Cello Swift 50 Ltrs Window Air Cooler Review

It is absolutely a pleasure to be on top of the game especially on everything that you do. A room with proper cooling will surely help you in your goals because once you have a relaxed and comfortable room you can think and perform well. A good air cooler will definitely help you with that goal as it can provide sufficient coolness without consuming many resources.

With regards to that, this window type air cooler will absolutely bring you the satisfaction that you need. The promising features will definitely make you smile while you are using this air cooler. The nice design that is paired up with great functionalities is truly a must-have!


Caster Wheels Feature

It gives you the ability to move the air cooler from one place to another quickly and easily.

Aspen Wood Cooling Pads

This feature will promote better cooling in your home. It also filters out dirt, bacteria, and smell to ensure that the quality of air is top-notch at all times.

Strong Motor

The motor of this air cooler can accommodate up to 700 square feet.

Inverter Capable

This gives the air cooler the ability to run without any interruptions and saves you a lot of electricity as well.

Water Inlet

It ensures that there will be no water leaks or mess that will occur when using this air cooler.

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What Do We like

Free Trolley

This makes it easier for you to move the air cooler along with the caster wheels feature.

Budget-Friendly Price

The price of this air cooler is super affordable giving every person a chance to own it.

Stylish Exterior

You will not be ashamed of putting this on your home because it is good-looking and will surely add up some definition to it.

Wide Coverage

It can cool up big rooms pretty easily for a more satisfying experience.

Easy to Operate

The knobs are labeled accordingly to their use so that you will not have any difficulties when you try to use them.


It is known that all the products of Cello are made of high-quality materials that’s why rest assured that it will last longer and you will get the most out of your money.

No Installation Needed

Just place it anywhere inside your house without the need to install it.

Easy to Clean

The windows have wide gaps that allow you to dust it off easily whenever it is dirty already.

What We Don’t Like

Produces Some Noise

When using this air cooler you can actually hear some sounds which can be annoying for some.


We hope that you enjoyed our discussion regarding this wonderful air cooler. You have now some idea of how it will perform once you put it in your home. The next thing that you must do is purchase it now until supplies last and you are surely doing yourself a favor.

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