Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Model DP04 Review

There are millions of dust particles, virus, and bacteria roaming in the air that we are unable to see. Breathing these pollutants and harmful particulates can result in hampering the respiratory tract. This is the reason why most of us suffer from asthma these days. Since we cannot fight with the environmental condition, we can definitely take proper measures for our homes and nothing like air purifiers can be a savior.

While there are several air purifiers available in the market, the Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier can be a great inclusion because of the range of powerful features integrated in it. Dyson is a popular brand that has always made effort to integrated technology just to offer the best products to you. This particular product from their product line is certainly a great choice when it comes to offering fresh and pure air.


Display and sense the pollutants

The air purifier has been integrated with a great sensor. This machine has the efficacy to detect the air quality of the room and report it to you. It can sense real-time on NO2, VOC, PM10, and PM2.5. Besides, the display gets updated every 12 seconds thereby offering you the current report on the room air quality.

360-degree filters

The best thing about this purifier is that this purifier has a completely sealed filter system along with an activated carbon filter. These filters are highly efficient in removing the odors, VOCs, gases, and other pollutants. Moreover, the presence of a HEPA filter in the device ensures absorbing 99.9% of the allergens and pollutants present in the air.

Great airflow

This is one of the unique features in the Dyson air purifier that let the air purifier to deliver more than 290 liters every second. This technology tends to be extremely very effective in offering powerful yet smooth airflow. Moreover, it also helps in circulating pure air ion the entire room.

Silent night mode

This feature makes it ideal for installing bedrooms. Since it has the settings to switch into the night mode, it becomes great during the night time. In this mode, the purifier goes completely silent and lights get dimmed so that you and your kids can sleep peacefully without any sort of disturbances.

350-degree oscillation

This is a purifier that can rotate from different angles. Keeping in mind the needs of people, this purifier has been designed to reach various angles of the room. It can easily rotate in different angles 45°, 90°, to 350°. You can also choose to personalize the angles with the Dyson Link App.

Bladeless fan

The purifier not only purifies the room but also has a bladeless that helps to cool the room during summer. Hence, it is one device with multiple actions.

Easy filter replacement

Replacing the filter is a necessity just to make sure that the purifier is able to produce pure and pollutant-free air. But one of the biggest problems of people lies in calling an expert for replacing them. The good news is, this does not require any additional effort as you can make the replacement o your own.

Remote control

This air purifier comes with a magnetized remote control. With this remote control, you can access the purifier without getting up from where you are sitting. This is highly convenient in usage.

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What Do We like

Great app

To help you get knowledge on everything that is happening with the purifier, this purifier comes with an app. This app also shows the time when the filters need to be replaced. All the information regarding these devices can be obtained from the app.

Easy control

The presence of remote control in the system ensures easy control of the air purifier. You can control it from anywhere.

Improves air quality

Due to the advanced design and filters present all around the device, it is highly effective in improving the air quality. No matter wherever you are, the device ensures absorbing the pollutants from the air.

Great sensor

The powerful sensor present in the device automatically sense the pollutants present in the air. Once it senses the pollution, it automatically does its job to ensure offer pure air.

What We Don’t Like

There are no such bad features in this device.


Undoubtedly this air purifier is great in its action and hence can be a great inclusion for people living in metro cities with higher pollution. Now that you have knowledge regarding the features, you can opt for buying it and assure better health of your family members.

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