Why Does an Air Cooler Make Noise and Is Not Cooling?

Normally, we would like to experience a quiet environment with our air coolers. However, over time, you will notice that your cooling system has developed a few noises – tolerable, but it can be a bit annoying. 

There are not many side effects of air cooler but it is common that air coolers make sounds but, if it is already loud and buzzing, chances are your air cooler needs maintenance.

If you happen to notice that it is an unusual sound, take time to check and inspect what is causing it. There is a possibility that the air cooler is malfunctioning. Listen attentively to the sound since each sound may be an indication of different problems. 

Different sounds and what do they indicate

Humming Noise

A soft humming noise is normal for air coolers; however, if it becomes loud and noticeable, it signals that you need to look for some maintenance issues. Humming noises may indicate that there is an electrical problem. Sometimes, it may also be connected with loose wiring. You may also check the motor or other parts that need lubrication.


Same with the humming noise, clanking could be a signal of a loose or unbalanced part that needs replacement. Another issue that may arise with this sound is the machine’s fan is hitting some parts when it rotates. It is unsafe to continue using the machine with this kind of sound. Discontinue use until it is fixed.


If you notice some banging sounds, it could mean that something inside the air cooler is loose or broken. It could also mean that the fan or blower is unbalanced. Discontinue use of the machine until the loose part is fixed or the broken part is replaced. This could be a serious issue and should not be ignored.


Although a clicking sound is not that serious, a continuing sound is not normal. If the unit produces clicking sounds and is not stoping, this could be an electrical problem. Do not disregard this. It could also signal a minor issue such as little obstruction in the outdoor parts, especially if it gets faster. You can easily check and fix it if this is the case. 


Generally, a buzzing sound may be coming from outside the unit and could mean that there are some loose parts or that are about to fail such as the fan blades. There could also be some debris in the indoor that needs to be removed. This sound could also be related to some electrical issues such as air filter that needs some changing or a coil that needs cleaning. To better understand the issue, you may seek for professional help.


A squealing sound could signal a lot of possible issues. Form the indoor of the unit, a squealing sound means that the blower or fan belt is malfunctioning, misaligned, or worn out. If not fixed or replaced right away, it may worsen the condition of the blower or belt causing it to break. It is highly suggested to contact a professional to fix the problem rather than fixing it yourself.


A rattling noise means that your machine is starting to deteriorate, and it is type to buy a new one. Other issues could be related to the electrical or could also be a loose fan. You can verify the cause of this sound by simply checking first the screws or bolts in the machine’s outer casing. If there is no issue, you may check the electrical parts or the fan itself. 


This sound should not be disregarded since this may pose a high risk. Screaming or alarming sound could indicate that there is a refrigerant leak due to under pressure and is a serious issue. If not addressed right away, this could damage your air cooler. Call immediately your maintenance man or seek for professional help to fix the problem. 

If you hear something unusual in your air cooler, do not ignore it as it may not only damage your machine, but could also bring danger to your household. Try to assess if the issue could be easily resolved. If you are not sure on how to solve it, call for professional back up. Always have regular check-ups for your air coolers to prevent future problems. 

Why an air cooler is not cooling?

There are several reasons why your air cooler is not working at its best. The most common reasons are listed below for your reference. 

  • Increase in Humidity – there is a decrease in evaporation, thus the cooling is reduced. This is why air coolers work less in areas with high humidity. 
  • Dirt has been accumulated at the back of the evaporator coil, thus making it functionless. Make sure it is cleaned so it can have good airflow. 
  • The walk-in cooler door is not shut completely.
  • There are mechanical or technical issues that need to be fixed. Call your maintenance or repairman for inspection. 

What causes bad smell in air coolers?

Air coolers use water as a refrigerant for a natural air cooling. Because of this, your air cooler may develop a smelly odor or fishy smell. The cooling pads might be a breeding ground for algae that produces that fouls smell.

One possible reason also might be the water used to fill the air cooler water tank. The water could have been stagnant for too long. 

To avoid these issues, always do maintenance on your machines. Clean the air cooler parts and sanitize them regularly. Change the water in the tanks to prevent algae deposition.


Air coolers are great helpers in terms of cooling down our surroundings especially on summer. Along the way, issues may arise – from technical, mechanical, health issues. However, air coolers are easy to maintain. Always practice regular inspection. If it is serious, ask help from an expert. Through this, you save your time in fixing the machine and you save money by preventing future problems to arise.


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