11 Best Dumbbells

Working out and being fit is one art that people engage in, to remain physical and look great. People visit the gym to exercise the body and gain more muscles, and there is a range of various equipment that is used to achieve this feat, such as pull-up bars, punching bags etc one of which is the dumbbell.

The dumbbell is a form weighty object, used in weight training, and can be used solo or in pairs during workout sessions. The use of dumbbell can be traced to two different origins around the same period; ancient Greece, and also India.

It was usually called the Indian club in India as it is shaped like a club, and its use has since been spread over the world, with common use by wrestlers, bodybuilders, sports athletes, and other persons that wish to become more physical.

We have mentioned everything that you require to make the right purchase like exercises you can do, the different types of dumbbells available, features of it, and also the benefits of using it for workouts. Apart from these, we have also listed a comprehensive buying guidetop dumbbell recommendations, and answered some frequently asked questions.

11 Great Products We Can Vouch For in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Perfect for professionals
Our Pick
Complete workout set
Perfect for workout freaks
Most affordable fixed dumbbell
great for beginners
Ideal for home use
Ideal for strength exercises
Quality at a budget
Perfect for Women

The Different Dumbbell Exercises

There are numerous areas of the body in which dumbbells exercises can be felt, more areas that you would ever imagine. But, the various muscles require a particular format of use of the dumbbell for it to be affected. That is, various forms of dumbbell workouts, affect different muscles of the body.

Dumbbell bench press

This exercise form with the dumbbell mainly works on the muscles of the chest, shoulder, and triceps. At the chest, this exercise improves the pecs – which are the large muscles of the chest, and also, it works on the deltoid, which forms a rounded covering over the shoulder. The triceps are muscles located at the back of your upper hands.

Dumbbell shrug

The dumbbell shrug helps to work on your trapezius – muscles that extend from the base of your neck, all the way down to the middle of the back, and right over your collar bones.

Dumbbell curls

With the dumbbell, you get to do a movement known as the elbow flexion, and it helps to relax the biceps which when contracted forms a rounded mount on the fore of the humerus.

Bent over rows

During this exercise, when the weight of the dumbbell is pulled up against your lower stomach, your shoulder blades are drawn inside, and this tends to work the rhomboids major and minor, muscles between your left and right shoulders.

Dumbbell calf raise

When this exercise is done while you are standing, it helps to work on your knee calves. If this is done while sitting, the attention of work is shifted on to the soleus, a muscle which is the other part of the calves.

Dumbbell lunges

When you extend your hip as well as the flexion, it works on your glutes – buttock muscles, quadriceps – muscles in front of your thigh, and hamstrings – a muscle that runs from right under the glutes, up to the hind part of the thigh.

Advantages of Working out with the Dumbbell

There are various ways in which the use of dumbbells can serve as an advantage to you when done rightly.

Muscle building

The use of dumbbells can help you build muscles when the weight is heavy. It increases the mass of your muscles, and thereby, you burn more calories through the course of the day. According to scientists, a pound of muscle burns a considerable amount of calories daily, then a pound of fat would. The effective exercise with dumbbells can help build muscles, or just tone your muscles, whichever way.

Stabilization and activation

To effectively carry out a dumbbell exercise, you need to be stable on your feet, hence, with the use of dumbbells over time, you enjoy improved stability. Also, your muscles get activated in the course of consistent exercise.

Improved Cardio health

When you use dumbbells, you get to increase your heart rate, and this, in turn, improves your cardiovascular health. The frequent use of the dumbbell makes your heart rate faster, and in time, it gets to move into the aerobic zone. It is a form of aerobic exercise, and according to research, aerobic exercises help to improve the cholesterol of the blood.

Loss of weight and prevention of diseases: Using dumbbell is an aerobic workout, and this raises your heart rate, hence, aiding the burning of calories. You get to lose weight in this process, and loss of weight decreases your risk of diseases by a chunk. You are less prone to diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, or lower back pains.

Stronger bones

Yes, workouts with a dumbbell help increase the density of your bones, making it less prone to fracture.


