feet in place. These benches are designed to be flexible, many of them are made to be adjustable.

The design is such that the steeper the design, the more difficult it will be to carry out the crunch. With the ab bench, you can work extensively on your entire midsection and your rectus abdominis, the main ab muscles and the oblique. Also, this bench can be used to exercise the side abs.

So now that you are pretty clear about the ab benches, you should also know about the ab workout benefits. Well, to provide you with the complete understanding, we have included how the benches work, types, advantages, how to get the most from these benches, buying guide, FAQs and the top 10  Best ab benches.

Top 10 Ab Benches

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Pick
Our Pick
Easy Setup
Durable built
Adjustable Multi Use Bench
Long lasting built quality
Best for core workout
User Friendly
Stylish and comfortable
Adjustable levels

How Do They Work?

Ab benches can be used for different types of exercises. Some of the ab bench exercises are crunches. Here are how the different crunches can be carried out with the ab bench.

Decline crunch

Step 1: You need to set the angle of the bench according to how fit you are. If you are just starting, then set the angle near the bottom, whereas you can make the angle steeper if you are a professional.

Step 2: Next, you need to lie on the bench with your back. You need to secure your feet under the pads at the top of the bench. Next, place your arm across your chest, or you can easily have them placed behind your head.

However, you should not have your hand clasped behind your head. Place the hand gently towards your ears so that you do not yank on your neck in the course of the exercise.

Step 3: You need to press your back into the bench. Ensure that your back is not lifted from the bench at any point in time.

Step 4: Whenever you crunch up, make sure to exhale, as well as lifting your shoulders off the bench. You should stay up in the crunch for about two counts.

Step 5: As you lower yourself back, you can exhale. However, you should make sure that your upper half does not fall back on to the bench. You also need to control the lifting and downward phase of the exercise.

Twisting decline crunch

Step 1: Make sure your feet are secured under the pads as you position yourself on the bench. Let your hands be crossed on your chest. Your right hand should be next to your left shoulder, then the other hand to the opposite shoulder.

Step 2: As you pull your shoulders off the bench, you should exhale gently. When you crunch, make it more intense by twisting your torso to the right, just as you would point your left shoulder to the right knee.

Step 3: Next, sustain the top of the crunch for about two counts. Then lower yourself back into the bench, gently.

Step 4: Repeat the crunch up, twisting your right shoulder to the left knee. Sustain the crunch for about two counts. Go back to the starting position. Continue the crunches by alternating sides.

NOTE: You should note that exhalation is when you crunch up, while inhalation is when you crunch down. Also, make sure that your lower back is pressed against the bench all the time.

Advantages of Ab Benches

There are various reasons why you should use the sit-up bench. Here are a few reasons

  • It would help to strengthen your core. The core of the body includes abs, hip, and oblique, as well as the lower back and the muscles.
  • Doing this exercise can also help to tighten your abs as well as tone it. To achieve the best result, you need to follow and control your intake of calories. This way, the fat in the bell can be effectively controlled. With this bench, you can get your six-pack abs.
  • With the sit-up bench, you can also carry out a broad range of exercises and not only abdominal ones. One of the activities that can be done with this bench is the dumbbell bench presses. Also, the bench would be convenient for beginners and enthusiasts of fitness.

Other than what you can achieve on your body, there are some other reasons why an abs bench should be what you would buy next for your gym.

  • They are adjustable: There are so many ab benches out there with ease of adjust-ability. With this, you would be able to choose an angle that suits you best, and then you work out as you wish. With the adjustable benches, there are different positions that you can take, as well as varying levels of difficulty. With this bench, you challenge yourself.
  • A reduction in the risk of being injured: Many of the benches have their backs padded. Hence, there is a reduction in the risk of your back being injured. You can carry out the various exercises as long as you want – you can. It would get to a certain period when your muscles wouldn’t be able to support you; this is when you stop.
  • They are versatile: Ab benches are very versatile in their use, they can be used for various forms of exercises, and to gain a certain level of fitness. You can always adjust the incline of the bench to perform a variety of work out.

