Maharaja Whiteline Torrent CO-121 18-Litre Air Cooler Review

By using an air cooler rather than air-conditioner in your home you are doing a lot of good things for the environment. Since water is pure and subtle which means it does not contain any chemicals at all compared to Freon. This will give you fresher air and at the same time make your health much better.

Just like this air cooler, it is formulated to provide a safe yet efficient cooling experience for you and your family. It is built by a trusted brand that will give you a lot of satisfaction when using it. So once you have this air cooler at your home expect a much relaxing environment that will give you lots of benefits.

Honeycomb pads

It provides you with much cooler air and at the same time allows you to clean it more effectively when needed.

Caster Wheels

This allows you to move the air cooler from one place to another without the need to carry it.

3-Speed Motor

The 3-speed motor will give you the ability to choose the intensity of wind depending on your needs and preferences.

18-Liters Tank

This air cooler has an 18-liter tank that will let you enjoy the cool air much longer before refilling the tank.

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What Do We like

Easy to Clean

This air cooler can be easily cleaned whenever you need to because it has parts that can be easily detached.

Spectacular Design

You will have the ability to have an outstanding room because it will make it look stylish.


Since it is made of high-quality materials you can expect that this air cooler will last really long.


This air cooler has an easy to understand interface that is why you will not have a hard time using it.


It only consumes 180 watts considering its strong motor which makes it a nice efficient air cooler.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


We hope that you enjoyed this review about one of the best air coolers here in India right now. You surely had an idea of how good this air cooler will be in your own room. For you to find out, you must purchase it now until supplies last because you do not want to be left out with this nice deal.

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