Prolonged use of dumbbells during workout sessions teaches one thing to the muscles – endurance. As an athlete, the muscles are made to repeat processes or turns, and this needs the muscles to be active. The use of dumbbells could help your muscles develop the endurance needed as soon as possible.

Types of Dumbbell

There are three dumbbell types as of now, though in the 17th century, the familiar shape of dumbbell that carries two equal weights on both sides, had been more popular.

First to note is the adjustable dumbbells

The adjustable dumbbell is one with metals bars, and in this type of dumbbell, the center portion has a rough pattern inscribed on it, to enhance the firmer grip of athletes or users. The weight of this dumbbell can be altered, as additional weights can be added or removed and secured with clips or collars to hold them in place.

One example of the adjustable dumbbell is the spinlock dumbbell.The main feature of the spinlock dumbbell is that it is threaded at its ends, so as to allow large nuts as clips. There are other traditional methods of securing the dumbbell, which can be a dumbbell with a smooth end, and have sprung collars used to secure the ends. But, innovations have caught up with the use of dumbbells, and there are easier methods to adjust the weight on a dumbbell.

Fixed weight dumbbells

This dumbbell type is those weights that have been shaped as a dumbbell. They have their weights written on them in kg, and they can be made of cheap materials, such as cast iron that is coated with either neoprene or rubber, to reduce the harshness on the hands. Also, rubber filled with concrete can be used as an affixed alternative.

“Selectorized” dumbbell

This type of dumbbells are similar to adjustable dumbbells, and can sometimes be used interchangeably, but the difference is that the weights of the selectorized dumbbell can be altered while resting in the dumbbell stand, it is automated, rather than manual in adjustable dumbbells.

You need to punch in the number of plates that need to follow the dumbbell when lifted. This form is quite easier and lets you focus more on the exercise at hand, and get things going quickly. It also helps in the storage of plates that are currently not in use for a particular exercise session.

Guide to the Best Dumbbell for You

Getting the best dumbbell for your workout session can be an uphill task, and we are just here to guide you to pick the optimal dumbbell for your desired result. There are many factors that need to be considered when you are picking the best dumbbell for you:

Dumbbell type

There are many types of dumbbells out there, with varieties of colors, shapes, sizes and even systems. Starting with systems, there are three different systems of dumbbells, as they have been listed above as types of dumbbells. You need to consider the type that would suit your need before you go out or online to purchase your dumbbell.

As per the shape of a dumbbell, there are two main shapes you should consider, the hexagonal ends dumbbell and the rounded end dumbbell. These two are fit for different situations, if after the use of the dumbbells, your next move is to drop it on the ground, then it is better and safer to go for the hexagonal end dumbbell, as this prevents the dumbbell from rolling off and causing hazards in the home. But, if you are going to be handing the dumbbell into the rack immediately after use, then a rounded end would just suffice./

You should also consider the grip of the dumbbell. There are dumbbells with a smooth grip, and this could slide off during workout sessions, and if the grips are rough, it could be painful on the hand.

Weight of the dumbbell

You need to put this into careful consideration, and you should experiment with your ideal weight, especially if you are going for a fixed dumbbell. You don’t want to buy a 100kg dumbbell when all you can carry is a 40kg one. Carrying weight is not rocket science, you need to start from the smaller weights till you advance, especially if you are a beginner at weight lifting.

But, if you are no beginner, what you would be using the dumbbell for also determines what weight you should consider getting. You could use dumbbells for curls, for upper body strength, and the whole body strength.

Per these forms of exercise, you need to consider and ascertain your maximum limit, and then buy a dumbbell that is at least a step higher in weight than your maximum limit.

How much space is available

You need to consider where you want to have your dumbbells placed, and how much space is available in such areas. If you are kitting up your home for a workout, you would need a large enough space, but if you are simply considering having some equipment somewhere in your living room, you would rather be okay with smaller equipment.