How to Maximize Your Ab Bench

When you aim to maximize an ab bench, it involves you carrying out various exercises with the ab bench. There are different workouts you can carry out, and below are the most common. You are the boss of the gym, so you can always innovate on the exercise you carry out on the bench.

Trunk extensions

This exercise gives strength to your erector spinae, and its main duty is to help you extend your back and bring about stability to your spine.

You can achieve this by lying on the stomach, while you bend your knees around the end of the bench. Place your hand behind your head, then lift your upper body off the bench till it becomes parallel to the floor. You should sustain this rise for about two counts before lowering back gently.

Russian twist

This exercise is to strengthen the muscles on the sides of your stomach, which is the oblique abdominal muscles. These muscles aid you with flexing, side bending, and the rotation of the trunk.

You can achieve this by fastening your knees against the end of the bench, while you lay on your back. Then you should lock your hands behind your head and carry out a sit up. When you do this, rotate your right hand toward the left knee. Hold for about two counts, straighten your body, and lower it back down into the bench. Repeat this with your left arm towards the opposite knee.

Decline chest press

This exercise is aimed at activating your pectoralis major. This is the bulkiest muscle in the chest. It provides stability needed to the front part of your shoulder joint.

You can achieve this by laying on your back, with your knees held against the rollers of the sit-up bench. Then you have a dumbbell held in each hand, then bring your arms out to the same level with your shoulder, then you can bend both elbows to about 90 degrees. You can then extend your elbows to push your body straight up back into the air, and then you go back down.

Leg Lifts

With this exercise, you would have your transversus abdominis strengthened. This is a muscle that is located deep in your core, which brings about stability to your core.

Place your head at the top of the sit-up bench, while you have your wrist secured on the end pads. Simultaneous lifting of both legs should follow this until they make an angle of 90 degrees, inclined against your torso. Hold the legs in this position for about 2 seconds. Then you can bring down to the bench again. However, you should ensure that you keep breathing as you carry out the lifts.


With push up exercises, you get to strengthen your chest muscles, as well as your pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor.

You can achieve this by keeping your elbow straight and then place your hands on the upper part of the ab bench. Rest your body weight unto your hands, and rise to your toes. Bend your knees slowly and lower your chest, just until it touches the bench slightly. Hold for about 2 seconds, before extending your elbow and pushing back to the initial position.

Types of Ab Benches

Ab benches are used mainly to perform sit-ups and to achieve different results. There are different types of sit-up benches, which includes;

Adjustable ab bench

Looking for the best type of bench out there, this is your catch. This bench can be inclined or made flat. Hence, with flexibility, various other exercises can be achieved on this bench. This is the primary reason it is popular in various gyms – including home gyms.

Roma chair abs

The roman chair ab is a bit different from the other sit-up benches. With this bench, you do not need to sit or lie on the bench. All you need to do is to support yourself on arms as you take hold of the hand rests, then you can crunch your leg up. This exercise is quite difficult, but it will help you achieve stronger abs.

Folding sit-up bench

If in your home gym, there is the issue of space, or you would like always to store your gym equipment after use, then this is the type of ab bench you need. This bench can be folded and packed away once you are done.

Curved abs bench

This is the type of sit-up bench that is quite straight, unlike the other ones. Just as the name says, it is curved. This bench can help build your abs, and because of its curved nature, it can help you overcome back problems. It supports your back better than others.

Incline and decline sit-up benches

This bench type is tilted at an angle, and doing sit upon this bench can be a really tough one. This bench makes it possible for you to do sit-ups both ways – decline or incline positions.

Buying Guide for Ab Bench

Before purchasing the ab bench for your gym, some factors need to be considered, which are listed as;

Weight capacity

Before purchasing, you need to consider the maximum weight that the bench can support. The more the weight, the better. You need to carefully consider how much weight would be able to stand on the bench. You shouldn’t consider getting a bench if it would be less than 150 lbs in weight supported.

You need to consider your weight and that of the users before you decide on what to buy. Those bigger than average would require something stronger than the value mentioned earlier, which was meant for an average person.


