Why use a vacuum cleaner before going to bed?

Apart from your mother’s lap, your bed is arguably the most comforting place for you on this planet. On average, we spend 1/3rd of our time laying on our mattresses

After a tiring day, who does not long for soul-satisfying calmness and relaxation by immersing completely in the softness of one’s bed? Isn’t it surprising that we often tend to neglect the regular vacuuming of our bed and mattresses? 

Let’s explore the compelling reasons for using a vacuum cleaner before going to bed.

Reasons for vacuuming your bed and mattresses

Even though our regularly laundered bed linens appear neat and clean there is a dirty, shocking, and alarming world thriving underneath our bed.

Whether it’s the dust and dirt that got settled from the surrounding air or build-up of allergens and harmful microbes like bacteria, our mattresses are easily the most deserving items for vacuuming at home.

Ensuring a safe and sound sleep

If you are experiencing trouble with your sleep for no apparent reasons, it may be due to the dirty and filthy mattresses that are serving as a paradise for dirt, dust, allergens, and other microbes. 

Cleaning such mattresses in a traditional way won’t get rid of all the germs and allergens. 

You need to deep clean the mattresses, areas underneath your bed, and bed linens by vacuuming them using a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner

It would effectively clean and sanitize your bed that promises deep, sound, and refreshing sleep.

Preventing allergies and asthma

Over time, your mattresses and bedsheets harbor large colonies of allergens and microbes. These allergens may trigger allergies and asthma attacks among allergy sufferers. 

Vacuuming regularly would prevent allergies, asthma, and other aggravating respiratory conditions. It allows you to breathe in fresh and healthy air while you are sleeping. It keeps your lungs healthy and relieves your health associated anxieties.

Preventing dust mite

The dust mites and their droppings are amongst the commonly found allergens in your house. They pose several health issues including allergies.

If you have frequent episodes of allergic reactions, dust mites may be the underlying reason.

As the dust mites are not completely removed using traditional cleaning methods, you must use a handheld bed and upholstery vacuum cleaner.

It would not only prevent the growth of dust mites but also maintain hygiene in your bedroom.

Preventing molds and fungi

Have you ever wondered that your beds have millions of microscopic mold, fungi, and bacteria?

These molds and fungi spores include Penicillium, Alternaria, Cladosporium, and other species of fungi that can result in severe health problems such as bronchitis and respiratory infections.

The continuous exposure to such fungi present on your pillows and bed daily may eventually make you sick.

It is highly recommended to vacuum your bed regularly using a high-end HEPA filter vacuum cleaner to get rid of up to 99% of molds and fungi. 

It keeps you healthy and allows you to breathe in clean and purified air.

Preventing pet created contaminants

You may find it hard to resist the temptation to cuddle and embrace your pets on your bed. However, your pets are a potent source of many allergens. 

Playing or sleeping with your pets in your beds may leave your bed with pet hair, dander, urine, and saliva. These contaminants may trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

To work around this issue, you need to vacuum the mattress and pillows once or twice a week. 

Vacuuming your bed using a vacuum cleaner for pet hair leads to considerable eradication of these types of pet contaminants.

Preventing sweat created contaminants

Sweating and perspiration are our natural body mechanisms.

It’s no wonder that, after hours of sleeping or laying in our bed, our body releases a lot of sweat that is absorbed by our beds.

According to a study we release approx 26 gallons of sweat in our bed every year. 

This voluminous absorbed sweat creates dampness in our bed that promotes the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi.

Thus, it is imperative to regularly wash your bed linens in hot water and vacuum your bed to get rid of these sweat associated contaminants.

Removing harmful Chemicals

Your bedsheets and mattresses comprise harmful chemicals such as isocyanates, plasticizers, flame retardants, and formaldehyde.

These harmful chemicals come into your contact while sleeping or relaxing in bed. 

They are linked to severe health problems including allergies, asthma, respiratory disorders, and even cancers of the lung, nose, and throat.

By regularly vacuuming your bed, you can get rid of these dangerous chemicals and ensure a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Removing harmful cosmetics

Another source of harmful chemicals in your bed is your cosmetics. You may not believe it but there are numerous dangerous chemicals in your cosmetics products that are absorbed by your bedsheet and mattresses.

Your favorite makeup and lotions may contaminate your bed with harmful chemicals that require regular vacuuming. Next time you put up on your cosmetics, remember to vacuum your bed so that your make up stays only on your face and not on your bed.

Removing food allergens

It may feel luxurious to eat your favorite dishes while laying in your bed, however, the food spills that go undetected become a breeding ground of bacteria and other microbes.

These microbes further spoil the food and produce a foul odor. Over time, you begin to feel suffocating in your bed. Vacuuming removes the food spills and associated microbes leading to sanitized and hygienic bed surroundings.


How often do you complain of sleep disturbances? 

With so much dust, dirt, and allergens thriving underneath you, it’s no big deal if you end up with allergic or asthmatic symptoms.

You can eradicate a large proportion of these contaminants simply by regularly vacuuming your bed and mattresses at least twice every month.

Use the HEPA filter vacuum cleaner for ensuring maximum cleaning efficiency and high standards of bed hygiene. 

Now that we are aware of more than enough reasons for vacuuming our bed, we should make it an integral part of our vacuuming routine.

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