If your garage is going to be your workout station, you could consider purchasing a set of fixed weights and a dumbbell rack. There is enough space for this. If your workout area is smaller, say your living room, you should consider buying and setting up an adjustable dumbbell.


To have a really pleasant workout session, you would need to get a couple of complementing accessories with your dumbbell. Examples of these are;

  • Gloves: If you are constantly working out, and if you are going to be involved with the dumbbell the more, you are prone to having blisters and calluses. Textures of the grip would be tailored to the weight of the dumbbell to make the lifting easier. Hence you need to get gloves to protect your hand.
  • Mats: Dropping weight equipment on the floor can be very damaging, hence, the need to get mats that are designed for weight lifting. They are designed to withstand the impact of a free weight when they are dropped. The mat to choose should be made of very thick and dense rubber and must be at least, half of an inch in thickness. You could get ones with thicker width, to protect your floor and dampen the sound from the drop.
  • Bench: With the use of a dumbbell bench, you get to work more on your shoulders and chest, while lying down and your legs on the floor. You get to push the weights straight up, maintain them at a level around your shoulder, and drop them back to your body level. This movement can only be achieved on the bench.


When a dumbbell is made of metal, it is most likely plated with chrome, plastic, or vinyl. Chromed dumbbells are of more durability than plastic ones, even if you are going to use them at home. When dumbbells are coated in rubber, they can tend to produce sounds and absorb impacts. You need to carefully consider this fact if you are going to be picking out a dumbbell.

Also, the material used in making the handles also matter. Dumbbells are knurled (cross-hatched) so that you can have a perfect grip even if you are sweaty. This is great for you if your dumbbell is made of metal. But, if made of vinyl, there would be no knurling on the handle, but the material itself would serve the function of the knurl.

There are two ways to it, knurled or not, it all depends on the material used, yours is to choose the material that suits your need most.


For dumbbells to feel perfect and perform the function of building muscles and ultimately stabilizing your muscles, they need to have the perfect size, shape, and texture. They must be shaped to fit your hand, and if you can’t easily grab hold of the dumbbell, they are not yours – no good.

The optimum diameter of a normal dumbbell should be about 1 inch, but for a higher weight dumbbell, it can go up to 2 inches in diameter. If the dumbbell diameter is out of this range, then it is not for you.

When all these are put into consideration, you are ready to get yourself the perfect set of dumbbells that would make you look as fit as possible. Now, here is a list of 10 great dumbbell products you should choose from.

Type of training

If you are planning to perform a particular exercise, you should buy dumbells that suit your training type. Such as bench press, weighted squats, etc. All these exercises need different types of dumbells. So have an idea about the type of training and buy accordingly.

Available space

The space available at your workout sessions space determines the size of the dumbells you should prefer to buy. If you have large space, you can opt to buy dumbells of larger rods, else, go for short length rods.

1. Amazonbasics Neoprene Dumbbells – Perfect for professionals

Amazonbasics neoprene dumbbells
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This dumbbell by Amazonbasics is great as it helps to add resistance to your workout session. It can be used by you, whether you are a beginner or professional. There are so many benefits of using this product, you get to tone your muscles, build your strength, burn calories, increase the level of your energy, and protect your bone, all from the use of this dumbbell.

It comes in different weights, ranging from 1lbs to 20lbs, and each pair is sold separately, so, you are free to choose your choice.

Main Features
  • It features a blue color, meant for easy identification
  • It has a hexagonal shape to prevent rolling away
  • Each end of the dumbbell has the weight printed on it
  • It is coated with Neoprene for a secure grip
PROS (What we liked)
  • The hexagonal shape prevents it from rolling away
  • It can be gripped easily, thanks to its neoprene coating
  • It can be used for professional and non-professional purposes
  • They are attractive and gentle to the hands
  • They are ideal weights for females
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The weights are fixed, they cannot be adjusted
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2. Bodygrip Dumbbell set Combo, 12kg – Our Pick

Bodygrip Dumbbell set Combo, 12kg
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Do you want your dumbbell gym set in one place? Then this is your perfect one — a combination of all gym tools needed for the dumbbell with your weight plates on both sides of your rod, all possible combination.