One other factor you need to consider when buying the ab bench is the length of the back pad. For someone taller than average, getting an adjustable ab bench would be a really good idea. You would not want to hit your head against the floor because the bench is not long enough.

Bench size

Before making your purchase, you should ensure that the product you are picking has a size that would suffice for the users. When crunching or doing other exercises, the back needs to be firmly supported, and this cannot be achieved on a small size.


The best would always be for you to get an ab bench that can be adjusted. This is to prevent exposing your abdomen to the same resistance.

You should get a bench that can allow for different levels of difficulty in your crunches and other exercises it is used for. If your midsection is also strong, you can go ahead to have one that can make up to 8 positions.

The rollers and board upholsteries

If the cushioning of the board is too thin, it would be very uncomfortable for your back to carry out the various exercises. You should ensure that the backrest of the bench you are getting should be a minimum of 2 inches upholstery. You can also go with 2.5 – 3 inches. This also holds for the leg holders.


This might not cross your mind, but you need to be sure there is enough upholstery on the bench to prevent your body from hurting when working out. The cushion is very important because you are going to be spending quite some time on the bench.

Build quality

The quality of the material used in building the bench also matters. The material needs to be of a decent quality to be able to support persons of various weight. You don’t want a bench that would collapse after use, once or twice. Watch out for how strong and firm the bench is before purchase.


The price range of ab benches is a wide one, different ab benches for people of different budgets. However, if you want something good, your budget should start at about $100.

1. Ozoy Six Pack Abs Exerciser

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If you have the want to be fit and cannot give much time to go to the gym and workout, Ozoy Six Pack Abs Exerciser brings you with the best option to stay fit and tone your muscles, arms, chest, and core. It is adjustable and can be folded, thus occupying very little space for storage. Let us have a look at the features of this product.  

Main Features
  • This ab bench is suitable for all types of workout and perfect for those who have a back problem. They can easily get a relaxing upper body stretch at home.
  • This is a 10-in-1 bench which includes Arm straps and Headrests. It also comes along with 2 Resistance Straps + 6 Resistance Springs Adjustable in Length between 45? to 54? for better abdomen support for both men and women.
  • It is a multi-purpose product that helps you gaining Six Pack Fitness, Full Abdominal, crunch, and Sit-Up Exerciser.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The bench is properly cushioned and has a very good and comfortable massaging back support which does not pain while exercising.
  • You can effectively train the upper body and abs by using this for push-ups. The central handles can be used for push-ups.
  • The rowing exercise is the best workout for your whole body. The rowing bands are great for biceps. It can easily tone and strengthen your chest, arms, back, and abdomen.
  • It is designed in a way that it can provide a 180-degree range of motion. It offers adjustable resistance levels that can suit all types of workouts.
  • The foldable design of this bench occupies very little space.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not recommended to hardcore gym freaks.
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2. Dolphy foldable sit up bench – Our Pick

Dolphy foldable sit up bench
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Have you been in search of something you can always fold when not in use? You should check this out. With this bench, you have a safe and convenient way to reach your fitness goals, while in your home. Isn’t that great? You don’t have to register at any gym, you can do something very effective in your home, and there is no other equipment better than this to help you.

It has a very compact design and can be easily stored, as easy as you want it. This bench is adjustable as you can adjust the height, to help with the varying of the challenges, and achieve more goals.

It features a curved plate that correctly supports your lower back, thereby preventing pain. The cushion provides you with support for your spine, which would enable you to exercise efficiently. These benches are fitted with non-slip foams that have padded handles, which secures your ankles and legs as much as possible.

While exercising with this bench, the foot foam can be extended for a better cushioning effect. With an applied force, it is not painful, and there is an increase in comfort. Anybody can use this bench. It is not limited to those it applies to.

