Cello Marvel 60 Ltrs Desert Air Cooler Review

As appliances age, it is normal that issues will come out because its components deteriorate over time. This is why a local brand will spare you from headaches when your appliance gets old. With regards to that, Cello has a treat for you, with its local feel and great features rest assured that you are in good hands. So if you are looking to buy your first air cooler then this brand could be a great choice.

This particular brand offers products that are competitive with the present needs of society. So you can expect that it will provide you the cooling needs of your home. Come and let us discuss this Cello Marvel 60 Ltrs Desert Air Cooler for you to determine if this is the air cooler for you.

Aspen Wood Cooling Pads

This provides a better quality of air as it filters out dirt and bacteria. You will also have the ability to clean the air cooler much quickly and easier because of the pads that are removable.

1-Year Warranty

The warranty serves as a protection on its buyers so that they will have an assurance if there are some issues with the item.

Water Inlet

Provides a more organize passage of water so that you will not experience any mess due to water leakage.

Inverter Capable

This air cooler can run on inverter power which will help you save some electricity. It is also responsible for having an uninterrupted cooling experience.

60-Liter Tank

It allows the users of this air cooler to enjoy longer usage of the tank without the need to refill it from time to time.

Cross Air Ventilation

It promotes better efficiency for you to have a much cooler air inside your home.

Castor Wheel Feature

This feature gives you the power to move the air cooler from one place to another without the need to lift it.

Motorized Louvers (Vertical)

This motor moves the louver vertically so that you will not have to manually position it from time to time.

3-Speed Intensity

You can choose among the 3 options for the cooling intensity to suit your needs and preferences.

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What Do We like

Nice Design

You will be completely awed on how good this air cooler looks that is why it will surely add up some style to your room.


This air cooler only consumes 185 watts which makes it a great appliance to use if you are very particular with your electricity bills and is thrifty.


Since it is made of hard plastic and manufactured by Cello you can expect that it will surely last long.

Affordable Price

This will put you to a lot of an advantage because you can save a lot of money without compromising quality.


Despite its power and huge water tank, it remains to be really compact making it advisable for houses with limited floor areas.


Expect that you can use this air cooler with ease because it has a user manual that you can rely on if you want to seek help.

What We Don’t Like

Noisy Motor

Since this air cooler has a strong power it is expected that it emits some sounds when in use.


We have finished another article regarding an air cooler that is made by Cello. We hope that you consider buying this air cooler because it is promising and really high-quality. It is good to look forward to having this product in your home. As you will have the privilege to experience the beauty of having such an appliance at your home.

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