Main Features
  • The weights can be changed to suit your need
  • It has 2kg plates in four places, and 1kg plates in four places
  • You will also avail gym gloves, hand gripper and skipping rope in this set
PROS (What we liked)
  • The weights can be adjusted
  • It is durable and usable for a long period
  • They have a wider weight range. Hence, you can use them for a longer time, even as your capacity increases
  • It is suitable for variety of work out styles, from simple to difficult.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The weights are not even
  • They are round, hence not apt for push-ups
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3. Klikfit Rubber Dumbbells

Klikfit Rubber Dumbells include two round dumbbells each weighing 5kgs. These dumbbells are suitable for adding intensity to your workouts.

Klikfit rubber dumbbells help in building strength, burning fat, and toning the body. You can incorporate these dumbbells in your workout routine to create perfect isolations and perform HIIT workouts.

Working out with these dumbbells will keep the body strong.

Main Features
  • They have round heads are rubber-coated and are marked with the size.
  • The handle is chrome-plated and made of durable cast iron.
  • These dumbbells have a knurled texture on the handle that gives a firm grip.
  • Multiple weights are available to choose from ranging from 5kgs to 25 kgs
PROS (What we liked)
  • The premium quality rubber coating makes these dumbbells durable.
  • They are resistant to high impact workouts.
  • They are multipurpose – good for targeted muscles and full-body workout.
  • The round heads are perfect for overhead triceps extensions.
  • The weights can be changed as per the workout routine.
  • Because these dumbbells are protected with rubber, it reduces the chances of injury.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They are rounded and thus are not suitable for push-ups.

4. Protoner 10kg Adjustable Dumbbells – Complete workout set

Protoner 10kg Adjustable dumbbells with string bag
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Protoner is passionate about workout and fitness, and they have made this their daily goal, which is why there is the production of the home gym set, which is inclusive of the basic equipment you will need to get your fitness training going at your convenience. The set has a variety of weights, skipping rope, gym gloves, wrist bands, bars, etc. With this set, you can go on different feats of exercise, as scheduled by you or trainer.

Main Features
  • It is made of polyvinyl chloride
  • There are some free accessories in the set, including a gym bag, sweatbands, hand gripper, skipping rope, and a pair of gloves.
  • There are two rods each 15 inches in length in the set
PROS (What we liked)
  • They are very easy to clean
  • They help you give more strength to the core of your body
  • With the frequent use, you get to maintain a nice body posture by burning excess fat and losing weight
  • Gives more strength to the muscles of your abdomen, chest, and arms
  • It is very handy and has a good grip
  • It is not bulky unlike fiber coated dumbbells
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They can’t be used for push-ups
  • They tend to roll away when dropped and can cause damage to the person or property
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5. RUBX Rubber coated Dumbbells – Perfect for workout freaks

RUBX Rubber coated professional exercise Hex dumbbells
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This workout tool is the perfect asset for workout freaks and is super suitable for both beginners and professionals. It can be used anywhere in the home. It creates more balance with its seamless and unique design. It is a six-sided dumbbell that is covered by fine virgin rubber.

It is suitable for commercial and home gyms, coming in pairs, made with cast iron that is good for storage, daily use and workout sessions. It is designed to give your bodybuilding needs, from a variety of exercises that you can do with it.

Main Features
  • The handle is ergonomically designed to prevent slipping during workout sessions
  • They are made of premium quality virgin rubber, that provides better grip and handling, thereby preventing injuries
  • It is black, giving it a classy look
PROS (What we liked)
  • The weight is accurate and the material used is premium
  • It has a fair price, and it is of high quality
  • It doesn’t wear and tear easily
  • It has a really good grip
  • It is easy to handle
  • They do not roll around even when placed on an uneven floor
  • The rubber casing is to reduce noise
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It cannot be adjusted; the weight is fixed.
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6. KORE DM-HEXA-COMBO16 Dumbbells kits – Most affordable fixed dumbbell

KORE DM-HEXA-COMBO16 Dumbbells kits
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Going for a cheap price, this dumbbell set is perfect for your pocket and set to deliver quality resistance to your workout session. The weight is fixed; hence they are not prone to sliding off the handlebar.

