Crompton Ionic Pro 10-Watt Air Purifier Review

In today’s world when the entire population is suffering from the extreme pollution level, there is always a need for taking extra care. Even when we cannot make any changes with the environment sooner, but we can n definitely make changes in our home environment. At least we can ensure that our family members are not breathing polluted air. Installing the air purifiers can be of great help when it comes to purifying the air inside your home.

Crompton is a known brand offering some of the high-end purifiers that can easily absorb the pollutants from the air and offer fresh and pure air in the room. Crompton Ionic Pro 10-Watt Air Purifier (Black) is one of the known models that have some unmatched features. It has the ability to serve your purpose with its advanced technicalities and inbuilt futures.


Silent Mode

This air purifier is great for its purpose but does not make any noise, Hence if you have kids, you can stay assured that this purifier will perform its task but will never make a noise. It is completely silent in its operation.

Removes allergens

The filters present in this air purifier have the ability to absorb the allergens present in the air. This allergens when you inhale, it cast a serious compact on the respiratory tract even sometimes results in asthma. Hence there is always a need for making the room completely allergen-free which can be easily done by this Crompton air purifier.

Traps germs

Another amazing feature of this air purifier is its ability to trap the germs present tin the aide. These germs even when are not visible in naked eyes, in real can cast a bad effect in the overall health. Other than germs, this purifier also removes pollen and irritants from the air.

Forever filter

The filters present inside this air purifier does not require frequent changing. As the brand understand the busy schedule of people, they have integrated a filter which is highly efficient in serving its purpose, but do not require to be replaced.

178m3/hr CADR

The filter included in this air purifier has a huge efficiency of cleaning air for 178m3/hr. Hence you can stay assured that you entire room will be cleaned within just a few hours.

24 hour timer

The best part about this air purifier is the 24hours timer settings. Hence this air purifier aims to consume low energy as once you set the purifier, it automatically stops for the specified time period.

Ion Filter

The ion filters present inside the air purifier has the capability to generate ions. Tisa gin boost the entire purification process and thereby helping you to breathe fresh and pure air.

Air quality Indicator

This air purifier comes with the air quality indicator which shows the quality of air present inside the room. This is done by the sensor present inside the air purifier.

Sleek design

This air purifier looks extremely sleek and great in terms of design. The black sleek look makes it worthy to get a corner of a great interior. It will not only offer fresh air but also complement the interior décor.

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What Do We like

Great performance

Undoubtedly, this purifier has been equipped with range of features to serve the purpose. You can feel the difference in the time within a few hours. It is simply an amazing technology.

Easy to clean

The filter does not require an expert for cleaning as the ions attract the allergens, germs, and pollution which gets attracted to plates of permanent filters. After they get trapped, it becomes much easy for the users to clean them.

Amazing design

No comparison with other but this air purifier is simply great in terms of design. The black sleek design is truly commendable.

What We Don’t Like

Bit noisy

The only negative thing about this air purifier is that it makes a bit noise while it is working. So it might become disturbance for your kids to some extent.


Crompton Ionic Pro 10-Watt Air Purifier (Black) is a great choice for people who live in an urban city with high pollution level, with the number of features integrated, this air purifier become a great addition for your bedroom. So consider buying this purifier if you want to ensure wellbeing of your family.

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