Cello Dessert Alps 45-Litre Air Cooler Review

Cello is a reliable brand that you can trust and it is really evident because it is known as one of India’s trusted brands. The air coolers that they manufacture have undergone several standard checks to ensure that quality is met. Let us now discuss an air cooler that is made by Cello which is truly worth trying. Let us now continue, by discussing more of its features down below.

16-inch Fan

It provides much stronger air to keep you cool inside your home at all times.

45-Liter Tank

It allows you to use the air cooler for much longer periods without the need to refill it frequently.

Water Inlet

This specific feature will make everything non-messy by avoiding leaks to occur when using the air cooler by having this inlet to act as a passage for excess water.

Inverter Compatible

It lets the air cooler to run continuously without any interruptions. It also adds up to the energy-efficiency of the air cooler.

Powerful Surround Cooling System

This promotes a stronger and much efficient cooling for a better environment inside your home.

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What Do We like

Vibrant Look

This air cooler will give your room a brand-new feel which will truly impress your guests.

Easy to Use

It has easy to understand mechanisms that let you use this air cooler without any difficulties.


This air cooler does not consume too much electricity saving you some money from your bills.

Quiet Operation

The motor does not emit sounds while in use making it perfect to use at all parts of the day.

Affordable Price

Despite its high quality, the price seems to be so low making it a desirable air cooler to buy if you have a limited budget.


It can fit n tight spaces because of its compact size. This can also save you some space which you can allot for your other things inside your house.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

It has components that can be easily detached so that you can clean it when needed.

What We Don’t Like

Mosquitoes Sometimes Get In

Since it has no mosquito filter there are times wherein it intrudes the airflow of the air cooler.


We had a great time sharing our knowledge with you regarding this wonderful air cooler. Although it is strongly suggested that you buy this air cooler because of its wondrous features, the decision still depends on you. We are expecting that you should consider buying this in the near future because rest assured that it will meet all your needs.

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