Main Features
  • It is made of high-quality steel, with durable materials used in making the decline bench.
  • It is made of thick PU leather.
  • It has an adjustable height that tailors the intensity to your fitness level.
  • It is made of high-quality foam.
PROS (What we liked)
  • You can save space by simply folding it when not in use
  • You can perform various exercises on it
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not very comfortable.
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3. Egymcom multi-workout sit up bench – Easy Setup

Egymcom multi-workout sit up bench
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Made to stand out of a brilliant design, this is the ab bench you should be saving up for. With this bench, you are sure to enjoy a seamless and comfortable session of workout on your abdominal, as well as other exercises you choose to perform on the bench.

It is very sturdy and easy to set up and comes with padding for your ankles and knees. Its mini size makes it perfect to fit in a limited space. Built to have a very high quality, you will get to love this work out bench when you use it and hence is the best fitness ab bench.

Main Features
  • It is made to be a smaller size to the normal benches
  • It comes with padding for the knee and ankle.
PROS (What we liked)
  • They are very easy to set up
  • It is very sturdy
  • It can fit in very small space
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The padding might not be enough to protect your leg
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4. Adidas Essential Ab Board – Durable built

Adidas Essential Ab Board
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Here is the top pick, with a great deal of comfort and prospect to offer you in the gym room. This thickly padded bench is made with durable stitched vinyl upholstery. This beauty is just ready to take you to about 7-degree decline sit up, 5-position adjustable foam rollers, as well as adjustable thigh support.

It comes with a heavy-duty steel frame construction, and an easy to reach extended hand grips. This bench also features pivoting foam rollers that hold your lower leg in place for hyperextension exercises, as well as keeping your feet in place for crunches.

This bench is made of high-density foam pads, which adds comfort and support. It also features non-slip rubber caps that can always protect the floors. One thing that you would fancy more about this equipment is that you can always have it folded whenever you do not need it. It can be folded and kept in storage, as easy as it can get.

With the Stamina X bench, you can easily build up your core strength. Various other exercises can be performed on this equipment, ranging from standing hyperextensions, push-ups, dips, squats, etc. You can also grab a dumbbell and perform bicep curls, and one arm rows. It features thick padding on the bench and high-density foam layered on the rollers, to ensure that you are very comfortable during work out sessions.

Main Features
  • It is made of durable stitched vinyl upholstery
  • It can be adjusted to five different levels
  • The frame is made of heavy-duty steel
  • It is designed to fold
PROS (What we liked)
  • It can be easily set up and stored
  • It saves space
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not very effective with the hyperextension workouts.
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5. Propel Multipurpose Bench – Adjustable Multi Use Bench

Propel Multipurpose Bench
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Are you looking to target your abs? Then the abdominal board is one effective way you can always make use of. This bench is a simple piece of fitness equipment that suffices in carrying out advanced abdominal exercises. You can always use this bench for various forms of crunches.

This bench takes the form of a small decline weight bench. This bench features pads that can be used to hold your feet in place at the top. You can always adjust the abdominal benches to suit your needs.

It also features a very steep decline, which in turn makes crunches more difficult.  With this bench, you can always work your entire midsection, including the rectus abdominis – which is the main abdominal muscle. The oblique of your midsection is also being worked on – the muscles of the side abs.

You can perform so many exercises on this bench, and they include; Abdominal Crunches, Dumbbell Pullover (Lats/Chest), Dumbbell Seated Shoulder Press, Back Extension, Dumbbell Preacher Curl (Biceps) and Dumbbell One Arm Row (Lats / Upper Back), Dumbbell Overhead TRI Extension (Triceps).

Main Features
  • It is adjustable, hence is used for various exercises
  • It comes along with some tools
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a very good build and made of good quality
  • It is well coated and made of strong iron.
  • It saves a great deal of space, which makes it good for a personal gym
  • It has a very sturdy build
  • It has a really decent paint finish
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The upholstery is not so great
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6. Cosco Multifunctional bench – Long lasting built quality

Cosco Multifunctional bench
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This is no joke, it is not the regular bench, this bench is good for your full-body exercise, and when used regularly, you can maintain perfect health. This bench is all you need, as it is multifunctional and can be used to carry out various forms of incline and decline exercises.

