Where Should You Place Your Air-Purifier?

Buying a high-quality air purifier is a wise investment for ensuring the health and well-being of your family. However, it may not deliver optimal performance if it is not placed at strategic locations.

The different placements of an air purifier at various locations in your home provide different cleaning efficiency and affect indoor air quality. You can boost your air purifier’s performance by up to 20% by placing it in strategic places.

If you have placed your air purifier in a corner or behind any electronic equipment, it may drastically reduce its cleaning capacity.

Moreover, you need to decide which room is the most suitable for placing an air purifier depending on the concentration of pollutants and indoor airflow.

Suitable Placements for an Air Purifier in a Room

Locations with the highest concentration of pollutants

You should place your air-purifier near the places where there is a high concentration of pollutants like smoke, odour, and moulds. The closer placement of the air purifier near the contaminant helps it to trap these particles faster.

You can keep it near an area that smells bad or near your neighbour’s vent or wall, who is a smoker. It is better to use an air quality monitor for deciding the areas with a major concentration of pollutants.

If you see the smoke or mould clearly in your home, place your air purifier near the smoking or mould infestation area. If you smell an odour coming from a specific region, place your air purifier near the source of the smell.

Suppose you get an allergic reaction like sneezing or skin irritation every time you go to a specific place in your home. In that case, it indicates a higher concentration of allergens in that area. Place your air purifier in that problematic region.

Keep an air purifier off the ground

Ensure that your air purifier is not lying on the floor in your home. When you elevate the air-purifier off the floor, it enhances the floor-to-ceiling air filtering efficiency by trapping the pollutants near the ceiling. Moreover, it also prevents a tripping hazard.

You should place it at least 2-3 feet off the ground. This helps in capturing the horizontal as well as vertical air movement. It improves cleaning efficiency as the purifier can easily suck in the air and quickly blow out clean air.

Place it on a stool, dresser, or any other piece of furniture. Another effective alternative is to get a wall-mountable air purifier that ensures elevated and secure placement.

Places with Highest Airflow

The air purifiers work great when you keep all the windows and doors closed.

It helps in cleaning the indoor air without any interference from outside air coming through doors or windows. Otherwise, an air purifier will suck in the outside air rather than cleaning indoor air.

You may be tempted to keep the doors and windows open to allow fresh air inside. However, this would allow more pollutants like dust and pollen to enter your indoor air circulation. This increases the workload of your air purifier and affects its performance.

Keep your air purifier at places with the highest airflow like doorways, walls, windows, etc., as it helps the purifier in cleaning air quickly without putting much effort into sucking in the air. Moreover, with high airflow, large-sized pollutants are easily captured in the air purifier.

Placing air purifiers near entryways helps capture pollutants at the entry points and avoid their dispersal across the home.

Avoid placing an air purifier in corners

When you keep your air purifier in a corner, it does not have access to many airborne particles circulating in the indoor air. Similarly, when you keep it under a shelf, it only cleans the shelf area’s air.

Don’t keep your air purifier in places with low airflow like corners, below shelves, behind furniture, and electronic equipment. The air purifiers have an air intake located in the front. Ensure that it should suck in the air from all the possible angles in the room.

Remove Obstacles in the air purifier vicinity

Ensure that your air purifier doesn’t have any obstruction at the top, front, and sides. It should give unimpeded airflow for effectively cleaning the indoor air across the room. Give ample space to your air purifier so that it can do its job easily and quickly.

Try at least 3 feet of vacant space in all directions from your air purifier for ensuring its maximum performance.

Avoid keeping objects like books or any large piece of furniture in the vicinity of your air purifier as it impedes its capacity for delivering maximum airflow.

Avoid Places with high humidity

Do not place your air purifier in places with high humidity, such as bathrooms or cooking platforms. If you want to use an air purifier in the same room as your humidifier, then keep them separately at the opposite ends of the room.

You should ensure that your air purifier stays away from any source of moisture. This is because the filters present in the air purifier may absorb the moisture. This leads to reduced cleaning efficiency and shortens the life-span of filters.

Avoid placing it near electronic devices 

Don’t place your air purifier near electronic devices such as TV, refrigerator, microwave, stereo, etc. These devices may interfere with the normal functioning of air purifiers. It is recommended to keep your air purifier at a minimum distance of 5 feet from other devices.


It’s important to place your air purifier at appropriate locations so that it keeps performing up to its maximum capacity. This ensures that your air purifier will deliver optimal performance for longer periods. It also increases the life-span of your air purifier.

Some advanced portable air purifiers are getting popular as you can move them around in your bedroom, living room, or office.

Thus, you can place them at different locations in different rooms for ensuring maximum cleaning efficiency. This allows you to clean polluted indoor air in various rooms and increase your air purifier’s effectiveness.


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