Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier (TP04) Review

If you are thinking about what you can do to fight with the pollution level these days, then you have a solution. You definitely cannot change the environment outside, but you can take measures to change the home ambiance. If you are thinking about how to do that then you can consider installing an air purifier that has the efficiency to absorb the pollutants from the air and proffer pure and breathable air.

Dyson is one of the known brands that offer a range of products for well-being and air purifier is one of them. From the many air purifiers offered by this brand, Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier is one of the best products they have in their product line that can take the tough challenges. So let us have a look at the features that come with this powerful air purifier.


Powerful sensor

It has the ability to detect the pollutant and immediately start its action. This purifier can check real-time presence of VOC, NO2, PM10, and PM2.5 in the air. Moreover, the display gets updated every 12 seconds making it easy to check along with the availability of the AQI graph.

360-degree filters

This air purifier has been designed with filters on all its side. The 360-degree filter presence ensures absorbing the pollutants and proffers breathable air. The Tris-impregnated activated carbon present in the purifier helps to eliminate odors, VOCs and gases along with the Glass HEPA filters ensure capturing 99.9% of the allergens from the air no matter even it is as tiny as 0.1 microns.

Powerful airflow

The Air Multiplier Technology of the air purifier ensures delivering 360 liters every second of powerful and smooth airflow. This will help to circulate the purified air throughout the entire room.

Silent night mode

If you have a kid and thinking whether they will be able to sleep with the air purifier on, then stay assured that they can. The reason is that this device monitors and then purifies the air keeping it completely silent along with keeping the display dimmed.

Easy filter replacement

Keeping in mind regarding the frustration faced by people when it comes to changing filter due to hectic schedule, this purifier has been designed with low maintenance and changeable filters, Once you get the notification on the app and LCD, you can opt for changing it to breathe fresh and pure air.

350-degree oscillation

This air purifier has the oscillation capability of 350 degree which ensures offering purified air to the entire room even the slightest of the corners. 350 degree oscillation is so far the largest oscillation offered by any air purifier.

Remote Control

This air purifier ensures convenience with the remote control system offered by it. Not only it has a great looks, but also it ensures ease. You can easily operate the device from distance.

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What Do We like

Dyson App

This air purifier comes with a Dyson app that automatically senses, captures and then projects the report. All you need is to set the app with the device and it is ready to work. You can also get the reports on the app itself regarding the filter replacement. With WiFi and Bluetooth you can easily co0nnect this app and start using it.

Great air circulation

Due to the presence of 350 degree oscillation, this air purifier will be able to circulate pure air throughout the room. Hence no matter even there is a corner in the room, this air purifier will be able to reach that corner s well.

Unmatched performance

The moment you install and start running it, you will feel the difference,. Within a few minutes, this purifier will absorb the pollutants and proffer pure and fresh air.

Great technology

The cutting edge technology which has enabled 350 degree oscillation, 360 degree filters, and amazing design truly makes this stand out.

What We Don’t Like

Oscillation something goes wrong

Sometimes you might face problem with oscillation and the purifier stops giving and spreading pure air throughout.


The amazing features including the cutting edge technology in this purifier makes this a great inclusion for your home. Now that you have known the features of this air purifier, you can consider buying it to ensure well-being of your family.

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