Cello Artic 50 Ltrs Window Air Cooler Review

If you want to live your life to the fullest it does not mean that you have to spend too much buying luxurious things. The more important is that you are having a good time and you are feeling relaxed. One way of achieving it is by buying a good air cooler for your home. With that great appliance, Just turn on this air cooler immediately and have fun, you will surely make the most out of your day.

You can expect a higher efficiency and lesser stress when using this air cooler. It is packed with features that will transform your house into a more comfortable place to live in. Whenever you have guests in your house, you will not feel ashamed because you have the peace of mind that they will have the ultimate comfort. Come and let us tackle its other features below.

50 Liters Tank

This huge tank will provide you a more extended usage of the air cooler without the need to refill it from time to time.

Aspen Wood Cooling Pads

It filters out dirt, bacteria, and smell for a better quality of air. It also allows you to easily clean it when needed by removing it then putting it back after cleaning.

Inverter Capable

This air cooler has the ability to run on inverter power which ensures an uninterrupted usage of the item. It will also save you some electricity in the long run.

Castor Wheels

It is a feature wherein it allows you to move the air cooler from one point to another with the need to carry it.

User Manual

It helps you out in figuring out how to use the air cooler so that you will not have a hard time even if it is your first time using it.

Water Inlet

In the back portion of this air cooler, you will find a water inlet so that there will be no mess that is due to water leakage.

Strong Motor

This air cooler has a powerful motor as it can throw air up to50 feet in 5000 m3 per hour.

3-Speed Cooling

It allows you to choose among the 3 cooling intensities depending on your needs and preferences.

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What Do We like

Sturdy Body

The body of this air cooler is sturdy enough to withstand extended hours of use. This will make the air cooler reliable and will not deteriorate easily.

Affordable Price

You will have the ability to purchase this air cooler even you are on a tight budget because it has a cheap price. The good thing is the low price does not compromise its quality.

Easy to Use

This air cooler does not have any hard to understand mechanisms making you use it without any difficulties. The panel is properly labeled according to its use to give you a guide when using it.

Amazing Design

This air cooler has an outstanding design which makes it a great addition to your home to look more enhanced.

Low Electricity Consumption

The good thing about this air cooler is that it does not consume too much electricity saving you money from your bills.

Quiet Motor

It does not emit much noise making it a desirable air cooler to use even at night.

Easy to Clean

You will not have a hard time cleaning this air cooler because you can easily disassemble it whenever it needs cleaning.

Low Maintenance

This air cooler does not require expensive maintenance because its parts can be obtained easily locally.

What We Don’t Like

Slight Stinky Smell

This only occurs on your first and second usage of the air cooler but eventually diminishes by itself.


Before we wrap up this article we would like to say that it is suggested that you buy it and see the wonders that it can bring you. This is probably the best decision that you can have with its superb features and quality you will surely never go wrong.

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