Orient Electric Magic Cool CW5002B 50-Litre Air Cooler Review

Sometimes life can be really tough that is why we must feel relaxed and more comfortable. There are times in work or school that make us humans really stressed out which can lead to us bursting out because we cannot contain it anymore. This is the reason why you must have a comfortable home. So that if instances like that happen, you can lessen the effects of stress and will help you to relax.

One way of achieving that is by having a nice cooling system in your home. It is proven that a hot environment in the house can aggravate your stress more. With regard to this, an air cooler will help you out in providing more comfort in your home. It has the ability to cool your home and at the same time without you worrying about any significant increase in your electricity bills. Let us now tackle another one of a kind product by Orient. This Orient Electric Magic Cool CW5002B 50-Litre Air Cooler is equipped with features that are truly promising. Let us now tackle more of its features and advantages below.

Auto Fill Feature

It replenishes water automatically so that you do not have to manually refill it yourself saving you time and effort.

4 Way Cooling System

It ensures that all the portions of the room will be cooled efficiently.

Motorized Louvers

The louvers of this air cooler do its movement automatically saving you time and effort in manually positioning the louvers.

Inverter Compatible

Provides an uninterrupted cooling experience and at the same time will save you a lot of electricity.

Air Filter

It filters out dirt, mosquitoes, and bacteria to provide you a much better quality of air.

Powerful Motor

It has a strong motor that can throw air up to 10.7 meters in 2000 m3 per hour.

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What Do We like

Extraordinary Design

Once you have it in your home you can expect that your guests will be amazed by the new look of your room.


This air cooler does not consume too much electricity which is really great as it will not increase your bills.


Its casing does not rust and at the same time provides superior protection on the motor and electronic components of it.

Easy to Use

This air cooler has easy to understand panel which makes you use the air cooler without any hardships even if it is your first time.


It emits a fragrant smell that makes the air in your fresher.


It does not consume too much space because it is really compact. You can place it in rooms that have limited spaces without having a hard time.

What We Don’t Like

Emits Some Noise

While in use, this air cooler produces a few sounds.


What a great worthwhile discussion regarding this wonderful air cooler. We hope that you had a good time, the discussion that we have had will give you an idea if this air cooler is the best one for you. Most probably, this will surely meet or even exceed your expectations especially if you have a mid-size room.

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