The durability that is featured in this weight remains unmatched by the competition, as it can remain crack and fade-free for a considerable length of time. It is safe to drop on the ground, and the design is simply anti-roll.

Main Features
  • There are two hexagonal dumbbells each of 1kg and available at different fixed weight from 1 kg to 15 kgs
  • The weight is true to its label, as heavy as stated
  • Hexagon dumbbells to avoid rolling away
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a very nice packaging
  • It is anti-roll; hence it cannot damage property when left standing
  • It is highly durable and long lasting
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They are not adjustable
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7. Aurion Hand Dumbbells – great for beginners

Aurion Hand Dumbbells
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If you are a Gym owner and you need dumbells for workouts or if you are a Gym freak and wish to buy it for your home workout sessions, you can opt for buying this all-new product that has come into market, Aurion Hand Dumbbells.

It comes in varying weight, and you can choose according to your wish. It is designed in such a way that it does not damage your flooring.


Main Features
  • These dumbells are made up of PVC material, which makes the grip more stable and easier to handle. The non-slip grip increases during long or running sessions.
  • If you are planning to make a home gym and fear about the flooring gets damaged due to the weight. This product gives protection against damaged flooring.
  • The dumbells are available in varying weights such as 1 x 2= 2kg, 2 x 2 = 4kg, 3 x 2 = 6kg, 4 x 2 = 8 kg, 5 x 2 = 10kg.
PROS (What we liked)
  • They are one of the basic equipment which is needed for training sessions.
  • Works great for beginners as it is filled with PVC and sand.
  • A suitable product for cross fit home gym training and aerobic sessions.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is a sand-filled product and not completely PVC.
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8. Cockatoo rubber-coated Round Dumbbells – Ideal for home use

Cockatoo rubber coated professional Round dumbbells
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This dumbbell product is a pack of two, and it is an extremely useful exercise tool. It can help you develop strength in your core, and gives you an incredible amount of balance. The weights are coated with rubber to ensure that the surfaces they would be placed on are damage free.The weight is a single mold that allows for even weight distribution when lifted, and it is just perfect for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Main Features
  • It has ridged handlebars to prevent it from slipping from your hand 
  • The pair are built from a single mold
  • The weights at the end are round in shape
  • Ideal for gym and home use
  • These dumbbells are rubber coated to prevent damaging the surface
PROS (What we liked)
  • As a result of the single mold, there is an even distribution of weight when the weight is lifted
  • The brand logo is inscribed on the side, to enable you to identify genuine products
  • The product is for high quality
  • It has a very good grip
  • The product is durable and lasts for years
  • The rubber coating gives no smell
  • The rubber coating is not affected by non AC environment
  • It has a compact look
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They are not adjustable; they are fixed
  • Its round shape prevents it from being used for push-u
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9. Bodystation Bouncer Dumbbells – Ideal for strength exercises

Bodystation bouncer dumbbells
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The Bodystation bouncer dumbbell has a weight from the range of 5kg to 35kg. The pair of two is suitable for simple exercises, and also ideal for professionals.

Main Features
  • The dumbbell has a round shape
  • The grip is made of steel, and rough for proper handling
  • Each dumbbell in the pair weighs 5kg
  • It has a rubber coating
  • Ideal for toning and strength exercises
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a really good grip
  • The material is very good and user have appreciated its quality
  • It feels well balanced
  • Available at a reasonable price tag
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The length is too wide, which obstructs movement during curls exercise
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10. Technix Pro Series Dumbbell – Quality at a budget

Technix Pro Series Dumbbell
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Weighing a total of 2kg, this weight delivers quality for its low price, the solid rubber dumbbell is just a great addition to your workout area. It has a consistent sleek design throughout its range, which makes it just perfect for both domestic and commercial usage. The weight is a single piece, and this makes it not susceptible to easy damage.