You can also use this bench for strengthening your arm and legs, and the presence of the foam-supported enhancements are meant to provide efficiency and performance. Made with steel that would ensure it lasts long, Japan made products is all you need. Featuring foam for better cushioning, PVC is used to prevent it from being slippery, as well as a layered coating to prevent it from corroding.

This bench also features some full-body exercise features, which makes it just perfect for your family. You can even get more friends attracted to your home. It’s a mini-gym of its own. Without tampering with the height of the seat or rod, you can vary the difficulty by using the locks.

Main Features
  • It is well cushioned for good support while performing exercises
  • There is the presence of leg foam support
  • It has a well-balanced design
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a very nice and sturdy design
  • It is made to have a high quality
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is made of iron which can easily be corroded.
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7. Lifeline Abdominal Bench Machine – Best for core workout

Lifeline Abdominal Bench Machine
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This is the perfect ab bench you need to get things going. It is built specially to serve your various functions. This gym sit-up bench is made of heavy steel, as it provides maximum support to your core workouts.

It is a multi-exercise bench that comes with various levels in which you can carry out various sit-ups and other exercises. It is of high-density foam pad-high density foam, with padding that provides great comfort to users, as well as support and stability, thereby increasing your overall experience after the work-out.

The package comes with an installation manual that can be used in assembling the product with ease. You don’t need any technician to help with that. It also features an adjustable pad and foams that help secure your leg and ankles better.

Main Features
  • It is made of heavy steel tubes
  • It is multi-level and can afford various forms of exercise.
  • It comes with a high-density foam padding.
  • The foam and pad are adjustable.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is made of very high quality.
  • Its sturdy.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not foldable.
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8. Sporto Fitness Adjustable decline bench – User Friendly

Sporto Fitness Adjustable decline bench
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This ab bench is all you would ever need to get that six-pack stronger. It’s time to keep fit, and this product is your way to go. Designed to be user friendly, with an adjustable decline bench, which is ideal for defining and toning the entire abdominal section, as well as other areas of your body.

It is freestanding and constructed with steel, and the frame is securely padded. This product is multifunctional gym equipment that is just perfect for your back, your abs, and also if you want to work out your arms. You can perform exercises that range from sit-ups, twists, and decline dumbbell presses.

Whether you want to use it in the home or for commercial purposes, it is good to go. This masterpiece is just perfect if you are looking to define and tone your entire abdominal section. Its function is not only felt in the stomach section; you can also use it to carry out exercises for other parts of the body.

Main Features
  • The bench is adjustable
  • It is made of a steel frame
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is easy to set up and use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not as sturdy as described
  • It can only support the weight of up to 120kg
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9. Cockatoo SB-02 Sit up bench – Stylish and comfortable

Cockatoo SB-02 Sit up bench
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This is all you need to get the great fit body you want; you don’t have to go to the gym to use this, you can get things going as soon as possible, with this in your house.

The frame of the bench is coated with powder in a bid to avoid it getting rust. It also features padded cushioned seats, which makes it comfortable to exercise. You can also move this bench anywhere you want and can be used in both homes and commercial locations. This bench has a stylish design, with the brand name boldly written on the upholstery.

Main Features
  • It is coated with powder to prevent corrosion
  • It features padded cushioned seats that make exercising easy
  • They are designed stylishly.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is very easy to set up
  • It is easy to move from place to place
  • It is very handy and occupies less space
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The size of the bench is small compared to what was displayed on the website
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10. BodyFit BFSITUP sit-up bench – Adjustable levels

BodyFit BFSITUP sit-up bench
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The BodyFit adjustable sit-up bench is really the way to go. There are different adjustment levels featured on this bench, with a seat length of 42 inches and a seat width of 12 inches.

The BodyFit bench is all you need to get the perfect abs and helps you keep fit. You don’t have to go around various exercises, with exercise that you can perform on this bench, you are in, on having a fit body.

Main Features
  • The length is adjustable
  • It features a seat length of 42 inches and a seat width of 12 inches.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is very cheap
  • It is very easy to set up
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not as sturdy as the pricier ones
  • It is a little bit rusty
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an ab bench?

