Cello Wave 50 Ltrs Desert Air Cooler Review

Right now it is understood that many households are having difficulties with their budgets because of various reasons. Low salaries, overpopulation, lack of financial knowledge are the most common causes of budget problems. Even though we are experiencing such it is not fair if you will compromise your comfort and relaxation especially when you are at home.

A good appliance that will provide you a better environment inside your home is an air cooler. It is significantly cheaper than air-conditioners in terms of price and maintenance. So with the help of air coolers, you will not have to worry anymore of getting uncomfortable and irritated especially on hot weather conditions anymore.

Aspen Wood Cooling Pads

This provides better cooling as it filters out dirt, bacteria, and smell.

Castor Wheels

This provides you the ability to move the air cooler from one point to another inside your home without requiring you to carry it.

Water Level Indicator

It allows you to see the current water level of the air cooler so that you will know when you must refill the tank.

3-Speed Cooling

This air cooler has cooling intensities that you can choose from depending on your needs and preferences.

Inverter Capable

It ensures that there will be no interruption when the air cooler is in use. This will also save you some electricity on your bills.

Water Inlet

This is a passage wherein the air cooler can utilize to avoid leakage and mess while the air cooler is in use.

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What Do We like

Elegant Design

This air cooler has an outstanding design that will help you enhance the look of your room.

Easy to Maintain

Since it is made by a local brand you can expect that the parts are abundant throughout the country.

Affordable Price

It has a budget-friendly price that will make every people from all walks of life to afford it.

Quiet Motor

This air cooler does not produce much noise when the air cooler is in use. This makes the air cooler suitable to be utilized even when you are asleep.


This air cooler is compact which allows you to put it in areas with very limited spaces.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

You can clean this air cooler easily because of its removable pads and other detachable components.

What We Don’t Like

Only Good For Small Rooms

It is not advisable for mid and big-sized rooms as it might not cool down room affectively.


Another great article regarding an amazing air cooler has been finished but before we part ways we would like to suggest that you buy this air cooler right away. Since it is one of the best air coolers out there, the demand is high that’s why take advantage of it while it is still available in the market.

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