Nasaka BioSure S (UF+UV) 8 Ltr Storage Water Purifiers

The Nasaka BioSure S is an electric UV+UF water purifier with a large purification capacity of 60 liters per hour. It is powered by the advanced Biomag technology that retains the essential minerals from the water. It also prevents the formation of calcium crystals to protect water from scaling. This softens and improves the taste of the drinking water.

The purified water is stored in the food-grade safe ABS plastic tank. It prevents harmful chemicals from leeching in. Hence, the water remains safe for drinking purposes. Also, the non-breakable tank enhances the life of the water purifier.


5 Stage Purification Technology

The five-stage purification process involves sediment and carbon filters that remove the suspended impurities from the water.

The UV lamp kills the disease-causing micro-organisms while the UF filter removes suspended solids and other molecular materials from the water. The filtration process is powered by the advanced Biomag technology that absorbs the essential minerals from the water.

Purification Capacity – 60 Liters Per Hour

The water purifier comes with a purification capacity of up to 60 liters per hour. This ensures a sufficient amount of purified drinking water for a large family.

8 Liter Storage Tank

The water after purification is stored in the built-in storage tank having a capacity of 8 liters. This provides you and your family immediate access to purified drinking water at all times. Moreover, the tank is made using food-grade safe ABS plastic which ensures that the water remains safe from harmful chemicals.

UV Fail Alarm

The computer-controlled operations of the water purifier come with a feature known as the UV fail alarm. This feature alerts you when the UV lamp requires replacement. It automatically cuts off the power supply to the purifier so that you are never provided with impure water.

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What Do We like

Improves Taste of Water

The five-stage purification process of this water purifier is powered by the advanced Biomag technology. The technology absorbs the essential minerals from the water and prevents them from escaping. As a result, it softens and enhances the taste of the water.

Unique Design

The water purifier has a unique and elegant design that enhances the modern aesthetics of your home decor. It also has a compact size that saves counter space in the kitchen. The model comes with an installation kit for easy installation.

Suitable For Any Water Source

This water purifier is capable of purifying water from any water source including tap and bore-well water. The advanced Biomag technology softens water with a TDS level of less than 500 PPM.

Durable and Long-Lasting

The storage tank is made using non-breakable food-grade safe ABS plastic material. This ensures the durability of the water purifier. It also keeps the stored drinking water safe and free from harmful chemicals.

What We Don’t Like

No Negative Points Were Seen So Far

This is an excellent choice for those looking for a UV+UF water purifier. We have not observed any cons so far! This is an ideal choice for a large family.


This is the best electric water purifier for a large family because of its high purification capacity. It comes with a unique and elegant design that will enhance the overall look of your kitchen. The storage tank ensures the durability of the product. Also, it keeps the water safe and free of chemicals and germs.

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