An ab bench is a machine that is used at the gym as well as your home to perform advanced abdominal exercises. It can be used to perform various types of crunches and push-ups.

An ab-bench resembles a simple decline weight bench. At the top end of the bench pad to keep your feet in place while exercising.

2. Are sit up benches good?

Sit up benches are a better option for those people who need to develop the core strength of your body. This is considered a safer option for them than performing exercises on the floor. You can perform multiple exercises on the sit-up bench without having a fear of injuries.

3. What are the benefits of using a sit-up bench?

  • If you wish to have lean and perfectly carved abs, you can use sit-up benches. One of the biggest advantages is that it can firm and tone your abdomen.
  • The core area is the area of your hip flexors, abs, and lower back. Having sit-up benches at home lets you develop core strength.
  • It lets you accomplish multiple exercises than usual floor crunches.
  • Having a sit-up bench lets, you perform exercises without having a fear of injury through the floor. It can be more comfortable for your lower and upper back to use a sit-up bench rather than exercising on the floor.5.

4. Is home sit up bench different from gym sit up bench?

No, home sit-up benches are the same as the gym sit up bench. There are a lot of different varieties of benches available. You can buy an advanced product with multiple adjustable modes and resistance levels.

5. What are the different uses of ab benches?

  • You can use the ab benches for performing different exercises for developing your core and muscle strength.
  • With adjustable levels, you can use it for both crunches as well as push-ups. You can make the bench steeper to make it much more difficult to crunch.
  • It can be used for performing Decline Crunch, Twisting Decline Crunch, push-ups, etc.

6. How do I warm-up before using the ab bench? 

If you are going to be doing any core exercise, you must warm-up at the start. If you are going to be doing your ab session after other workout routines, then that can suffice as you having warmed up. However, if you are going to be starting with core exercises, then it would be essential that you warm up in a bid to avoid injuries.

You should spend about 5 – 10 minutes doing warm-ups and other stretching exercises. You can go ahead to do light jogging, standing torso rotations, shoulder rotations, stretch your abdomen by laying on the floor, and some other exercises. In this case, you would have exposed your body to move in various directions before you start your ab session.

7. How do I get the most out of the ab bench?

You must get the most out of the bench, in terms of your ab activities. First, you need to understand that you can only work your core muscles efficiently if the exercises are done perfectly. In the case of a beginner, you need to learn the differences between various motions. If you are not feeling your abdominal muscles doing any work while you work out, then there is a high probability that you are doing it all wrong.

As you advance, you need to increase the number of sets and reps you do, because

your fitness level is set to increase with consistency as you work out. You should also keep in mind that; you must work all your core if you are going to be doing things perfectly. You are not just working on your abs, you are working on all other parts too, including the oblique, lower back, etc.

8. How would I know if my routine with the bench is working?

Whenever you work out on your abs, and you can feel your core muscles are tired, or there is the sensation of pain, then the exercises are most likely working. The next day, if you experience muscle strain, that means you worked the muscles efficiently.

However, you should know that this does not indicate a flat tummy or six-packs. If you are going to get the flat, great tummy you want, you would need to get rid of the fat that covers the muscles. The key to this is a proper diet.

9. How long should my routines on the bench be?

In the case of exercising, it is not about ‘’how far’’, but about ‘’how well?”. If workouts are done incorrectly, no matter how long they are done, it would never yield any result.

The duration of time you spend on your workout should be dependent on how big your tummy is, or what you are aiming at. If you have a fatty tummy, then you should spend more time on exercise and dieting.


Now when you have known the ab workout benefits along with the Best fitness ab bench, it’s time for you to take the decision. From the top 9, our top three picks include Dolphy foldable sit up bench, Egymcom mini multi-workout Ab decline bench/sit up bench and Adidas Essential Ab BoardTop notch built quality and multipurpose use are the standout features of these benches.

Who doesn’t want the six packs, but it won’t come by accident. It requires hard work and dedication. Working out makes you keep fit, and you sure like that. But there is no way to get that great ab you want if you are not working with the specific product designed for the purpose, getting an ab bench is the first step in the right direction. You should get one now.

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