How to Choose the Best Air Cooler Size?

Air coolers emerged as one of the most effective cooling systems in the last decade. A good number of consumers consider opting for air cooler because of its many advantages. They are popular not only because they are environmentally friendly but also budget-friendly when compared to other cooling systems such as air conditioners. 

Because of this, a variety of options are now available in the market, and choosing the best can be a bit challenging especially for those who are first-timers.

While choosing the best air cooler that works for you, you need to take into consideration some factors such as the features, advantages/disadvantages, type, customers’ reviews, and the size. 

Yes, size also matters! Let us take a brief overview of how to choose the best size before buying your air cooler.

Choosing the best air cooler size

Know the measurement of space/area where the air cooler is to be placed.

Figuring out the measure of the area will lead you to the right air cooler size. This can be done by using CFM measurement (Cubic Feet per Minute).

A simple formula to illustrate this is to multiply the area of the room in square feet with the ceiling height then divide it by two. The result will be the CFM of the airflow needed in the room.

CFM = room size (sq. ft.) X ceiling height



 Room size: 500 sq ft

Ceiling height : 8 ft

CFM = 500 X 8 


 CFM = 2000

This means that for the given measure of room area, you will need an air cooler that gives you a minimum airflow of 2000 CFM.

Another way is through the CMH (Cubic Meter per Hour). This is basically the amount of fresh air that is cycled in the environment per hour. This is computed through the formula:

CHM = Square Meter Area X Ceiling Height X Air Exchange Times 

Note that in general, the normal amount of air exchange for your room is 20-30. This should be enough. 

Check for the “cooling area” or “area covered” specifications in the description.

This specification should be equal to the CMF required in your room/space for it to be effective. 

Decide on what purpose your air cooler is for. 

You should be able to know the main purpose of having an air cooler or where you want it to be installed. 

Portable Coolers. 

These are smaller types of coolers and are lightweight enough to be easily transported from one place to another. If you don’t plan on placing it permanently in one area only, this is a good option for you. This is popular for bedrooms.

If you intend to only use air coolers on the summer season and store it again once winter comes, you should choose this type.

Wall-mounted Coolers. 

This is larger than the portable units but smaller than the Desert ones. If you want to permanently place an air cooler in one room only with no intention to dismantle it after some time, this is a great option. This type can be easily installed in a place where you want it but not taking too much of your space. 

Desert Coolers.

This type is the largest among the other types. This is suitable if you are running a business or store because it can cover wide areas and can accommodate more people. It comes with large fan blowers to keep a large space cool; however, they will also need bigger areas and will require higher power and water consumption compared to the previously mentioned types. This is also great for cooling the entire house.

It is very essential to know also the desired capacity of your air cooler for two obvious reasons. An undersized cooler may not work well in cooling a room in an extremely hot condition, while an oversized cooler may cause discomfort for you. 


Before buying an air cooler, always make sure to take note of some consideration to avoid wasting time and money. One important factor is to know the size that is best and suitable for your use. The main objective of this article is to be able to choose wisely the best air cooler that will provide you with the quality of cool air for the utmost comfort.


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