Main Features
  • It has round heads with a cross-hatched chrome handle for grip and durability
  • It has rubber over-molded heads
  • It is less susceptible to damage
  • Tampered handles for extra comfort
  • Ideal for gym and home use
PROS (What we liked)
  • They are easy to carry along on travels
  • The design is compact
  • It has a very good grip
  • Available at an affordable price tag
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative point about the product
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11. Klapp Unisex PVC Dumbbells – Perfect for Women

Klapp Unisex PVC Dumbbells
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This dumbbell is a super money saver, that is just right for home and domestic use, not for any serious workout session. It has a very fine design, made from high-end polyvinyl chloride material.

Its traditional pink color (though there are other colors) depicts that it is mainly for the women folks who just want to engage in a bit of home exercise.

This is yours if all you are looking for is something to flex your muscles or use in some other exercise, like morning walk, etc.

Main Features
  • It is made of PVC
  • Weight ranges from 1kg – 5kg
  • It has a nice rounded edges
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is a nice product with a good grip
  • Great for home use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The weight range available is too small
  • They cannot be adjusted
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I clean my dumbbells and how should I clean it?

You should make sure to clean your weight as much time as possible (Whenever there is a real need). They should be dusted from time to time. Before you start to use, dust them with a soft-haired brush. The cleaning should not be too intense unless they have really been exposed to too much dirt – for example, if they have been stained with oil or grease.

It is not advisable to regularly do deep cleaning of the weight with solvent cleaning agents, as they tend to change the surface chemistry of the weights, thereby disturbing the equilibrium.

 Here is a quick procedure on how you should properly clean your dumbbell

  • Use a clean soft brush to lightly dust the dumbbell
  • If needed, you can use a soft clean cloth
  • If the stain is beyond the first two steps, you can consider using solvent cleaning as a last resort.
  • More professional cleaning procedures include Ultrasonic baths and soxhlet apparatus

2. Do I need dumbbell racks too?

Absolutely yes, you need to get dumbbell racks if you want your gym room or space to look neat and arranged. The gym racks enable your dumbbells to also stay in position, rather than littering the ground or rolling around, where they can cause damage to persons or properties.

Most importantly, if your dumbbell is a fixed one, you should consider getting the right dumbbell rack, as it stops them from rolling around since they are not anti-roll

3. Which shape of the dumbbell is better to get?

You can get any shape of a dumbbell, but they both have pros and cons. If you are looking to exercise with your dumbbell, e.g. push-ups, you should get a hexagonal dumbbell as this would be able to stay in place on the floor, as you do your thing.

But, if you can afford a dumbbell rack, you could get a round dumbbell that is devoid of edges that can cause injury. Whatever shape is good, you just have to understand the shape you are getting and what needs each might pose.

4. What’s the most important part to consider when I want to pick my dumbbell?

There is no ultimate feature you should look out for when you want to pick your dumbbell. The list of features you should watch out for have been provided in the guide above, all you need to do is to examine the various dumbbells you come across and pick the one that most suits your need.

The major thing to consider in picking a dumbbell is yourself, you should identify what you would be okay with and go for the one that has that feature.

5. Are the low priced dumbbells any good?

Sure, they are. The low priced dumbbells do not mean they wouldn’t serve their purpose; you just need to identify if the low-priced dumbbell can deliver what you want. In fact, that a dumbbell is high-priced and super quality does not mean it would serve your purpose.


Using dumbbells during your workout session is highly beneficial, and is a whole lot easy to handle, keep, and maintain than the barbell. But, just like shopping for any other product, you need to carefully pick out the best product, one that you are almost certain would suffice for your need, and not just one to catch the fancy of anyone.

To streamline the long list of dumbbells out there, we have coined this list of ten, to make your choice easier. Feel free to follow the links to the dumbbell of your choice.

Our picks: Amazonbasics neoprene dumbbells, Bodygrip Dumbbell set Combo and Protoner 10kg Adjustable dumbbells.

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